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  1. Hello. Thank you for appealing. As Toby Vintage stated, "I do however feel this could also be a breach of the IC force continuum and could also be dealt with ICly, if the player was to file an IA report." Looking over the report, if I'm not entirely mistaken, the player was evading the police thus giving them a reason to initiate an attack on him. How this attack is carried out, is In Character unless another Out of Character rule is broken in the process. I don't see how this is being an unrealistic action, Police Officers do mischievous things In Real Life where there's not much regard for life. Examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/Whatcouldgowrong/comments/bcruk9/spike_stripping_in_a_residential_area/ https://youtu.be/VDCB5RZGbbc?t=315 (NSFW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4FGK2mb8Wg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSWjVH2bhIA These are just examples in regards to "Shooting a tazer from a moving vehicle in my eyes is non-roleplay and is not something I've seen done in the past both in the game or in real life. It could be potentially dangerous or life-threatening for yourself, other pedestrians, vehicle occupants or the suspect." as they all four show the same fundamental traits of being dangerous/life-threatening to everyone involved. Successfully tazing someone In-Game, off a motorcycle, is as difficult as you'd imagine it being in real life. I am going to conclude this as it being an In Character incident, Alex Keller tried to do an unusual tactic (In Character) and was successful at it. Does it follow PD protocols? That's an In Character question and can be battled In Character through Internal Affairs if the player chooses to do so. The warning will be voided.
  2. Hello, thank you for appealing. While we respect honesty, advertising is a serious ban reason. I have spoken to Nobody about your ban, and unfortunately, we do not see any possibility of you returning in the foreseeable future. Good luck in your future endeavors. - Osborn.
  3. I have no problems with you coming back to the server, however, this is your final chance. If you demonstrate any attitude or behavior like before, you will just be removed from the community again. We do not need any more toxicity, we're enforcing a healthy community -- and as you know, things do come to us. Welcome back. - Osborn
  4. Hello, thank you for your appeal. This was discussed in our senior chat and we mutually came to an agreement that it is power gaming. Just because certain things aren't limited by the script, whether that's intentional or us overlooking things it doesn't make it more realistic. For example; If I get placed in zip ties or handcuffs, I can still press my panic alarm, backup button or access a mobile computer - it doesn't make it more realistic because the script allows me to. Script mechanics also allows me to place random charges on the entire server as I please, but does that mean it's allowed? No. We have rules in place for things like this; Going through a bag and taking a PUMP SHOTGUN while zip-tied or handcuffed behind your back is pretty unrealistic, especially so fast. Considering that you'd need to squat down, keep your body balanced, and somehow locate the zipper, and consider the fact that your arms are restrained from moving as they normally would when you unzip something e.g. a bag or jacket. We don't find it being a realistic action what you did. The warning will stay in place. Regards, - Osborn.
  5. Hello. Thank you for appealing. I have been talking to Ballin about your ban appeal, and while we were originally discussing the possibility of granting you a chance of being unbanned for the threat of Mass DM, new information came to light which Ballin has already shared with you, which involves cyber threat discussions. Because of this, We cannot possibly consider this ban appeal at the time. You cannot come back to the community for the foreseeable future, post a ban appeal in 4 months time if you are still interested and we'll then consider if it has been enough time or not. Regards, - Osborn.
  6. This happens for PD too, where the car just gets deleted. We spawn it, get in and sometimes it just despawns after a while.
  7. FatherOsborn

    id 146 DM

    Hello. If you disagree with the punishment or lack thereof from a player report, please post a punishment appeal, not another player report. Your punishment appeal will be reviewed by a SENIOR ADMIN+. Thank you, - Osborn.
  8. Hello. Thank you for appealing. You're a higher ranking member in an OFFICIAL faction are thus are held to a much higher standard. Being an official member means that you must hold yourself to higher quality and standards than the rest of the server, that's the whole point of an official faction - you are rewarded by becoming official because of what you provide to the server, however, should you start showing signs that you are no longer providing the server with any positive contributions, you jeopardize this status. Please choose your words carefully in the future, and if you are frustrated, log out and take a breather. Appeal accepted after speaking to Nobody. - Osborn.
