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  1. I think there needs to be more rules put in place to be an official illegal faction, maybe a rule where you can only be “allianced” or “neutral” with none or one other illegal faction, let’s face it the zetas have been on top forever and I would love to see someone contest the thrown but that will never happen everyone’s to scared to get clapped so they get a truce with them and sit behind them. This has made the rp stale for gangs as the top 3 illegal factions are all cool with each other and have over 50 members each, no one really likes to contest these guys either, therefor the rp goes south with all they have to do is kill cops all I’ve seen from wca since I’ve got back on the server this week is them just killing all the cops. I think there needs to be more rules in place to stop the powerhouse of the top 3 and make gang rp fun again. A few months ago was some of the best gang rp I’ve witnessed between the rooks,Russians, zetas., and wanted. Now they’re all gone and I feel like it’s at the biggest amount of bs ever with how much power these gangs have now I’ve you think about it they’re basically one big gang with about 150 members, the only other illegal faction is the rooks but I haven’t even seen them in forever. Please consider adding rules because at this point in the gang rp it is just stale and boring, I can’t be motivated to join any gang except for triads,wca,or zetas without expecting to be shit on all day. I know many other players probably feel this same way and it’s kinda getting old tbh. Thanks
  2. would be abused /not fun cops already can find out so much shit easily aka peoples "security cameras"
  3. Any possible way I can pay 9k a month I’ll pay 3 months ahead
  4. Straight fax alex if you call the impound not a main priority when there has to be one cop not busy somewhere is ridiculous, im sick of waiting about 35 minutes to get my car out of the impound preach.
  5. probabbly because everyone wants it so
  6. thats what im saying there is already tons of factors so why more?
  7. not a good idea there is already so many restrictions against felons in the server it would make it even worse
  8. alright basically we were driving this guy kept following us we told him to stop following us he kept after us everytime we tried to get close to talk he would kinda drive away so we couldnt talk we were trying to rob the store next to the location where the event happened, so we went to see what he wanted, he then basically told us he was looking for people to rob (aka us since he was following us) we so "so you are trying to rob us" which he never denied so J responded again and said "so you are trying to rob people" he then said "uhu" it was clear to us at the time he was trying to wait to rob us since he had been following up and down the road as we were looking for a store to rob so we then thought fast and tried to get him out of the car in a split second reaction. he then sat there with 2 guns at his head for at least 3 seconds before running he definitely should've took off sooner then he did. IN our defense at the time it was clear he was trying to set us up to be robbed at the time. by the way the whole time we talked to him all he said was he was trying to rob people after he had just got done following us for 2 minutes and we were confronting him about it. sure shooting at him was wrong it was a split second decisions with the information we knew at the time it seemed like he was trying to rob us. we shouldn't have shot but we tried to hit his car instead of him if it makes it any better.
  9. +1 its really hard to keep up with rule changes as it is
  10. +1 it costs $600 for 10 minute parking not even worth it
  11. Vezhi

    Jail time

    hmmm not going to lie only people i see that make the same statements as you are other moderators and admins, probably because you guys go to jail much less if at all no offense just speaking facts
  12. Something needs to be done, One there is nothing to do in prison they added a useless poker table that has no purpose because who has money in jail, sure they added mining but who actually has money on them in jail so you cant buy a pickaxe, mining in jail is useless takes forever for a whole 2 minutes off your sentence, the only rp is sexual and fighting, I've been in here for 2 hours and havent seen a single Doc employee since i got in, There is no RP so why do you want us to rp, people are getting perma bans for micros all because they dont want to rp staring at a wall for hours, AFK should 100% be added back until developers can come up with some sort of rp in prison rather then fight people and stare at a wall, I actually wouldnt mind jail if there was something to do rather then run around and look at walls, sure thats realistic or whatever but its a fucking video game its supposed to be fun. I know there gonna be people that play cops and have never been in jail that are going to disagree like always but...
  13. Doesn’t make you any richer either because the money has to be payed back it literally doesn’t have a move on the economy in game this is literally how irl works most of the time
  14. Not everyone would be able to get one of course I guess you guys don’t realize how many people get house mortgages and car loans that are in middle class just Bc you have get a loan doesn’t make you not middle class.
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