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    I couldn't take your phone's battery so we had to this i was not going to do it but had to do it because you saw everything while we were doing it didn't want you to call cops on us sorry about it but you should of just told us about this in ooc my friends are pretty new so.
  2. I've not used a macro i can promise that. I'm really sorry for what i did, the trick i used was a sticking a piece of toilet paper in the w key in my keyboard. I have read all the rules again and know what have i done wrong but i really want to play in this server and it really makes me sad and stupid person that i have done this. I promise to not these stuff again and going to be a good player for the server. I'm really really sorry for being a dumb player like this will not do it again. Thanks.
  3. Account name: nightmareomer Character name(s): John_Rolls Admin who issued punishment: musketdeeznuts Date of punishment: 3/14/2019 13:35 Punishment received: Perm Ban Reason given for punishment: Macro Your explanation of what happened: So yesterday i logged on to play in the server after 1.5 years from my past i knew i learned my lesson and i did took the quiz and it got approved after about 2-3 hours. Then i was really getting tired after playing straight 10 hours or something like that, i thought i had the new player tag on top of me so i wanted to go park my car and i did and i stayed afk in the parking lot i thought i wouldn't hurt anyone that roleplaying in the parking lot staying afk in the corner and i closed my screen and went to sleep. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I've loved playing in this server every single time i played and the admins were great sport they did the right thing every time but this time it was not my fault and it was a misunderstanding i was looking forward to play atleast 6-7 months and i chose this server because there is not a server like this one i always enjoyed my time in this server, loved my first day being back and was hyped to make more money tomorrow when i wake up and i woke up to this it made me feel really bad. 😞 Post any evidence or further details: I've never used macro in any games i don't even know what can i macro in this game and why would i do it on my first day back? i woke up after 6 hours so i stayed for 6 hours in the server its 15-16k something like that i can make that much in 1 hour with fishing i really didn't care about the salary that i'm gonna get and i'm sorry if being afk in the server is not allowed. the admins should of kicked me from the server and give me a warning about it perma is too much for this i feel like. I just wanted play in this server again and enjoy my out of school time thank you. :(
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