  9. Treasure Hunt in teams :)) Drop some clues around, one clue leads to another. Kind of like the TV show The Amazing Race.
  10. Hello, thank you for appealing. This report was reviewed by BallinByNature, Musket, and Chuck. In the video, I can clearly see you, Tom, be the first one to run from the group that came up with guns while going over the radio, which promptly causes the others to run. 17 admin logs in nearly 12 months (less), your first being on May 19th, 2018 and last on the 30th of April. There will be a point will you will not be given any more chances Tom, and we are nearly there. You will land right back in this appeal section if you receive another Non-RP, and at that point, I am not sure if there's any coming back without serious repercussion in form of a lengthier ban. I will reduce your ban to 8 days. - Osborn.
  11. Hello. Thank you for appealing. You were issued this ban on June 2017 and it was for reacting to a development post with a racial slur. Now, you claim it was your friend however there is no way to actually prove that, and regardless, you are responsible over your account on our platform. It was nearly 2 years since your ban, and because of that, I will lift it. Follow our community rules everywhere on our platform, discord - forums - In-Game or Teamspeak (if you have access to it). Welcome back, - Osborn.
  12. Hello. Thank you for appealing. Because of the time since your discord ban, I will go ahead and unban you. Please keep in mind that our community rules apply to discord as it does everywhere else on our platform. Do not try and circumvent bans/punishments in the future. - Osborn.
  13. (( FORMATTING IS OFF BECAUSE IT'S A COPY PASTE FROM THE GOVERNMENT FORUMS. )) Original: https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=18395 - Yet another month has swung past us, and the Los Santos Police Department face new challenges. Our tourism has decreased to a manageable level, but we face the issue of organized crime in Los Santos. Over the past few weeks, our Investigations Bureau has concluded that there's an illegal gang war in Los Santos, one which we cannot recover from unless you put an end to it. The Los Santos Police Department is working closely with the Commissioner's Office and the Los Santos Government to come up with a solution to this problem, recently, the Commissioner's have been talking about enforcing the RICO act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) which would give the Los Santos Police Department the upper-hand and possibly prevent further violence. I am asking that citizens remain vigilant and call 911 should you spot an unusual gathering, or hear something unusual, and I am asking my officers to remain safe in the field, prioritize safety above all else. To combat the drastic increase of gun-related crimes, the Los Santos Police Department have been working together with the Los Santos Government as gun laws have been tightened. We saw the introduction of the Firearms and Licensing Division mid-April, and I must say, we are very pleased with the effect that this has caused and the significant decrease in gun-related crimes it has resulted in. Many concerned citizens have raised questions about whether their second amendment is being violated, which it isn't. The right to bear arms is a privilege for our law-abiding citizens, federal law already defines unlawful acts (ref. 18 U.S. Code § 922. Unlawful acts). The Los Santos Police Department will continue the battle as we seek to exponentially lower the rate of gun-related crimes even further. I'd also like to give special recognition to our Recruitment & Employment Division, Basic Training Division, and Field Training Program. This month we saw one of the biggest recruitment drives that the Los Santos Police Department has ever had, bringing in over 40 new Cadets in a single month. This has put a lot of pressure on our Field Training Program and its officers, however, they have handled it surprisingly well. The Field Training Program is important to the development of a good officer, and it's the foundation which the Los Santos Police Department stands on. I am very proud of what we've accomplished, and I can only see a bright future for the Department moving forward. I would also like to recognize and congratulate Commander Elena Blake, who on April 17th assumed the position of Commander. Commander Blake is a veteran of the Los Santos Police Department and she has led our Investigations Bureau since September 2018. During her tenure, we've seen significant improvements to the Bureau all throughout, and an increased interest in it. I hope that Commander Blake and her personnel continues on the same path and that they are able to put a stop to this recent increase of gang-related crimes. Moving onto the month of May, we're officially one month away from summer. Remember to keep yourself hydrated, look after one another and be vigilant. The heat can cause issues which results in unexpected events. The Department