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  1. FearRP are you kidding me ? Looks like someone is wrong about that situation nothing was broked. Sounds really funny if you say I did something wrong in that situation all that situation looked so Non-RP from they side and they just kill a people who comply and just say 3 words . Yea really good Roleplay , the best . ๐Ÿ‘Œ But the story is not about that the story is than there is no rule I canโ€™t say anything bad in forum about the gangs . why should i say only good things ? If they are bad than I will say it .
  2. Would be really good ! Supporting this !
  3. Account name: Chris Bluestone Character name(s): Chris Bluestone Admin who issued punishment: Toby Vintage Date of punishment: 03/18/2019 Punishment received: Forum Warning Abusive Behaviour Reason given for punishment: Please don't slander a faction for poor roleplay on their faction thread. If you have an issue with a faction member/s please post a forum report instead of venting your frustation on their thread. Your explanation of what happened: I had a bad Roleplay experience with some of the people that represent the organisation and I voiced my opinion about it on their faction thread , because I saw a lot of people saying how good RP they have witch I disagreed and decided to give my opinion as well. After voicing my opinion I received a forum warning apperantly for abuse of some sorts . Why should your appeal be accepted?: My appeal should be accepted because I do not see no wrong in my doings . I believe I have the same right to express my opinion about a faction, same as others, no matter it's positive or negative. Someone might have had better experience than I had and they could express their gratitude about them showing good RP . I did not , so I just expressed it as well, just happened to be negative. Sure its is not the first organisations I have not been impressed with, but I will voice my opinion if I feel the RP they offer is not the greatest and ends being just plain robbing and killing with no experience to it . Giving me warning for voicing my opinion is non-sense and nothing I did is even considered as Rule-Break on forum or Server Rules . Controling the opinions of community in faction threads just create false view and gives a feeling of a tyranny . Post any evidence or further details: https://imgur.com/46yhuIN Examples:
  4. Hello Nyxem , welcome !
  5. Yea its small detail for the server but its would be very helpful
  6. * Would be good if you buy a can for 800$ you can refill it again when you need it not only use once and than trow it out somewhere ..
  7. * Looking for a house around Mirror park with 3G + * If you have one send it in with Picture of your house from the outside * Call me if you have one #3648094
  8. Sup @JDread maybe you remember me from NGG with name Chris Bluestone , Ty Vinny , Sucre Brown or one of the leaders of ''Blackwood Family ''
  9. Hello @Leboosh and we hope you will find a way how to survive here ! ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. Hay @Arias , welcome and have a good time !
  11. Hay there and Welcome !
  12. Hay Mr.Coopsy good to hear that and we hope than you will get some fun here. !
  13. Looking good guys like always
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