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  1. Character to be refunded:Steven Vadimovich Date and time of incident: 4.10.18 Requested refund (what and how much): 2700 credits Description of incident resulting in loss: I bought today some credits from the store i payed around 25 euros and never got them and was complaining to some mods and they said they couldn't help so i gone to the forum to make an request. Evidence of loss: I never got them can always send a receipt but only on discord there is my credit information Comments:none just if you could help me as fast as possible
  2. Player(s) being reported: Mask 4354_6073, Mask 3310_8806 Date of rule breach:5.9.18 Time of rule breach:9:30 GMT +3 Your characters name:Steven Vadimovich Other players involved: Adrian Johnson, Mask 3310_8806, Mask 4549_6360, Mask 8003_2647. Specific rule broken: 6.2. Kill On Sight 6.2.1. You are allowed to kill another player on sight, if that player had tried to kill you in the past 24 hours and if NLR has not been triggered. After 24 hours has passed, you must engage that player in roleplay and make your demands, if the player resists you can continue with hostile action against them. 6.2.2. Kill on Sight is only allowed for these specific reasons to kill, and all other reasons to kill must have roleplay involved. ● Witnessing first hand threat or attempt of murder against you or a close friend. ● Actively kidnapping or taking hostage a close friend. ● Large scale theft of greater than $75,000 in value (excluding vehicles). 5.3 Deathmatch, Vehicle Deathmatch 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. 5.3.2. Examples of invalid or poor reasons to kill which would lead to a punishment: ● Because they are severely injured and have extremely low health; ● Without giving them enough time to respond to your demands; ● For minor reasons, such as, an accidental traffic incident; ● Because you are roleplaying a murderer or terrorist; ● Players who have complied with your demands; ● Player has denied your OOC request for consent of sexual RP or other rules needing consent; 5.3.3. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: ● If they attempt to hurt you or damage your property intentionally; ● If they report you to the police for committing a crime; ● If they refuse to comply with demands after a reasonable amount of warnings; How did the player break the rule?: There was a Pick lock from some guys in the area i am as an employee of lcs needed to interfere there and came to the guy started to tell him to go hands up and on his knees after that i will call the police and he will stay at place but the 2 masked guys who came with me for no known reason started a gun fight with his friend who came one of them started to shoot and the second one done nothing and was shoot off then Adrian came and was shoot at the place for no valid reason. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5b90235a6a6176e1d9/24141
  3. I am a soldier so i didnt had any time to responed i wasnt here the punishment is done but i want to remove it from the admins log on the evidence you can see that it wasnt on any reason to vdm here its just a small desync in his video you can see that i was hoping on my bike i didnt even knew him and still dont know him ao its like playing with garabge he saw that it wasnt on a real reason if i had any video you could see the issuse
  4. Account name:Steven_Davidson Character name(s):Steven_Furman Admin who issued punishment:PolarBlunk Date of punishment:18.08.18 Punishment received:Ban for 48 Hours Reason given for punishment:Vehicle deathmatch Your explanation of what happened:Its was a weddingof an member of my faction and its was an shooting there was huge mess so i took my bike probably desynced and got over that guy and i didnt even saw or something Why should your appeal be accepted?:i wasnt here to give an answer on the forum i am military person so i came today home for few hours thought to play and boom ban looked at the forum and saw banned on this thing come on it was a desync and i am like wow Post any evidence or further details: i dont have any evidence because i am recording my games so its just an explanation btw my house time just was destroyed
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