has no major changes planned for the month of May, we hope that everything will continue as smooth as it has been. Chief of Police Samuel Osborn Micky Reefer was born July 15th, 1973 in the United Kindom in a place called Dagenham in east London. In 1980 at the age of 7, he moved over to Los Santos with his family where they applied for citizenship to become permanent residents. He attended & graduated from Los Santos High School in 1990, and continued his education at the University of Los Santos where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Administration. Micky is divorced and has 3 children who live in Liberty City Micky currently resides in West Vinewood. Having begun his career in the Paleto Bay Sheriffs Department, Micky transferred to the Los Santos Police Department on June 7th, 2017. He worked a variety of precincts within the General Operations Bureau as a police officer, which included Rampart Precinct, 77th Precinct, and Vinewood Precinct. His assignments included frank patrol detail, patrol officer, field training officer, and recruitment officer. After a period of time with the General Operations Bureau, he applied for and was accepted into the Investigations Bureau, where he started off as an Investigator and was eventually promoted to Detective after successful completion of the Detective Training Program. Here he worked a variety of different cases from smaller theft crimes all the way up to major gang-related activity within the Detective Support and Vice Division as well as the Gang and Narcotics Division. On November 12th, 2017, Micky was promoted to Sergeant II where he left the Investigations Bureau and moved back to the General Operations Bureau to focus on working with the Recruitment and Employment Division within the Los Santos Police Department. He also applied and became a part of the Air Support Division as an X-Ray unit, flying the LSPD Maverick Helicopter. On the 5th December 2017, he was promoted to Lieutenant and became a member of the Command Division in the General Operations Bureau where he also took a temporary role as the Vinewood Precinct Watch Commander. His role was to monitor and evaluate all the officers and patrol sergeants within that precinct. He was promoted to Captain on February 28th, 2018 and appointed as the Recruitment and Human Resources Commanding Officer, which is part of the Administrative Services Bureau within the Office of Support Services. His role here was to work on all the recruitment process involving new applicants within the department as well as the internal side of the administration which involved officer promotions, demotions, suspensions, discharges and all the paperwork which came along with it. On the 4th August 2018, he was promoted to the rank of Police Commander and became a member of the department High Command. He is currently the Administrative Services Bureau Coordinator where he oversees everything involving the Recruitment, Employment, and Administration within the Los Santos Police Department. Micky also works closely with the Police Training Bureau to ensure a smooth transition for new applicants to move onto their Police Academy training. After spending 5 months as a Police Commander and the Administrative Services Bureau Coordinator, due to Deputy Chief Crosby's retirement, Micky was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief of Police and appointed as Director of the Office of Support Services in Chief Crosby's stead. This meant extra responsibility as now he was not only the head of the Administrative Services Bureau, but he was also given the task of fully overseeing the Police Training Bureau. This consisted of both the Basic Training Division and the Advanced Training Division.  The police department has slowly gone from strength to strength and with such a large influx of new officers the Chief of Police Samuel Osborn needed a right hand man to help him with the overall operations of the department. This included help with big decisions as well as staff management. On March 26th 2019, after the Chief had a discussion with the board of commissioners, Mick was offered the position as the Assistant Chief of Police (Chief of Staff) within the Los Santos Police Department. Having shared many similar views on the direction the department should be heading, both the Chief of Police and the Chief of Staff will work closely side by side to make sure that the LSPD becomes one of the best and most respected departments in the US. The plan is to make sure the LSPD function at the highest possible level, more so than anything seen before in the department's history. 