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  1. We was chasing rooks already and I found him, i didnt know he crashed here and if so he should still RP, I shoot his car to stop it as he's escaping me, i didnt kill him i was trying to stall his vehicle and he just kept slowing the rp. I didnt avoid the rp any time, he was ignoring my rp and saying i dont have a gun etc and even when i tried to frisk him he kept ignoring and talking oocly
  2. i thought i did it but he start running so i just followed him and itis not killing shot and he keep running into the bikes see in the video he hit a new player bike too so he wad just wand to die by ramming and you can see me when i drove away before he died
  3. first of all I said the bike ram was desync as we spoke with the admin who came in game, and about the shooting it was a wrong shot and I told you that. and you cannot metagame saying 'bro you shoot me in my face' and keep running if I did you had to be dead and RP dead
  4. you called admin in game and he admin came. and said nothing happened because you was running towards us and you was falling because desync and if you show the all video when you did fear rp when i was aiming the gun and told you to get on the bike and you run. and the video showa when I told you donot run towards me because we have lag
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