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  1. They are taking evidence from everywhere , if you say they are invalid they still say its match . So they don't care they just run after arrests and thats it !
  2. Sir I think its to much lets start better with 85k !
  3. Yea , I didn't saw this thread before . Sorry
  4. This suggestion will be more about garage what people could be able to buy or add to they house so you don't just span and re-spawn your cars from no where ! What I would love to see in this server than we would be able to own a garage or house garage where we can drive in with our cars and park them how much we can and put full of it if we want Would be cool really cool !
  5. Yea would be nice for some kind a RP situations
  6. Looking good , keep it up !
  7. Still looking a house around this place !
  8. Welcome and I hope you will find your way jow to make fun here ‘!
  9. Hello there and yea i had the same problem to connect to discord by using this bot and i ask for admin help to do it . So yea ask one of SA+
  10. Im more about backdoors for your house because i buy a house in vinewood and there is a lot of balconys and things where i can’t get up also a lot house dont have a way to go around the house with out jumping over the wall !
  11. There should be some kind a way to get cash by % of from your bank ammount .
  12. This is something good ! Thank you guys !
  13. Need a place where you can park your car and no need to pay for that
  14. Its like a safe , people will hide it somewhere so you would not find it in case if you rob his house or .
  15. Yeap thats would be nice because I remember in Samp when NGG had this cool thing than you where able to buy a custom backdoor for house how meny you need ofc if there is backdoor or balcony door witch one would be really cool for all these richman/vinewood house
  16. ofc admins would be only able to place them to your house .
  17. Maybe someone already put this but I would love to see in server than you could be able to get a backdoor for a house or balcony door acces !
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