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  1. weezel


    id like to ask if you could possibly just ban my account and not my ip adress as my sister as i said in the off topic forum has been admiring me playing this game for a long time and is very upset that she cant play, she mad a account and got really down when it said her ip was banned, please could you sort this and you may think its as i want to make another account but i have been given a punishment and im gunna serve the punishment, so its the least you could do she loves eclipse i have been on about 3 other servers and the only one she likes is eclipse also all of her friends play it. i feel like its really unfair that its not only me who has to suffer for what happened. she would be very grateful if you could. thank you for your time
  2. weezel


    Hey there i have gotten a ban from my ip adress and was wondering if you could remove the ip ban because i have members of family who are affected by theses conditions as my sister was hoping and willing to join my or her friends to play the game, i understand that you may be thinking its whatever so i will just make a new account, i understand my consiquences and im a man of my woord and understand that i have been given the punishment so i should take it or try to sort it out at my own accord,my sister has been admiring the game sincce i started playing and now that she has gotten herself a pc she would love to start playing. thank you, and i understand that you went ahead to do this becvause it is very wise to do. i just fell its unfair for the p[eople in my house who have brought the game gta just so that they can play roleplay, shes has seen me play different servers and by far she loves eclipse thank you for your time.
  3. Hey was just wondering. can it take up to 24 hours for someone to reply to my ban appeal?

  4. Thank you for the replies, was just wondering does it take up to 24 hours to get a reply on my appeal?


  5. Hello i dont know your name, id like to apologise for what ent on today my brother signed into my account and started playing with all his friends he knew played the game too. i didnt know what went on but by watching the video its really annoy me because i would never do such a thing as knowing it would lead to punishments, my brother also told me he replied to this forum earlier whic i cant find and see his reply and hope that if he said anhting bad on the reply that i could be forgiven. sorry for the total inconvinience. in the future i will make sure that he will never come onto the account again, please understand and accept that i am totally sorry and i wish i can be forgiven for letting him on my pc. my brother also has been on earlier in the week to commit another breaking of the rules by not complying with an officer. which i had to sort out on my behalf this will not happen again
  6. He said he was gunna fuck me up so when he got up i got scared so i ran him over i had a reason because you can get beaten to 'DEATH' so i feared for my life. i also only applied pressure on robbing because about 30 mins before he was at the garage and i was in my bus and he just started shooting at me i saw it as a threat so i went and didthat to him. Also he didnt comply with me as i /frisked him and he didnt approve it to me, he only approved it to player 93 therefore he was (stalling my rp)
  7. weezel

    ID 1 (NRP and PG)

    you did /cuff and enter when i ran away so therefore you were powergaming
  8. weezel

    ID 1 (NRP and PG)

    My response was running away. He asked me any resistance and my resistance was the run. Sorry for not answering this RP with a /do. At the time i was panicked and thought the animation of running was sufficient response as it doesn't need to be roleplayed. Very sorry for not answering at the time. He said "locks Wes on the ground" but i didn't know I was on the ground after being tased. Also he attempted to powergame cuff me while I was running away (Wes_Disciple)
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