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  1. This is how he got on my bike before: https://streamable.com/4vuczg I also sent him PM, he lied in it, saying its not him. But one of our friends saw him on that bike after that with the same ID 190. He then disconnected and my friend took the bike. So besides NCZ+ FearRP he also clearly lied on OOC PM.
  2. Hello, I am sorry for my late respond. Just saw this now. I remember this case and after reviewing it, I am really sorry about how I handled the situation. I never had a situation like this before and never had a gun pointed on me. I didn't even think of fear RP in this situation. Also I was on parole when this happend. I had a illegal firearm on me and just robbed a store. I really had to escape for any price, because the situation with being in jail and loosing everything I have would be even worse than dying. So you can say I would choose suicide by cops in this case. Yeah, I am really sorry, I didn't think about fear RP in this situation. I will never do that again.
  3. HansDE

    VDM ID 66

    I did not mean to ram into you. Thats all I can say. I explained the situation and thats it. Believe it or not. And yes, I thought of giving back your stuff because it wasn't the kindest thing to take it, but decided not to because your guys tried to kill me. This was an IC decision and not OOC. And stop lying about another situation. I did not run over anyone. So stop lying just because you are greedy. You got your chance to get your gun back IC, but failed, so you try it OOC.
  4. HansDE

    VDM ID 66

    The person driving the money truck is me. As I told Felcon like 100 times before, I did not mean to ram his bike. He ran into my truck. And in fact I drive my truck in first person as much as I can, especially on the highway. First I do this for the feeling and second for the engine to be much quieter. In this case I also drove my truck in first person, I didn't even saw him on his bike coming towards me. Only when (in my eyes) my truck almost flipped, I saw that something went wrong here. So I stopped to help the man. I wanted to call Ambulance for him, but he already did. This was the second day I really played in this city. And that was the first time I saw a downed person on the gorund in front of me. When I looked at him, it said "loot" or "search" so I pressed E button and then his gun showed up. I couldn't resist to take it, because of course I never had a gun. After I run off in this scene, his friends shot at me and chased me down the highway, but they got into a shootout with the police, so I was able to escape. I told Felcon that I would have given back his gun, but the fact that his people tried to kill me and chased me down the highway stopped me from that. Felcon and his boys also chased me hours later for a very long time and forced me to stay at the bank for more than 1h RL, while they circled the bank and wouldn't let me go (I went there before he initiated on me, so nothing done wrong here.) So to conclude, in my eyes this guy ran into ME from behind while I drove the highway. I stopped to call a Medic for him. When standing next to him, it said "loot" and I just took the chance to look what he got. Of course I took the gun because I never had one and I don't even know where to get one. The fact that he told his friends to kill me stopped me from giving back his stuff. I absolutely agree that this wasn't the kindest thing to do and I would't do that again for sure, but in this case I just took my chance to get a gun, but I don't see any RP rulebreak here to be honest. And the fact that these guys chased me down the whole night circling the bank and chasing me in every situation they saw me, showed me that taking his gun was a RP-like theft with more than one chance for them to get their gun back.
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