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  1. Hello. I spoke with @Zemaitc about this report and gave him guidance on what to do. The player accidentally hit his friend because of how melee mechanics work on this game, we did not see any malicious intent with his actions. Because there was no malicious intent, IC or OOC, and the fact that they are FRIENDS in character, we also saw no issues with them meeting one another at the hospital. He received a text message from his friend to pick him up from the hospital, as long as there was no mention of the previous RP and his friend acted as if it was a "fresh" life from the hospital, we see nothing malicious with it. I see nothing malicious with their actions or how server rules were violated.
  2. This is an internal faction rule that I created in PD and not a server rule (in terms of drug labs). We will discuss in PD leadership about extending the rule to chop shops, but I cannot make any promises. But you do have to realize that in terms of chop shops, all it takes is one person reporting their car stolen and now officers have a reason to go to the chop shop, to try and intervene a stolen car. The same principle applies for drug labs, out internal rule only regulates that officers need to have an IC reason to go to a lab. As for this suggestion, I would like to see a revamped chop shop system with multiple locations and different vehicle demands in different locations, and have the demand rotate between locations, very much like GTA San Andreas chop shops if anyone played that game.
  3. This is exactly our intention. Oh and, you're apart of the problem why we implemented this if you think it's fun to do this. Maybe.. drive realistically No Crime Zones and this wouldn't be an issue. Now you will get arrested in the future and lose 93k+ in fines. We cannot do automatic cruise control because there are circumstances when a vehicle will drive faster than 70. I am going to repeat myself: This is something we added for more of an OOC reason than IC, to solve an OOC problem with automation. The amount of reckless driving around these 4 No Crime Zones are happening to an unrealistic extent, thus measures had to be taken. This became more apparent to us with the wave of new players. Once there is a significant improvement in driving at these locations, then there are always opportunities for changes. We do not intend on lowering the fine or adding a cooldown period.
  4. There is also plans to remove the automation of firearms licenses and add more factors to it. We've already got it set up, pending scripting. This is to encourage criminals to interact with other criminals and get their guns illegally rather than trying to own a firearms license. The LSPD division is ready, scripting is pending. Oh and side note, I'm also a gun store owner and I think this change would be great!
  5. Hello. This is Zetas' faction thread and not a place for you to debate what you think is right or wrong. If you feel that someone has broken our server rules, post a player report - if you feel that someone's RP standards aren't up to par, reach out to the faction leader or a member from "Faction Management" with your complaints. If you want to have a discussion about a situation, use the discussion forum and be civilized. Thank you!
  6. Hey, if you use AutoHotkey, you can create an AHK script that remaps the key. This is what I use: #IfWinActive RAGE Multiplayer XButton2::n return XButton1::m return That changes my VOIP key to Mouse4 and radio to Mouse5.
  7. They are in the 4 most populated no crime zones. The bank. The hospital. Tequila La La. The police station.
  8. We wanted speed cameras to function as they do right now to solve an OOC & IC problem with automation. The amount of reckless driving in No Crime Zones is no longer realistic, it's unrealistic. Yes, people drive recklessly In Real Life and it could happen in these areas, but I cannot stress it enough that it's happening to an unrealistic amount and it became more apparent to us with the recent wave of new players. We understand that speed cameras don't detect who's driving the car In Real Life and that it sends you a ticket home (registered owner), and I am certain that our developers intend on making changes to the camera system in the future when we see significant improvement in driving in these areas. OP wanted this so that he could race in these 4 locations that we have speed cameras in, but there shouldn't be any racing in these areas, to begin with.
  9. Hello. You have to understand that we weren't prepared for this huge influx of new players over the course of this week. We've always staffed our team with the amount we feel is sufficient to manage the community. As of right now, we've got 1,800 pending applications into the server, yesterday we had ~1300 and we brought it down to 1000 in a few hours, it's obviously more than what the team can manage, on top of taking care of the community In-Game. We are working on solving the staffing issue and making sure that we can swiftly and efficiently manage the community. We're currently in the process of interviewing community members who applied for our Support Team and got accepted, that process should be done soon and we should be seeing 15-20 new support members. We also created a Quiz Management team recently which we are still actively staffing, the intention with this team is to allow support and above to focus more on the game itself and help people directly In-Game, the past few days have been stressful for us and forced all of our staff to assist with player applications. We also recently took on more moderators who are all in training, they will soon be ready to take on reports and handle situations on their own. We intend on moving more support up to moderators in the near future, but because of how our recruitment and training process works, we can only take on so many at the time. I can only encourage you to keep reporting those who deliberately break our server rules. We encourage our staff to send people back to the character application stage if they show that they are incapable of role-playing, following and/or understanding our server rules. I hope that somewhat eases your mind, - Osborn.
  10. Literally everywhere in the city is free for you to race in but 4 of the most populated locations in the city. Besides, it's an NCZ which you should not be racing in at all.
