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  1. Budget: 700k-720k Number : 4811449 Location : HE only contact me for offers please
  2. Budget : 200k (On the doorstep) Number : 4811449 Location : Near the bank
  3. Buying 1G Budget : $150k Number : 4811449 Name : Lewis
  4. Price: $360,000 (Non-negotiable) Number : 4811449 Location : Del Perro #92
  5. Price: $360,000 (Non-negotiable) Number : 4811449 Location : Del Perro #92
  6. In my defence to this strong accusation i was not Hacking with any sort of "mods, trainers, or any kind of software installed that gives any advantage". This could of been a problem with De-sync/Lag but the voice in the clip stating he hit me 5 times is false the only person who hit me was the guy recording and you did hit me a few times show but some of the shots may have not registered correctly. It was not my intention to take advantage of any sort Lag or desync. At the time i was also trying to save the previous 10 minutes of the scene but my geforce experiance was not working at the time and needed updating which i done shortly after the scenario.
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