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  1. @Toby Vintage @BallinByNature have you guys came to a conclusion on this
  2. so did you guys make a decision
  3. I would like to see this evidence lol
  4. ya i was standing and they told me to get down i did the they backed up to get a head startat hitting me
  5. Account name: JJBAKES666 Characters name: Jake Upton Admin who issued the punishment: Toby vintage Date of punishment: 3/10/19 Punishment received: ban for 9999 hours Reason given for punishment: "Health Hacking Your explanation of what happened: I was at ocean lab with sms and a clown rolled up and i pointed a gun at him told him to get down he started shooting at me with a pistol i killed him with my sms and lost connectiion then i logged on and i was banned so i asked admin what was going on he said he slapped me but the reason i didnt die is because i lost connection before he slapped me so i wasnt connected to the server so thats why i didnt die Why should you appeal be accepted: I am going to have my connection issue and i dont use hacks Post any evidence or further details: you can search my computer and download history for proof i have no hacks
  6. does it show for you because i copied it right ffrom the format thing
  7. Account name:JJBAKES666 Jake Upton Character name(s): dqniel Admin who issued punishment:XposeD Date of punishment:2/20/2019 Punishment received: 2 day ban Reason given for punishment: Vehicle death match Your explanation of what happened: I was walking down the street when i seen a guy get hit who was afk and the driver who took off with his because the car was stalled left then mme stranded tried starting this car after calling medics on this guy who still seems afk and when im tring to start the car he screams "I am reporting you you r******* f***" and i got out the car and left Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel I was not in the rong because I didnt hit the guy I was just setup not purposely but thats how it ended up being sadly I did not hit the guy Post any evidence or further details:n/a
  8. The reason I was banned was for VDM they say. but the thing is I have ever had any of my vehicles contact another human body. I was just a witness to a vdm and I went to the scene to see what was going on and he started saying i hit him when i wasnt the driver that had actually hit the guy
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