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  1. This is 167. As soon as I knew that the situation was going south, I got in the car and panicked trying to leave and take someone out on my way. I rememered reading a rule when i applied which stated that it's not breaking the rules of you kill someone while leaving a situation. My mistake that trying to take someone out on my way out is against rules, It wont happen again. W.r.t robbing during mid-day: we had surveyed that particular location and found an extremely low traffic pattern. We also planned to lure the robbery victim behind the building to completely avoid view from everyone, however, as soon as i asked him to get out of the car, he paused RP. I did not know that this was not allowed. I think 98's sudden appearance to the location and lack of FearRP rule as well as non-RP is apparent and I can provide evidence of this since he conveniently deleted the part where he did that. Please let me know if this is required, and I will make effort to upload the clip. Overall, I'm certain that this is a bit of a messy RP situation, so I thank admins for time and help reconciling this issue. I hope to continue to be a positive Roleplayer and provide for an enhancing experience in Eclipse RP. Please pardon my ignorance in the meanwhile. I have re-read all rules and understood them as best as i could.
  2. I am simply pointing out what my impression was of the interactions. You had a gun pointed at you while you were idling in your car. Instead of flee the scene or display some sort of value on your life, you not only lingered in the area, but you inched forward a bit and rove right back right next to the same exact location where the man was pointing a gun at you to begin with. A reasonable person that fears for their life would at least drive around the entire perimeter of the lake and put their car in cover. Not drive right back where he came from and in the line of fire of someone with a firearm pointed at them. You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. With respect to your claim to VDM: "Vehicles cannot be used as a weapon in an active shootout unless it's unavoidable when fleeing an active shootout." You can see that I was attempting to flee the location at the end of your video. It's also a telling sign to me that you cut out footage where you break FearRP rules and the 3rd man comes in the vehicle transport truck.
  3. Hello, I am 167 from the reports. I find it hard to believe that no metagaming was involved. It seemed to me like the man being robbed was stalling by pausing RP and asking how to get on his knees OOC and raise his hands. These are common commands, and the man being robbed is not a new player. A few minutes later, player 98 comes and kills everyone (no RP at all initiated, and no demands. He just shot 53 while his back was turned and gun not pointed), even though 53 approached him without pointing a gun at the end there, and informed him of a pause on RP that the man being robbed (52) had initiated. I think I also remember seeing player 98's vehicle several times en route to the robbing location? (Can admins confirm?) . After 98 finishes killing us, a 3rd friend seems to come in a Money Transporter vehicle and joins in on the RP, indicating to me that 98 and this 3rd party responded to metagaming. I would also say that player 98 broke the fearRP rule as once player 53 pointed a gun at him and told him to leave, he just lingered in the same location for some time and did not flee, as would be the appropriate response of 98's claim of being a bystander. After lingering, 98 circled back at close range of the person who pointed a gun at him and went to his location where he got out and shot everyone. To me, a normal person would not linger after having a gun pointed at him in close range, and not only that, circle back to same location where 53 was pointing a gun at him. I have a clip showing this if the admins would find this useful. W.r.t your claim that i used a vehicle and is thus FearRP rule break, I entered the car while the fighting broke out and I was attempting to hit the attacker then flee. When this did not pan out, I just tried to flee.
  4. We did get out from what i remember (or atleast one or two of us), but you did not do/say anything except type out in chat that you were reporting us. As soon as you guys wanted me to move i remember moving. This is an RP server, so i assumed that y'all would RP atleast. This whole thing didn't last long at all. In any case, I'm willing to accept any penalty that the admins see fit.
  5. I am Meltzer, the #173 player reported. I was approached by the others in this pic included asking if i wanted to do a highway robbery, and I said yes. So I did my part and after a few seconds, the players that were trapped appeared as if they did not want to RP. They did not say anything from what i remember and just got upset and bumped into my security vehicle. After this was done, i immediately moved my truck. I was also told at that time that it was against rules to use that vehicle for RP, so that was my mistake. I am new to the server and did not know that. It won't happen again.
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