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  1. Its was nice in the start when you work hard to build it but I don't know what happen after but still was nice to RP with you boys !
  2. I 100% sure these guys are doing deam right thing in the server and love to RP with them !
  3. Guys fo real your block looks so sick and this was the thing what I wanted to see in server for really long time . And you did it . Good job boys !
  4. Good luck to survive in these streets and hope to see you guys one day !
  5. Deam , your thread looks really nice ! Keep it up guys and I hope one day will meet you all in-game
  6. Yea that place brings me good memorys of Barrio Time and its nice to see than someone is doing something there under Mexicano Flag . Good luck to you guys and I hope to see something really good comming out of you . OldSchool Roleplay
  7. I hope you will bring Barrio back like it was in old days when NLA was there
  8. Ow this been placed here many times but yea ofc I been waiting for this long . I hope in the future we will see something like this than people will be able to choose a new interiors for they cribs !
  9. @Kevin420 good story !
  10. You should find that out in IC !
  11. Guys this will not be a first time than I'm saying I love to see how you growing up and Hope to see you all soon in IC . But yea last few posts are really good . !
  12. Guys keep it up , you doing good !
  13. Wooow good for you boys !
  14. Player(s) being reported: Vajo Smith @vajo Date of interaction reported: 3/31/2021 Your character name: Chris Bluestone Other player(s) involved: @Igor Ketamin Specific rule(s) broken: 1. Harassment and Remaining Respectful Creating posts that attack, insult, flame, deflame or abuse members of the community is not permitted. Members are expected to remain respectful which involves not belittling, making fun off or insulting another fellow member. Members are always not going to share your own point of view, so agree to disagree. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) After I told him everything what I think about 1. I have no reason to respect this kid and others who didn't earn my respect . He didn't stop and start Provoking me by spamming my friends some bullshit . I been dealing with many kids in these 2 years while I'm here and YES i'm blowing up fast and they pissing me of all the time . But this time this guy don't stop he still going and Toxicity , Harrasing , Provoking behind my back but he is 100% than I will find that out and will do something (( will say something in forum )) I really don't want to dig my self down because of this guy but my nervous system does not tolerate people like him . One of the reasons why I'm banned is because he start to Provoking me and that's one of the reasons why my Appeal form is going pretty fast in wrong way ... Yea I made a lot of mistakes by telling things what I think by not holding them in my mind .. Evidence of rule breach:
  15. @Riderz Just like I say before I don't have any video and about what I say in text was big bluff . If he can't show anything than I did something wrong in a Video than I don't know why we waisting our times here .
  16. Your page looks really good . Love to read it ..
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