1 Police Officer II Victor Einhart joined the Los Santos Police Department after serving 9 years in the United States Military serving in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. There, his occupation was that of an Airborne Weapons Infantryman which he was in charge of. There, he holding the rank of Sergeant, specialized with deploying equipment to active battles from airborne support services. Equipment that Officer Einhart was responsible for reinforcing included, Heavy Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Wire-guided Missiles, Mortars, and other explosives. With the extensive training that Officer Einhart was given he was capable of parachuting from C-130 Aircrafts and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. After finishing his military service, Officer Einhart moved to the City of Los Santos searching for a new career. Beginning his life in Los Santos as a bus driver, Officer Einhart soon noticed how many people were constantly breaking the law. Officer Einhart eventually joined the Los Santos Police Department on the 17th of February in order to assist the fight against crime and make sure all citizens of Los Santos are safe. Shortly after joining the department, Officer Einhart progressed to the rank of Police Officer I, soon after reaching the rank of a Police Officer II. Currently, he's a proud member of both the Field Training Program Division and Special Weapons and Tactics Division. Officer Einhart is a great example of an Officer, he's an active and friendly member of the department, always assisting when needed. He is a walking handbook and a very skilled operative within the Special Weapons and Tactics Division. We wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors and wish him good luck in the Sergeant Training Program which he wishes to join, or the Detective Training Program if he wishes to take that path instead. Captain ► Commander Elena Blake Detective II ► Detective III Logan Cross Sergeant I ► Sergeant II Cynthia Shelby Santino Deferro Detective I ► Detective II Xoza Shadow Sergeant I ► Detective I James Sardinsky Police Officer III ► Detective I Jason Steel Hugo Romano Senior Lead Officer ► Sergeant I Phillipe Sanchez Police Officer III ► Senior Lead Officer Mary Dinkley Police Officer II ► Police Officer III Bonquasha Quonde Chloe Bailey Alex Keller Police Officer I ► Police Officer II Matthieu Rey Freyja Rias Eleanor Quinn Dezzy Bala Damien Blix Ollie Higgins Gary Hunter Belle Cavallera Cadet ► Police Officer I Jordan Stephenson Chris Carwyn Gary Hunter Ollie Higgins Matthew Michelson Shen Wong Robert Jeys Tyrannodale Bronson Mikey Johnson James Forelli Pavel Reznikov Kevin Blackburn Kyle Bran Cleetus Sanchez Audrey Sanchez James Kelly Edward Sharp Blake Cross Jake Bowers (Reinstatement and normal) Applicant ► Cadet Conrad Fredrico Blake Cross Alexandra Meadows Mikael Cowell Marcus Levonn Harry Hornsby James Paige Joshua White Ashton Travis Carl Backwell Caitlyn Ledford Colby Blix Earnie Shavers Ezra Zervos Gilbert Jimenez Lex Roth Liam Gunarr John Robertson Matthew Juan Scott Dunbar Tom Brown Patrick Ferrera Craig McFindlay Abdo Khalifa Brad Biggins Jason Rekram Jimmy Jonway Olatunji Osas Edward Sharp Ricci Ross John Warren Saurian Logan Alex Rodriguez Mason Smith Dante Stryker Papa Stouch Brandon Ferris Josylvio Dent l 1 We have made great strides in our departmental divisions, welcomed some new faces, and said farewells to some old ones. Please read below about some divisional updates from the COs and ACOs themselves, and what progress they have made in the month of November. Investigations Bureau April UpdateHide Hello Investigators and Detectives, and welcome to the ninth monthly update of the Investigations Bureau! With this update, we would like to introduce everyone to all changes and updates that have been made within the Bureau last month, as to let you all know and include you all in what is happening in the Bureau. During the month of April, we have had several roster changes within the Investigations Bureau ranging from internal changes or promotions to Investigators or Detectives progressing through the ranks in the Police Department. During the month of April, we have had the following Investigators and Detectives promoted. Congratulations! Police Officer III → Police Detective I Jason Steel Hugo Romano Police Detective I → Police Detective II Xoza Shadow Police Detective II → Police Detective III Logan Cross Police Captain → Police Commander Elena Blake We have also had to part with the following member(s) of the Investigations Bureau. Farewell! Jimmy Pegorino Marshall Rias Additionally, we have also had the following Sergeants transfer into the Investigations Bureau: James Sardinsky And finally, the following internal changes have been made. Congratulations! Detective II Xoza Shadow has been appointed as the Assistant Commanding Officer of the Detective Support and Vice Division. During the month of April: A total of 12 cases have been opened. A total of 9 cases have been closed. A combined total of 80 Investigation Patrol Logs have been posted. 