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  1. Character to be refunded: Toby Everett Date and time of incident: 9/07/2019 - 9/08/2019 Requested refund (what and how much): Carbine Assault Rifle - x75 bullets Uncertain amount of empty Micro SMG's Uncertain amount of empty SMG's ~ 100x Shotgun Rounds Uncertain amount of full ammo .50 Pistols x2 Bags Description of incident resulting in loss: On Saturday September 7th, I had moved some items from a furniture safe in my house to a newly purchased vehicle from HE market. I had placed the mentioned items in two different bags, and moved the vehicle to a personal house garage. Upon my next log-in, on the 8th, the vehicle was empty, both bags, and the aforementioned items were no longer in the trunk of the vehicle, and the vehicle remained locked the entire time. Evidence of loss: I have no tangible proof of myself storing these items, however; the weapon/inventory logs of these items would be able to reveal what happened to the items. Comments: I had initially spoke to Donovan regarding the situation on the 8th of September, and he stated that he would pass the situation to a higher rank member of staff.
  2. Stalling this Rp scenario was genuinely not my intent, and I apologize if that is what you believe my intention was. However; if your intention was to search, and seize any weapons or valuable goods from my person, why not simply do so initially? Now, I did slip up, and unintentionally input /frisk [ID], and this can be seen at timestamp 1:13 in your clip. I made use of the "tab" key to automatically complete the command that I was typing, however I had not typed the missing "a" in the beginning of the command, to auto complete the command /friskaccept [ID]. In your clip, you see after I input the wrong command, I sit idle, which is the only thing I could do in the scenario considering you were robbing me at gunpoint, and also allowing time for the timer to finish. Immediately after you point out my error in /b, I try to remedy the situation by successfully inputting the correct command. Also, where you claim that I ignored your demands "i begin shooting and only after me shooting does he start to write in OOC that he is typing it out.. which he wasn't." at time 0:26, midway through your countdown, you see above my head that I am clearly typing out a command. Then you begin to shoot me, where I do run forward slightly, and make my statement in /b. To be exact, I begin typing when your countdown reaches ".. 3 ..". Proof taken directly from your clip. Furthermore, as you stated, you had full right to kill me at any point where you believe I was not cooperating with your demands, which you chose not to. At this point, I've illustrated my POV, and provided insight regarding my actions during this situation. The rest shall be handled by the staff team. Once again, I'd like to apologize for any misinterpretation of my actions, and the repercussions that have come with them.
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