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  1. Yeah man i wasn't apologising to you for that reason i was apologising because i was type in game something to you and i wrote it in /b and didnot appeared to you in your screen i was think itis appeared so donot say i apologized on something i didnot do you want me see you and your friends rob my house and donot call cops how ???
  2. Terry gave me that house that day, and this is my first house ever since I joined eclipse and I was asking him to give it to me for so long and he just gave it to me that day, I took the house and logged out to eat IRL then I logged in again. Usually first thing we do once we get ingame, we head to this house since it has our stash and its our scam material so we always chill around it. So first thing I did when I logged in is to head over my house. I found Terry's car there and I thought he is scamming someone there until I found someone running out of it, holding a bag so I knew its one of our bags and I remembered that Terry got robbed at it couple of days ago, so I had to be extremely fast and report for them. Calling the cops wasnt the best for us since they took all of our shit, I was about to call my gang but I knew its gonna take a little to long for them to get there, so I decided to call the cops. If admins may check the logs they will find the last thing I did just 2 minutes before logging out (around 30 to 60 minutes from the scenario) is buying the house from Terry, so anyone would be so excited to get to his new house and if we are metagaming that was better i login earlier and save our stuff because we lost everything in the house and lost our stuff that we save it from 1 year ago and when i go to my house because itis my house and how you ask me to provide i didn't was record because i just start the game and go my home to change my gun and my stuff and start the day also you can check the logs when i always sign and always check my banel you will find iam about 100k exp and get 1 warn that in logout after i lost the cops and warn was fast and i donot mean it because i already lost the cops so he tell me metagaming and if hli was record i will be happy because them.hit me by the car and run and also someone say motherfucker to terry and that is not acceptable at all so we who want our right not them . Thank you
  3. he didn't call me to back him up, I received more than one notification about my doors are being unlocked so I came by and called the cops to help me, I didnt even know that Terry is in the house until I saw his car outside. You also confirmed that you robbed the house twice, and you took the stuff which you shouldn't take as you can only raid the house once also the admins can check my logs and them will see i always open in this time and always going to my home because itis my home and found 4 cars and your friends hit me with car and run when i saw him carry my bags so donot say metagaming because only you fail to rob the home twice .
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