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  1. PlugPete

    ID 63 - FearRP

    I would also like to add that I have prior roleplay experience, like 6,000 hours, so I'm not dumb. I also thought this would be a safe zone considering where it is, but since it isn't I get why he pulled up. That is the only reason I was tabbed out of the game right there, the reason I tabbed in is because I heard some action going on so I was trying to get into it.
  2. PlugPete

    ID 63 - FearRP

    I was still trying to tab into the game hosser!! I just realized in the video on your screen, my homie isn't even in the passenger seat, he seems to be in the trunk. I was tabbing into the game so that noise was my mic activating, but on my end, I wasn't able to see anything but a black screen.
  3. PlugPete

    ID 63 - FearRP

    He really did it! Holay. I waited so long because I was hella confused on what was going on because I was out of the game trying to fix my sound and my game would not tab in, so my game actually opened up once the friend in the passenger seat got out. By then, he was counting down and I was trying to ask the people still in the car what they think I should do, but there wasn't time. My guys RP is to try to fight for his bothers honor, and I think there was enough space and angle to get out, so I went for it. I'm not sure how it was bad, considering I had my engine on and the doors locked with the windows up. I would have roleplayed putting my head down and skrting out, but there wasn't time. Let me know what you think, if that wasn't right, I'll improve.
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