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  1. Character to Transfer From: Hunter Pryce Character to Transfer To: Hunter Stile. Requested Transfer: Asset # Apartment in one of the complexes Asset # Bison truck Asset # Reason for Transfer: I recently got the medic job on my hunter stile character and to be honest I think that will now be my daily main character I will be using everyday, so I would like him to have an apartment and truck etc. I think that hunter stile will now be my main character and ill probably use him a lot. IC: Hunter Stile is currently homeless and needs a place to stay, he is a medic and does not have a home. He just wants to have somewhere to love and go to for storage and to have friends round etc. Hunter also needs a truck for more storage or to have it as a spare vehicle for whenever he needs it. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I thought maybe an admin could transfer the apartment somehow if not its ok ill try get a friend I really do trust to do it with me Does the character you're transferring from have an active loan with a loan company? he does not! Does the character you're transferring from have an active debt? If so, how much? He does not!
  2. As you my know the toll booth is really cheap to get through only $300, now you may also see that people don't pay and speed through or threaten you to let them past for free, this could be changed to whoever pays the gate only opens in their eyes and in everyone else's who have not payed the gate is still closed making it so they cannot get past without paying the Toll. This would be way better as on the job people are actually losing money by the gangs and criminals speeding through and avoiding paying the Toll, I think this should be added so its more realistic and more professional for the workers there. I will repeat the thing I want to happen to the tolls below: The gate only opens for the people who have payed and it stays closed for the people who have not payed, its just like the mechanic gate up in Bayview and down in LSC. Thank you taking your time to read I would like to hear your opinions in the comment sections below!
  3. +1 would love this feature if it was added!
  4. thank you for your opinions too, really helped!
  5. what about in game having the cameras seen on the streets a yellow box kind of thing?
  6. I think that there should be blimps on the map for where speed cameras are located at, I know most people have learned all the locations for them but I still suggest this feature to be added. I think there should also be a warning that comes up on the bottom of your screen in purple like saying... "Speed camera ahead!" or "please slow down!" things like that. thank you! - Hunter Pryce
  7. Character to be refunded: Hunter Stile Date and time of incident: 4th June 1:50pm Requested refund (what and how much): .50 pistol and bag, pistol 7k bag 3k 2 bottles of water $800 mask 1k GPS $400 Description of incident resulting in loss: I was at LSPD, I went to enter my apartment across the road and then I go inside and the floor glitched so then I fell through the floor quickly falling into the middle of an ocean and then 3 seconds later I died and spawned at paleto MD. Evidence of loss: https://imgur.com/a/fUlOHXd Comments: Thank you for taking your time to watch this video and read all of this!
  8. Like in game on their clothing's and bags and stuff
  9. I don't even know that guy bro I did the ramming because I was thinking straight at that time, I don't remember trying to rob you and I wouldn't be able to anyway as yes your a new player and also I had nothing on me.
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