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    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    That's what I meant 🙂
  2. Huang_Zhang

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Free parking everywhere
  3. Huang_Zhang

    Non-RP 6.6.2 / DM 7.2.1 : Player ID's 40, 65 & 74

    ID 65 here. I asked on the radio, what are you chasing guys? Someone said white warrener. I taught I could help them to stop you. In the video, as you can see, when I was trying to stop, get over you, when I was on the right side I don't know why were you trying turn right?- 3:17 and 3:15. When I rammed you in 2:56,yes, I claim that, that was my fault. But when I touched you in 5:14, that was a desync and you should know that if someone is driving behind your back and he touches you, it's only on your screen, I have tested it many times. 2:52 - I tried to get over you again, I thought you will stop, but you didn't, I guess I turned my steering wheel inadvertenly. As ID 40 said, we were searching for a white warrener, but later we released that you were the wrong person we were looking for. I know that, I can't ram people with sports/super cars.