4 Investigators and Detectives have passed their Detective Evaluative Test. On a final note, we would like to thank you all for reading through the ninth monthly Investigations Bureau update posts. We greatly appreciate all the work every single one of you puts in every day to make the Investigations Bureau successful. Once again, congratulations to all those who got promoted, and keep up the good work! Police Commander Elena Blake Investigations Bureau Coordinator Police Commander Lewis Langley Investigations Bureau Assistant Coordinator Traffic Enforcement Division April updateHide We kept our hard work hard going during the month of April, we accepted a lot of new members onto our team, these officers have completed training and as always will continue to develop. Traffic Patrol reports have continued to be filed by division members, once again we thank those that took the time and completed the paperwork. Keep up that great work! Car Club Events/Registrations We want welcome a new Car Club: Bayview Car Club. This Car Club is managed by the following personnel: Luke Kuperus, Zach Jones, Joel Weatherby and Genezi Patel. They held their first Car Meeting on the 6th of April, with the assistances of the Traffic Enforcement Division and General Operations it went off without a hitch. We hope to see more events like this in the future, and assisting in them to watch over drivers and car lovers alike. Personnel Changes The division now has a total of 29 (twenty-nine) officers, divided as: 12 (twelve) Probationary Traffic Officer, 4 (four) Traffic Officers I, 6 (six) Traffic Officers II, 5 (five) Traffic Officers III, and 2 (two) Traffic Inspector. The following officers joined TED, assuming the rank of Probationary Traffic Officer: Mikey Johnson Edward Sharp Kyle Bran Gary Hunter Robert Jeys Ollie Higgins Shen Wong This month we have had 2 (two) promotions for traffic officers, and they are: Mary Dinkley to Traffic Officer III Jonathan Norton to Traffic Officer I We've also had 5 traffic officers resign, and we would like to thank them for their service, specifically: Jason Steel Freyja Rias Caz Murphy Jason Reed Jimmy Pegorino Looking Forward to May We want to thank all officers who are working hard in this division and encourage them to keep up the great work. During this month we couldn't perform any operations due to some technical issues, but we have a good bunch of drafts, ready to be signed by the Commanding Officer. Expect multiple Traffic Enforcement operations during this upcoming month. S.W.A.T. Division April UpdateHide Hello Readers! Welcome to the sixth update of the Special Weapons and Tactics Division, where we would like to introduce you all to the updates that occurred within the division during the month of April. This update will be rather short as not much has happened in the last month but if you like some stats then keep reading! Roster changes Again we have had a few moves to the Investigations Bureau. But we have had a few changes so here they are! Congratulations to all that were promoted and keep up the good work! Promotions: Santino Deferro | Senior Operative -> S.W.A.T. Sergeant Mary Dinkley | Operative -> Trial Senior Operative Daniels Shelby | Resigned -> Trial Senior Operative Chloe Payne | Probationary Operative -> Operative Lewis Sanchez | Probationary Operative -> Operative Bonquasha Quonde | Applicant -> Probationary Operative Resignations: Paulo Witherfork | S.W.A.T. Sergeant -> Resigned James Sardinsky | Trial S.W.A.T. Instructor -> Resigned Thomas Foster | Operative -> Resigned Alex Keller | Probationary Operative -> Resigned Fezzy Walshy | Probationary Operative -> Resigned Division Updates Statistics During the month of March, there has been 119 total deployments across 17 people. 16 of them were David Patrols, 21 Passive Deployments, and 82 Active Deployments. This means 69% of all S.W.A.T. Deployments in March were extreme situations. This is our second month tracking a month at a time. Compared to last month, the number of Active Deployments and Passive Deployments rose, while the number of David patrols dropped by over 50%. Final Thoughts and Moving Forward I believe we have been doing well as a division in the last month and we are working on improving team work within the division and how efficient we are, again moving onto required training's of which some have taken place but will have more. We are also moving on with trying to remove all heavy weaponry from the streets. Due to the attack on the supervisor meeting we will be improving response times and how we tackle people in the streets and neighbourhoods. So expect training around this soon. Thank you all for your hard work and dedicating your lives to protect the civilians of Los Santos. Special Weapons and Tactics Command Air Support Division April UpdateHide Los Santos Police Department Air Support Division Update - April 2019 "TO PROTECT AND SERVE" Hello Pilots! Welcome to the Eighth update of the Air Support Division where we would like to introduce you all to the updates within the division for the month of April. We are looking to get these made for each month to let you all know what is happening within the division, and any upcoming changes to the division. We hope this will help to include