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  1. I'm ID 2 Anton Styles, my relationship with ID 3 is he is my friend and yes I was in discord with him prior to this situation because we was both at the Dam by the top of the bank fishing, he is a new player if you check his XP it evidently shows, I had disconnencted due to internet connection before this situation and was meant to meet him at the Bank, totally honesty he didnt tell me that he was getting robbed or anything I was literally looking for him because I disconnected but I do hold my hands up and say we was on a third party communication software because I have been teaching ID 3 th
  2. Selling 2G Half furnished Near Police Impound, Large Backyard for extra parking etc. Reduced price 550,000$ Contact 4588155
  3. Selling A 2G half furnished House by police impound with a large backyard area. Contact: 4588155 for further info or viewings.
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