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  1. I know that i shouldn't reply, but the wait is killing me especially when i'm sure in 100% that i did nothing wrong. I wouldn't have cared if i actually did something wrong but i really didn't. The feeling of being punished for a thing that i didn't do is killing me. I was patient with my app because i knew there was a delay for a reason but now I feel like the wait is really unneeded.... I Want to add to my appeal that "If i had cheated" I wouldn't use an Armour hack since i wasn't threatened by any body or was in a direct danger that i would need an Armour at the really short time that i got to play in the server..... and until i got banned i didn't even knew there was armor in this server, i just saw there was hunger and thirst meters and that all. It was probably a glitch that made the anti-cheat think that i'm hacking.... I can always see at the start of rage-Mp all my Single -Player stats like money and they immediately disappear, might it had glitched? I have even added a picture to demonstrate that. And to show you the Msi AfterBurner osd that it does not give me any advantage on other player or changes the playability of the game, I use it a lot in games like cs go and Gta V Official Mp and it had never caused me an issue..... I really don't know what to do, i can provide any proof that you'll need, even the receipt of the new cooler that i just got. I just want to come back and play
  2. I Have now noticed that in the panel it shows that i have no armour...... Just 100 health since i was helped by a medic 10 min before I last left the server for the last time. I really want to come back and play but im being held off by a bug😓
  3. Please help me, I really did nothing wrong. I just want to get back and play.........
  4. This is a duplicate please close this.....
  5. Account name:dimaxer Character name(s):Max burrows Admin who issued punishment: Auto-system Date of punishment: 09/06/2019 Punishment received: permanent ban Reason given for punishment: armor hack Your explanation of what happened: I just entered the server and it refused to load up all in game Characters. at the second time that i entered the eclipse menu didn't load up. And at the third time i Entered i saw i got a ban... Why should your appeal be accepted?: I didn't use any cheats, I am new to this server just joined 10 hours ago. i Have waited 2 and a half weeks to get approved and i wont just throw that time to the garbage. I didn't even got to taste the server. Besides of that, is there even armor at this server? By the way, I just made a clean install yesterday, because i had issues logging in, i even got jailed to maybe try to free me up from a buggy place. Idk if you can see it in your logs but i got a ban without even doing any action in the server( i.e moving) because i were unable to play the game in those 3 times..... Post any evidence or further details: I can provide Everything you'll need. I am using msi afterburner osd since i bought a new cpu cooler and 'im monitoring that the temps are ok since the last one failed... and gpu clock speeds... But i dont think that msi afterburner can cause problems....
  6. I can provide Everything you'll need. I Find it hard to give proof for a thing that i didn't do.
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