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  1. great post David keep it up
  2. +1 it’s what we need with the lack of mechanics
  3. Since the removal of ids was to help prevent metagaming I fell like this would be a great addition as your not hiding if you talking to some one so +1
  4. The Novak all ready has bad turning at high speeds so I believe it’s good how it is now
  5. +1000000 i have lost so much money over this it would be a nice thing to have
  6. +1 liked this very much it should be implemented only thing I didn’t agree with completely was the “heat” system cops wouldn’t just know you did something with out evidence so maybe if you didn’t cut the wires of the cameras at the stores they start to build a case. if you didn’t clean off any fingerprints on the car you took to the chop shop. maybe cops can talk to the mechanic and find some parts that could still have prints on them. all in all this is a very good suggestion and I hope most of it if not all gets implemented
  7. +1 and if possible the undershirts to be fixed
  8. -1 like someone said before it would nail down the coffin on crim rp
  9. Nice thread brother hope to see more
  10. KaitoMendez

    6ix 7even

    Good luck hope to see you icly soon
  11. +10000 this would bring new rp to both legals and crims hope developers take this in to mind
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