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  1. So can I get an unban ?
  2. Account name:Genji Character name(s):Nick_Mckarthy Admin who issued punishment: Archaeah Date of punishment:3/14/2019 Punishment received: Retake Quiz Reason given for punishment: IDK she never gave me a reason Your explanation of what happened:She never told be specifically what i did wrong ? A gang were spamming the /report button on me for no reason and she got angry like she was on her period and uses her admin power to ban me. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I did nothing wrong, I just want to know what i did wrong and why i was ignored ? I did not failed any RP or broke the server ruled. I even politely asked her what i did wrong and she never replyed.
  3. Some kid on the server keep spamming the /report commands and telling the girl moderator "Archaeah" to ban me because i was punching people in NCZ in which I only hit back because people were hitting me. She banned me with no proof just because a couple dude was spamming the /report button. The moderater at this time was probably on her period or got anger issue or was just happy she finally got to use her mod power and kick me out of the server for no reason specify and when i try to clarify things, she ignored me and just put me back to the quiz. I tried my best to see what i did was wrong YES I KNOW HOW TO "RP". This isn't my first time RPING in a GTA server. Can't even explain my reasoning and boom, uses her admin power to kick me off. My IGN : Nick_McKarthy
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