you all more, and inform you of changes prior to them happening, so you can all come forward with suggestions of things that you all would like to see change within the Air Support Division. Roster changes We have not received any new applications for Junior Pilots in the Month of April. The following Pilots resigned or been removed from the Air Support Division and we thank them for their service to the division. Freyja Rias Thomas Bennet James Dickson The following promotions have also happened within the month of April. Congratulations to the following Pilots, and remember to reach out to a Senior Pilot or higher and schedule the Junior Pilot Examination with them if you have reached the requirement of 10 flight hours and feel ready to take on the test. Freyja Rias | Junior Pilot -> Pilot Division Information In the near future we are looking to bring out a Civilian Aviation License program. We will be looking to revamp the Tactical Pilot Program in the near future to enable members of ASD to better assist the LSPD and the people of Los Santos. In particular, this will be beneficial for Pilots who are interested in helping out with S.W.A.T. Operations. We will keep you updated once more information is available. I would like to remind all Junior Pilots that you are responsible for obtaining 10 flight hours and conducting your 10 hour flight check within 30 days to progress to Pilot. Junior Pilots not meeting this criteria will be removed and made to reapply when they have the time required to dedicate to the division. Several junior Pilots are eligible to schedule their ten hour flight check but have failed to do so. On a last note, thank you all for reading this update for the Air Support Division for April 2019. Good job on the flight hours for the month of April, and we hope to see a better increase for May. Welcome to the team, all new members within the division! Sergeant II Cynthia Shelby Air Support Division Commanding Officer Field Training Program April UpdateHide Dear Field Training Officers, It has once again been a very busy month for the Field Training Program and Field Training Officers. We have, for the first time ever, consecutively broken the record for the number of FTP sessions being conducted each month, with this month being the most of all time and we at the same time saw the largest introduction of Cadets to the department in a very long time, with over 40 Cadets at one point. Once again, I am very happy with many of the Field Training Officers performance, with plenty of FTOs putting in astonishing effort and generally the workload has been shared across the board and with that I'd like to welcome our new Field Training Officers. The month of April saw us introduce nine new Field Training Officers into the Field Training Program, the largest expansion of the roster in quite some time. I'd like to welcome: Police Officer II Cleetus Sanchez Police Officer II Eleanor Quinn Police Officer II Tom Fredrico Police Officer II Matthieu Rey Police Officer II Victor Einhart Police Officer III Alex Keller Police Officer II Kristofer Avens Police Officer II John Martinez Police Officer II Richard Langston For the month of April a total of one-hundred-forty-one unique sessions were completed (this is not including repeats). This is the new record, beating the previous record set last month by fifteen FTPs. This month also saw the promotion of nineteen Cadets to the rank of Police Officer I, again a record for the program and ten more than the previous month. With that I'd like to congratulate the following Officers on passing the Field Training Program and becoming fully fledged Police Officers: Jack Bowers Blake Cross Edward Sharp Audrey Sanchez James Kelly Cleetus Sanchez Kyle Bran Kevin Blackburn Pavel Reznikov James Foreli Mikey Johnson Tyrannodale Bronson Robert Jeys Shen Wong Matthew Michelson Ollie Higgins Chris Carwyn Gary Hunter Jordan Stephenson Picking this months Field Training Officer was quite difficult, because of the excellent effort from so many Field Training Officers. However, this months ward will be issued to Police Officer III Chloe Bailey who is now entitled to collect her bonus of $5,000 (($50,000)) from the Commanding Officer of the Field Training Program. Police Officer III Chloe Bailey has conducted a total of 17 FTPs for the month of April and has demonstrated very good effort in her FTO duties since becoming a Field Training Officer. Once again congratulations to Police Officer III Chloe Bailey, however there was great effort from many FTOs this month and all of your efforts do not go unnoticed. Regards, Lieutenant Daniels Shelby Field Training Program Commanding Officer Sergeant I John Wallace Field Training Program Assistant Commanding Officer 1 1 This concludes our monthly bulletin for November. Thank you for taking the time to read through our update and we hope you are excited for the next one. Media Relations will work hard to provide you with a monthly bulletin, such as this one, from now