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  1. I agree with Osborn. I do not support this.
  2. Hey, I am a previous business owner of a gas station. Back when I ordered fuel - it was not taxed. The income from selling fuel goes to a vault in the business, which you can withdraw out of. If you choose to withdraw the income - you then get taxed accordingly to how much your assets are worth. (Most people owning gas stations, if not all, will be 35% but it is a dynamic number) If you keep the income in the vault - and you order - it takes it out of the business and not your bank account, therefore it does not tax you when ordering fuel. However, when having to buy blips from Weazel News, that cannot be taken straight from the business vault - which means you are paying Weazel News the taxed income. TL:DR; Income is only taxed when you withdraw it to your salary.
  3. This will be his 11th appeal since October. I recommend him to stay banned as Real World Trading is a serious offense - and if they do get unbanned, it will only teach them a lesson to not get caught as easily next time.
  4. Still relevant! Thank you for this informative piece of paper!
  5. I disagree with the fact that it is the admin team OOCly doing events that interfere with IC roleplay. that's the only part I dislike about it. How about IC events that are made IC, as we've had plenty before. OOC events like karaoke nights on discord would be cool. we tried to have some kind of idol in-game but that is not even viable, as it was done entirely over Discord and OOC shitfest in-game, which most of these just turns into a NCZ as designated by an admin anyway. I would rather have the Event Team create OOC events that are done outside the game like graphic designs contest and some kind of idol like we had last time, but done entirely on discord.
  6. Hello! I would just like to add that none of LSPD Command or its leadership has discussed this idea nor suggested that we want anything to be official. Regardless if this is something that we would've wanted, EC-RP Administration has expressed that they do not seek to implement any new legal factions and would instead like to focus on the legal factions that they have, and encourage new players to create criminal factions on top of that. It has previously been suggested to you that you apply for the Los Santos Police Department and work your way into the Investigations Bureau if you are interested in Detective work, because, by the sounds of things, you are. You are describing the work of our Gangs & Narcotics division, and partly our VICE & Detective Support. We received a PM from you on the government website where you requested material to be sent to you from the LSPD, something which our Chief and faction leader explicitly denied. And just to clarify, I am posting on here so that no one gets the feeling of false advertising, because this has NOT been discussed with higher ranking officials in PD nor its leadership, and because of that, it can't have been suggested that we want it to be official. Regardless of the above, we wish you best of luck with your idea and/or any future ideas. - On behalf of LSPD High Command.
  7. This sounds more like a in-character issue than a out-of-character issue to me.
  8. Hello! In your last ban appeal, this was my response. You're saying you are apologetic about the situation, and you will make sure it will not happen again. How are you going to ensure this? Have you read through the roleplay rules once more to make sure you are up-to-date with our current rules, so that you make sure this does not happen again?
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