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    Fear Rp

    Hello . i want to report a guy who brake fear rp rule and was going to report me for none rp as he said . i ve seen no reports from him so im here to report as you can see on the video .i searched him with rp to take his weapon . he did not answer my /do rpies so i was telling him to comply in ooc but the thing he did was defenetly a fear rp rule brake because when im typing its for sue my aim goes down but we all no when a player is typin his aim is icly still pointed at you but what he did was jumping behind a wall and taking out his weapon and start shooting at us https://plays.tv/video/5d5493fd2dacd9f64d/fear-rp
  2. Hello. today i had a scenario . killed 2 guys and they said you broke fear rp rule .so Senioradmin Chuck accepted their req .so i am recording my game with playstv so i had to leave to show that video to chuck as a share screen in discord . so everything was fine and okay so i hopped back in the server then chuck resumed the rp but a second after i got crashed . i hopped back and i saw police officers cuffing me .so chuck just came back and avoided the rp so the officers left the area . but the thing is they guy i wanted to loot was up then he hopped in an ambulance trunk and went to sandyshores MD all i want is refunding the items he had . i have more proof for this but the problem is its a video and its around 25min so i am not able to upload it i can show it as a screen share
  3. http://s2.picofile.com/file/8369567800/b.PNG
  4. And As you can see both of us were not shooting at where your body was we were actually shooting the location where your bike was so i think thats a good proof and might help
  5. Hello. i agree with all of these and i say it was Deathamtching But the thing is On our screen while you unlocked your bike you jumped on the bike so as you can see we were robbing you in a public place so when we saw you sat on your bike we started shooting at you . if there is any punishments im up for it cause it is my fault not recording my game but all i can say it was a sync from Eclipse server . cause we saw you jumped on your bike so we started shooting at you
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