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  1. I understand and I have learned all the rules the days I couldnt join the server because of the ban. If its possible to remove ban from now you will make me really happy . I am banned already 5 days and trust me i learned my lesson.
  2. Do we have any news ? Its been 4 to 5 days and still no response . Are you active on Forum or is there another way to have an answer :( ?
  3. Account name: Bondakos Character name(s):Yao Jacky Admin who issued punishment: Charlie Mangione Date of punishment:08/Nov/2018 03:54 Punishment received: Ban for 1 week Reason given for punishment: VDM | Offense #1 (Major) Your explanation of what happened: I crossed policemen over with my vehicle 2 times because we had fight with them and they were arresting my friends , I felt that I had to help my squad. They were screaming (My friends) and felt bad for them and thought crossing policemen over with my car knowing that this is VDM reacted like a child. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I understood my mistake and I apologise for that. I am doing this first time and I was not thinking clearly and I feel bad for that. I really want to play the server because I have played many Roleplay servers and this one is clearly the best I have ever player, that makes me more angry with my self and how I reacted like a child. I know that I dont deserve to get unbanned but trust me this will be the first and last time that you will ever see me doing something out of the rules. Next time I do something out of the rules , even a bad roleplay just give me a permanent Ban. Post any evidence or further details: Admin saw everything not much to say.
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