on. We ask all division leaders to actively keep up with their monthly updates in order to be included in our report. If you have any suggestions, feedback, and comments, please contact the Media Relations through the means listed in the Contact Information tab. We would like to give special thanks to the following personnel for making this monthly release possible: Chief of Police Samuel Osborn Commander Alex Donnelly Lieutenant Jay Bacon FTP Command (( The statistics gathered from this month were mostly supplied by us going through forum posts. There might be some human error in these statistics. If you are in charge of one of the fields listed in the stats and see a mistake, please contact Media Relations. )) 1 Captain Jay Bacon, Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)516-1554 — [email protected] Detective I James Sardinsky, Senior Liason Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)545-1869 — [email protected] Los Santos Police Department Media Relations [email protected]
  14. Team Update:- PapaStouch has reinstated as a Moderator. Flucifial has reinstated as an Administrator
  15. Hello. Thank you for appealing. As mentioned on your appeal on April 25th, you were asked to wait 2 months prior to attempting to appeal again. We appreciate that you've been able to establish contact with the player regarding this incident but that doesn't change the fact that you've racked up 7 admin logs in 30 days, give or take. Please do not attempt to appeal before the 25th of June. - Osborn.
  16. Hello. Thank you for appealing. I'm going to go ahead and lift the ban and allow you to play again. Please be more considerate of your actions moving forward and make sure that you read over our server rules prior to playing again. - Osborn.
  17. Hello, thank you for appealing. As Zemaitc pointed out, we expect more effort into your appeal. How can you assure us that you are here to be a quality player?
  18. Hello. Thank you for appealing. There is no evidence to suggest that Dushane did anything considered a harmful action to justify an attack, the only video is of him driving behind you and then up to a cop, where he then stops, gets out and what it seems like surrendering to the cop. Once he's out, you ram and kill him, and the cop's response to that is getting out with his gun out and aiming it at YOU. Because of the messages you sent on discord after your ban, you will not be welcomed back to our community at this time. Threatening to DDOS the community. Threatening to circumvent the ban, claiming you're already on the server and have 3 approved accounts. These two pictures show a small portion of what was said: Your attitude is disgusting, it's toxicity at its finest. Instead of posting this appeal and waiting for it be solved, you decided to have a tantrum around our platform. There is no justification for threatening to DDOS our community or attack the staff team this way because you feel that you've been wrongfully punished. You can appeal this is no less than 6 months from this post. Edit: Not to be unbanned, ever. - Osborn.
  19. Faction was unbroken by Osvaldon, and then @Serthon broke it today again by inviting people to the faction.
  20. Team Update:- Fa1n has been promoted to Senior Moderator. Zemaitc has been promoted to Senior Moderator. Dqniel has been promoted to Senior Moderator.
  21. This is nothing that I can process. Pending @NBDY
  22. Hello, thank you for appealing. On March 16th, you were told by BallinByNature to not appeal sooner than 2 months. Do not appeal sooner than May 16th. - Osborn.
  23. This would require the attention of Osvaldon and/or Nobody. There is not much either I or Ballin can do. However, this is not something that has been approved in the past. @NBDY @Osvaldon
  24. REFUND ACCEPTED Thank you for posting this refund request. After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided to authorize you a refund for the following item(s): $1.021.142 into the Los Santos Customs Treasury. The money will be put into your treasury. What you need to do now is to get in contact with a Head Administrator+ to process your refund In-Game. This refund request is valid for 30 days and if there is sufficient reason as to why you've not obtained your refund within 30 days it may be extended at the discretion of the handling administrator. Regards, FatherOsborn
  25. Date and time (provide timezone): N/A Character name: Samuel Osborn Issue/bug you are reporting: Quitting your job while in prison removes the limitations of being in prison. Expected behavior: It gives you civilian clothing (removing the prison outfit) It removes limitations, allowing you to use your phone and toggle your mask on/off to contact people on the outside. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Just use /quitjob while being in prison. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A Players abusing this bug will receive a ban for abusing the script.
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