  11. Hey. The implementation of speed cameras is more of an OOC solution than IC. We understand that this is not how cameras work In Real Life but we made the decision to have them function as they do for the sole reason of solving an OOC problem. The amount of reckless driving around these very public and populated areas is unrealistic, we understand that it may happen once in a while that a car drives past the biggest bank or hospital going 150+ but that's not the case on Eclipse, it happens all the time. After the great influx of new players, this problem became more apparent to us than ever as we'd always come to these areas and find 3-6 people injured because of a car going too fast. Edit: One could argue, "Why don't administrators hand out admin punishments?" and while yes that is a valid argument, we instead wanted to add an automated solution and somewhat make it In Character. I am sure that in the future when we see significant improvement in driving in these areas, will the speed cameras be adjusted in terms of how they work.
  12. Hello, thank you for appealing. I believe Brock Olly has covered most of it if not all. You triggered me very much by prolonging a scene that could've been solved much quicker, and then proceeding to lie to me and Brock OOCly. I am thankful that you recognize your mistake, but obviously, it's not acceptable to do what you did. I've reduced your ban from an indefinite ban to a 2-week ban for this situation. Your ban will expire in 336 hours starting from this post. Please take this time to read over our server rules and any available RP guides on the forums. - Osborn.
  13. Hello. Thank you for appealing and realizing your mistake in this situation. I hope that you can look over our server rules again and make sure that you abide by them. It has been 12 days since your ban and thus I am not going to extend it any further. I'm going to go ahead and unban you, however, the legitimate punishment will remain on your record. Please be more considerate of your actions in the future as we do not take lightly on PVP rules violations. If you get banned for deathmatching again, the ban period will be much longer. Welcome back. - Osborn.
  14. Alright. I've given you enough time to repent your sins. I believe that leaving these screenshots being sufficient explanation. Because of your inability to be honest and explain your situation, I'm closing this appeal. You can post a ban appeal in 3 months time and we'll see from there. Thank you, - Osborn
  15. Hello. I have been in contact with Osvaldon on discord and he confirmed that he has tried to help you and that a hardware malfunction could have caused this. Based on his recommendation, I've gone ahead and unbanned you. Welcome back to Eclipse RP.
  16. Okay Tom, demonstrate improvements upon your return and improve your general RP quality towards players. Don't pull stupid stunts as you did with the megaphone. You are on your 6th Non-RP which means that any further Non-RP punishments given will land you right back here, in the appeal section. Welcome back.
  17. Again. Please do not lie in your ban appeal. I am giving you the chance to come clean and explain your reasoning.
  18. Please do not lie in your ban appeal, be honest and explain your reasoning.
  19. Hello. Thank you for appealing. Ballin reviewed your appeal on the 10th of February and told you to re-appeal in a month's time, which you now have. I hope that you now understand that we do not take rule violations lightly, ESPECIALLY rule violations revolving around our PVP rules. Since your ban, there have been new rules put into effect which I expect that you will read because our punishments are more severe than before. Again, I can only recommend that you read up on our new server rules: Eclipse RP Server Rules (2019) Your ban has been lifted but punishment will stay on record. - Osborn.
  20. @Tomvd682 Hello, thank you for appealing. If I'm not mistaken, this is going to become your third chance. Nonetheless, how can you assure me that you're going to improve and show a good example for our new and current players?
  21. Hey, thank you for appealing. Being frustrated out of character doesn't justify what you did. Serious PVP rules were violated, inside a No Crime Zone. Appeal again on the 4th of April and we'll see from there. - Osborn.
  22. REFUND ACCEPTED Thank you for posting this refund request. After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided to authorize you a refund for the following item(s): $50,000 for 1x Laptop What you need to do now is to get in contact with a Head Administrator+ to process your refund In-Game. This refund request is valid for 30 days and if there is sufficient reason as to why you've not obtained your refund within 30 days it may be extended at the discretion of the handling administrator. Regards, FatherOsborn
  23. REFUND PENDING Thank you for posting this refund request. After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided that you cannot receive a refund at this time. Please review the below and amend your request. Please update the thread title to follow the requirements & guidelines. You will be given 72 hours to amend your request with the information needed and if you do not do it within the timeframe given your refund will be invalidated. Regards, FatherOsborn
  24. Hello Jacob. As Serthon pointed out This is from our old rule book which was in effect at the time of this incident. Had you wanted to ram more than 1 player you had to do it when you first drove through the scene, you cannot turn your car around and go back towards the scene with the purpose of hitting more players. I have reviewed the report in questioning and you were in fact in violation of this rule at the time. I have reduced your ban to 192 hours (given that it was 6 days ago you got banned). Thank you, - Osborn.
  25. I do not have the ability to check that right now. However, it's very hard for us to believe such a coincidence unless there's some solid proof available. I'd instead recommend that you think back and see if this could've been you, and then just explain what happened.
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