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  1. I don't use any recording at all, I am looking to start though. I have no footage, the reporter's video shows my mistake well enough. As I said, it was an accident, a reflex that I instantly regretted and couldn't take back. I am new to crim life, and completely wasn't thinking when I hit the button and opened the door. I apologize and promise for it to never happen again, however I will take responsibility for it if the admins see fit and accept my punishment.
  2. You mean unrealistic such as SD ramming me with several cars to get me to stop when I had stolen the cruiser you left unlocked? One officer even plowing into the car next to us as you were handcuffing me hitting my character and yours, having no regard for your suspect or fellow officer's life? My point here is, you literally had just done the same thing, but one is right and the other is not? I also believe its common sense to know you would have been calling for backup you wouldn't need to see someone pressing a button. I agree with my mistake of opening the door, it could have changed the outcome drastically, to which I already admitted it was a mistake, an accident, a reflex, that I wish I could take back but it happened and I am willing to take responsibility for. However, they yelled their demands for you way before you kept moving your cruiser, and had every right to attack you as you were arresting their ally. Also want to add that, while it COULD have changed the outcome, I do believe they would have succeeded in getting me out of the car anyway.
  3. As for my part in this, opening the door was literally a mistake, I really didn't mean to, I instantly thought oh my god no. I have a clean record on this character, and only one admin warning from 5 months ago on my main character Ailani Carlile. It honestly was a mistake, I was a little overwhelmed in the moment, and I will take the punishment for my mistake if you wish. It won't happen again. Thank you.
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