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    Perma Unban Appeal

    Account name: George7432 Character name(s): Abdu Makmood Admin who issued punishment: Serthon Date of punishment: 14/Aug/2018 15:18 Punishment received: 3 months of Perma Other punishments: Perma from discord and fourms (so im taking it as a community ban) Reason given for punishment: Cheating (later asked and it was to do with logs picking up that i used an ammo mod) Your explanation of what happened: i take fully responsibility for my actions and i knew what i was doing was against the rules, i know that doesn't change the fact i used 3rd party applications to benefit myself, at the point i was banned i was no longer using them, Im not gonna make an excuse for using them either, it was my fault. i know ive caused endless problems aswell but its been 3 months and ive reformed as such, id like to take this opportunity to apologise to members staff such as NobodyLTU, Chirlon, Serthon, Lewis and any of the other staff members that i created issues with, i know that as soon as you read the name youll most likely decline but im asking for my last and final chance, my negative and stubborn attitude was what got me here and ive realised that, i miss playing on the server. even if this does get declined still take this as an apology. Nobody, the offer still stands also. Sorry and thanks for your time. aswell, if you do choose to decline would there be a time frame to reconsider