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  1. You can assure this won't happen again as I came into this server with a "know-it-all" RP standpoint as I've roleplayed on heavy RP servers on SAMP and this was my first GTA5 attempt at reliving those nostalgic moments and I felt I would obviously know 99% of the rules and I was WRONG, therefore I took the time out to review the NCZ rules and also will be more thorough in future RP of that sensitive nature. I 100% admit that I rushed through a lot of the rules because I was just excited to play as I waited over a week on the application, but I've reviewed them all.
  2. I didn't log out I got AFK kicked because you had me frozen and I immediately logged back in and you banned me on the spot but everything else is pretty accurate. I find the argument of making RP decisions OOCly to be very poor though as any roleplay creativity is made OOCly and then implemented ICly. I didn't have a spur of the moment reason to ram people and use a RP copout I was legit using this RP for over an hour and unfortunately this last incident happened outside a NCZ. Yes, I admit fault to that. I also want to add if I had just waited there while the second individual called the cops and stood in front of my vehicle there wouldn't be an issue but he obviously didn't like the fact I roleplayed smashing the gas pedal while he was standing in front of a car and he got ran over so he and his friends all reported me because they just didn't like the outcome of the RP. They were using the NCZ rule as leverage to just get a revive, other than that they were engaging in RP with me and were just upset one of them ended up in limbo. Also the logs you showed proves I provided proper roleplay, I didn't run the second individual over until he legit stood an inch from my bumper calling the cops and I even /me'd smashing the gas pedal before I ran him over. I was at the scene for over 30 seconds engaging RP, if I was VDMing I would've just smashed them all and kept driving but I DID NOT.
  3. Account name: detail123 Character name(s): Paul_Maddox Admin who issued punishment: Varakai Date of punishment: 4/2/19 Punishment received: Perm Banned Reason given for punishment: VDM in NCZ, OOC insult, saying I'm not here to RP when that's the initial reason I got in trouble. Your explanation of what happened: I was doing some courier runs and to make the time more enjoyable I thought roleplaying as an intoxicated UPS driver would be a good idea. My idea was to get into minor fender benders along delivery routes and obviously roleplay the fact that I'm drunk at the wheel and I had a couple of prior interactions with this roleplay with no issues whatsoever, everyone thought it was really funny and everyone played along...here's where things go south. I passed by one of the banks and there was a group in the middle of the road so I engaged my drunk driver fender bender RP and collided into an individual, everyone laughed..I immediately typed out my /me's and /do's indicating I appeared to be very intoxicated. Everyone played along and another individual roleplayed calling the police since he saw I was drunk through my roleplay and he stood in front of my truck to indicate me to stop as he was calling the police. I then typed out exactly "/me panics and smashes the gas pedal" as any drunk driver would in that situation and I ran him over and he got upset and reported me and claimed I was VDMing in a NCZ. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I've done nothing but roleplay. I will admit it's tricky as a new player as there's a grey area in the type of roleplay you can commit in a "NCZ" zone but I've RP'd on SAMP for over 10+ years so I just have to adapt to these new rules and I understand the premises of NCZ zones now Post any evidence or further details:
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