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  1. Rico_G

    ID 3, ID 194 - VDM

    Ohhhhh hold up, that was HIM at lsd? I will make a separate report, he has a ak behind him, giving demands, he decides to ignore it run to his car, unlock it and attempt to drive wY rather than fear rp will make separate report thank you, forgot about that, we never shot at you since you were fine you got to your car before demands. That man didn’t care about demands ran to his locked car, unlocked it with the guy basically having an ak at his head, unlocked it and drove away
  2. Rico_G

    ID 3, ID 194 - VDM

    In ID 170s eyes your car was where he got out, he instantly got in, then was TPed to where you were bc of desync. The main problem in this report is ID 3s obvious attempt at running me over twice in his car, with plenty of Options to drive anywhere else after his first attempt instead he decides to drive Straight at me till I roll away for a second attempt.
  3. Further looking into your video...I would like you to reload your video, sound included. I find it rather strange that the two inside are walking around casually, then seconds before I walk in position and aim at the door as if knowing I’m walking in that moment.
  4. The time stamp on us getting your radio is 30 mins after I died...lol we get the freq, at time stamp 1567400800, roughly 38 mins after I died?
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