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  1. My friend this shouldn’t of happened at all justifying your actions by saying it was only a little isn’t a excuse to break rules you had no idea how much fish I had but you still broke rules just to take it, your defence on this is weak it’s like saying “sorry your honour I only stabbed him a little” it doesn’t justify your actions you still did what you did don’t then lie about your actions when there’s video evidence. I am done with this back and forth your reasoning is poor your judgment is incorrect and how you justify yourself if clearly outrageous lying saying “no one was around” and “it
  2. Thank you for your reply but if you look at the POV that I produced it shows that there is a player right next to me so saying that no one was close to me is false. Secondly I told you that that was a public place and you can’t do this all admins that I have asked about this robbery situation at the pier says you can’t do a player to player robbery as the pier is a tourist attraction, thirdly in the POV you mentioned that a admin or support staff allowed it however he did say it has to be proper rp and again look at the POV I produced and you can see people there. I know I cannot justify not c
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