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  1. Character to be refunded: Marsigsd Moriarty. Date and time of incident: 24/5/2020 Requested refund (what and how much): 14 hours > 7750 a hour > $108500 Description of incident resulting in loss: I got payed early morning from PD and I received 137K after losing to taxes, then later tonight I got payed from LSC and confirmed that with the Co-Owner. But when I looked at my Salary, found the same amount 137K. Evidence of loss: None. Comments: I remember doing 25 hrs in PD, and 14 in LSC. (In PD: I get payed $8,000 because of Officer of the Month & LSC: $7,750 because of HR) I'm not sure if this is taxes and my whole money got eaten or its a bug. Just asked and they told me to confirm from a refund request.
  2. 1) Well, you could have did /do Would I hear sound of the keys in that case, I'd answer by yes else it'd be a lie. 2) You'd search the pockets or vest doesn't have to do anything with duty belt. The vest is bullet proof and we do NOT hang keys onto it. And pockets are clearly pockets and your /me was about searching Vest and my pockets specifically. The mention of keys wasn't about my personal keys of a house or personal cars. Its the cruisers keys as well as Mission Row's keys. Some people do hang them together and some dont. Your RP was clearly meaning "Keys Cuffs" and my response was to that not to any other keys so eitherway, you'd find the keys if you searched properly. And when I mentioned that, When I mentioned the keys of whatever else, was to point your RP wasn't specific and I still responded to what you wanted me to respond. I do remember coming to scenes were 10-15s starts playing with words with /do eventho they know what I'm doing and thats what I was pointing out, but eitherways I responded to what you were looking for. I never said I don't have keys, that's an assumption you're stating now. All I said was "I wasn't the one who cuffed the other guy" meaning that I never moved my keys from where it was nor touched my cuffs where usually are being held at the back of the duty belt. That's the vest I'm having IG (Nothing to hold anything onto it I believe.) >> https://prnt.sc/rok364 RPly, I'm injured laying on ground, usually ICly (scriptly or whatsoever) I'm laying on my back but thats not the case. Well if you wanna play it with screenshots from google or wherever. Here, Clearly shows the handcuff keys at the back of the duty-belt along with the cuffs and if you keep looking up, you'd see some having it at the front and some having it at the back or sides of the dutybelt, which means you should have searched the duty-belt eitherways but you've not, which is why you got that /do from me. And personally if you ask me, if I were to be a COP IRL, I'd never let my cuff keys visible at the front of my duty-belt. At least would be at the back-side of it. That's the thing, you just came here because you didn't find a way out from the situation... Honestly, that's not the situation I'm having here. I'm doing proper RP and there were no lies in /do tbh as you're accusing me right now. Small Note: /me searches through vest and pockets. is something and /me searches through the vest all the way down to his pockets, is another thing. EDIT: From the MAIN POST QUOTE: "lied in /do and PG saying he did not have any keys when he did." I NEVER said "I do NOT have keys of the cuffs"
  3. Thank you for giving the chance to explain my own side of a story... Just not to waste anyone's time, there are no attachment or videos. First of all, I did NOT lie in /do... To be short and not waste your time, the guy in cuffs was cuffed by another officer, I've never removed my cuff keys from anywhere. She approached me RPing /me takes the keys from him, so I RPly wanted to make it realistic /do Where would she be searching? Her response was in pockets and vests. We never put our cuffs nor the keys in our pockets or/and vests. We've a duty belt, our cuffs and its keys are being held at the back and right/left back side of it and thats automatic RP for every-cop. I don't see myself PG but looking at the other-side, she didn't properly RP and specially when she started with /me takes the keys from him. I've too many keys. Car keys, doors keys and cuff keys. If you check any /me /do while attempting to cuff, you'll find out that most of the cops when properly RPing, it'd be /me removes the cuffs from his dutybelt and thats where we hold both the cuffs and its keys.. As I said, keys and cuffs are not in pockets nor on vest. its on the side/back of the duty-belt.
  4. Character to Transfer From: Castiel Diesel Character to Transfer To: Marsigsd Moriarty. Requested Transfer: 1-House, 3-Vehicles and if possible all of them would be appreciatable. Asset# A 2G house (500k) Asset# Carbonaizzer Asset# Jester Asset# Massacro Reason for Transfer: Marsigsd is a legal character thats been around for a couple of months now and Castiel Character is not being used as much but still a legal character. I'd love to transfer everything to Marsigsd as Castiel might go into Criminal life and I'd not want to use all the legal money that I got, into it. Would love Castiel to start as if its a new life as a criminal so there wont be any help from his previous legal jobs. Marsigsd is trying to have vehicles and houses to continue his amazing life with his friends that he knows, as now hes making more connections and currently working for PD and Bayview Auto Center. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? By help from a close friend.
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