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  1. Looking great and hope to see yall around in the city, good luck guys!
  2. Also me saying that were speaking telepathically was just me joking around and basically meaning that we were such good partners that we could read eachothers minds.
  3. Hey i just recieved the notification for this, so basically me and my partner in crime were heading over to los santos bank. I went the wrong way and saw him heading through the other road so I swing back to the right where he went. I then see that his car was flipped over and in my head I thought that he was being held up by a guy with a gun. I then procceeded to run him over because I thought he was holding my guy up. I then swing back over to see if the coast was clear and then I see another guy who is holding my boy up, I then proceed to again run the other person over who is holding my bo
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