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  1. Alright, I shall change my response then, I didn't hear your voip, and you are supposed to state your demands in text as VOIP can't always be heard (which it wasn't)
  2. Howdy, that's me in question. Some of my actions are justified some are not, allow me to go through what happened. 1. If you have your friends perspective of that, I was not given a chance to comply, you guys ran in and shot me right away which upset me as that is fail rp. (You're supposed to state your demands in text as VOIP can't always be heard) You didn't do either of that you just ran in and shot. I was on the menu for cooking and you shot me. 2. Me name-calling in OOC was not appropriate, but if you screenshotted past that, I did apologize as I was upset and overreacted. 3. I did break the NLR but I believe that is voided by the fact you DMed unfairly and I was tilted and wanted my car. 4. I did not DM you as I didn't have weapons and was hoping to get back at least something for the fact you cheated RP. You broke the rules initially and DM and power game by not giving me a chance to roleplay. What I said was inappropriate and I do apologize. Two wrongs don't make a right but as I can't record to report it, breaking NLR to get my car back was the only possibility. I can understand why I would be punished with NLR but I believe you and your peers should be punished for DMing. The clip you have is cut to just when you killed me and it's obvious there was no interaction. Unfortunately I can't record so I can only respond through text but here is my side of the story and reasoning.
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