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  1. Hello ID 275 Here First off Thanks Tab for making the quality report and thanks to the staff who takes it First off you gave me demands when i first drove in past you still going 40mph and not once did i stop moving, I called over radio and was told to follow and keep calls so we could clap you. As for the stunt jump That was not intentional No body knows the mountains and In my pov you'll see i had no idea on the drop and tried to brake Instantly Apparent FRP https://streamable.com/uzukh3 Apparent Stunt Jump https://streamable.com/frxlsl If there is anything else i need to add i will, Wont respond till staff ask
  2. botVixz

    ID 17 (DM)

    Nor did I have too You’ve called the police to a chop shop where my gang was actively chopshopping Vehicles? Also you’re still in a stolen car chopping and calling cops pretty non rp imo Wont respond till staff ask.
  3. botVixz

    ID 17 (DM)

    Hello ID 17 Here Luckily i saved my POV of the situation since i was not warned about any report MY [POV Of this situation was: Me and a few other Aztecas just gone done with a chop and waited there for a minute of two when you Pull up and start Chopping a car we was about to rob you when you took off, we followed you for about 10seconds when you hit the brakes in front of The Rebla causing him to crash into the back of you, As we waited for your engine to start again since you stalled as we didn't think it was really to fair And as we was waiting we saw you call the Police so i took action and blasted you Also find it funny how you was chopping a stolen car and you're still calling the cops doesnt seem Very realistic My POV https://streamable.com/3bat6r
  4. botVixz

    [Buying] Drag

    Buying a drag stock or Maxed #2959681
  5. Bump price on door is 730k
  6. Freddie “Brickwall” Barr Freddie Barr One of Six of the Barr brothers. He came to the city early 2019 after hearing about his brothers Jimmy and Shane, who was living a risky criminal life. Freddie was desperate to get in on the action therefore he packed his bags and left the UK and flew to Los santos. Freddie has always been known as a joker He likes to laugh and make jokes in every situation he gets into. However he is also know to be a very Hot headed person as well as Trigger happy. Freddie will not shy away from any sort of robbery or Gunfight in addition to this he felt like his move to Los santos was a must do. On Arrival he was greeted by his Two brothers who helped him get on his feet in the city. Jimmy being the oldest helped Freddie. Giving Freddie 200k and a bag full of Guns resulting in Freddie being able to assist with the Robberies that his older brothers was carrying out. After a month in the city Freddie got news that he had some important business to acknowledge back in the UK hence his departure for a year. Freddie’s brothers was Safe and Secure. They had new Family’s to protect. Jimmy being with Zetas also Shane being with Los Cavs. Under these circumstances Freddie knew he could leave the city knowing his brothers was safe. THE RETURN Fast forward, It’s January 2020. Freddie finally decided to head back to Los santos to check up on his Brothers. When he arrives at his house in paleto Jimmy and an additional Barr brother, Patrick greeted him at the door. This is when Freddie became confused. He began to look around for Shane to then be given information that he was deported Months before Freddie’s arrival. They had lost contact with him; not knowing whether he was Dead or alive. In addition to his first sight of his brothers, Freddie soon realised that his brothers was both wearing Black and Grey Checkered Shirts with Black Bandanas with Blue skulls on them. NEW FAMILY After hearing the news about his older brother Freddie begins to question his brothers new change of outfit. what was this about? Freddie asked himself. This is when Jimmy began to explain that Patrick and him are both in a group named NLA. After this conversation with his brother Jimmy, He was asked to come to church to meet some people. Freddie being a Trigger happy Murderer did not like the idea of “Church” until he was welcomed at the door by a woman Named Alicia Rodriguez. Alicia welcomed Freddie and explained further about who this Group called NLA were. Freddie immediately felt like he had a place and was told to go get changed into the Black and grey checkered shirt. He was then given a gun. After receiving information that they was at War. Freddie’s Face lit up with excitement and was happy to be back with his Brothers Murdering and Robbing people. THE SPLIT Months have passed. Freddie is working his way through his ranks, even gaining a Higher rank than his Brothers due to his Hard work. Freddie gained respect from the Higher ups. Until one day the family was divided by an Unfit leader including members who decided they wanted to form their own Group. Freddie was at this point torn, He didn’t know what hit him. There was two sides now of what he thought was his family. In the end there was only one that he knew he could fight for. Freddie quickly took to defend his new Leader Carlos, along with High Command, Alicia and Juan. (after all they was the only reason Freddie was who he was with out them he was nothing) the respect they gave to Freddie meant a lot and was appreciated. A NEW BARR Following the split, both sides began to fight. That didn’t last long, with in days the Traitors was gone and it was time for the family to rebuild. Alicia called on radio to meet at Paleto pier for New additions to the Familia. On this Pier stood a man named Gabriel Rodriguez. Freddie looked the man up and down being extremely judgmental. he did not know what to think of this new addition. Freddie then had to leave early as he was in the middle of his own little war against a new biker Group that came to the city, holding up in the Barrio. Freddie walked into the tattoo store to get some new ink when he heard Multiple bikes pull up outside. He immediately knew who it was and proceeded to call for back up. Unsure if they would make it in time, Freddie ran outside and made a run for his car. This is when he took a look behind him to see 12 bikers with guns in hand on the roof of the store. He knew he was in trouble. They proceeded to point guns at him, Freddie pointing a gun back. shots exchanged. Freddie thought it was over till Gabriel the new fish pulled up and began to assist, in addition to this more of the Familia began to pull up helping. there was blood spilt and bodies everywhere! not one belonging to Freddie’s family. Freddie quickly ran to the new fish and thanked him for saving his life, respect was given. The new fish became a friend to Freddie for the next few weeks. This is when Jimmy and Freddie came to a decision to ask Gabriel to join the Barr family. This was an easy decision made by Freddie and his brother. Gabriel had earned the name, not only was he a friend to the family he was a brother. The Barrs began to teach Gabriel their ways and watched him rise through the ranks. The other brothers being proud of him for this especially Freddie. Rare Image of 3 Barrs and a 6ft2 Brickwall called Freddie
  7. Bump accepting offers 730k+ Bought For 800k less than a month ago and it’s been furnished since so already loosing major profit and can’t loose anymore
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