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  1. Why? The money is spawned, the owner does not lose it. It's very likely that the owner would like to rob his own store with his gang that's camped outside.
  2. It's like you said. "but someone who is getting a large sentence should be a trial thing" exactly what a large sentence is could be up for debate. Most people do not get large sentences, it's only the really egregious ones that do. If you just run from a traffic stop (which is a common chase/arrest reason), you would realistically receive an 80 minute sentence, if you also had an unlicensed gun on you, it's 110. I don't think that's particularly large, since it's still under what the old cap was. Would you have a trial involving all of the required people over a sentence less than 2 hours? I wouldn't, I don't believe it would be practical.
  3. That will almost always be SWAT during a special operation, and almost always in response to someone evading on a Hakuchou Drag themselves. If you want to argue that the bike is unrealistic, fair enough, remove it from the server, but you can't have criminal characters abuse it every day and when a cop does it, its very NonRP.
  4. Why? Check youtube for helicopter chases. Most of them the guy won't even know there is a helicopter. He'll do stuff like change clothes and walk past cops, and then the cops get told its him. Spotting a helicopter, especially in the city is very hard.
  5. 1. You are just not paying attention to them. The rights are "You have the right to have a government-appointed attorney during any legal questioning", however in the context of the server, most of the times, the cop will have witnessed you commit the crime. He is not legally questioning you, therefore you do not get an attorney. It's not useless, and it's there for when you actually do get questioned. 2. I'm in favor of having high ranking DOC be able to reduce sentence by about 10% for good behavior, but afking in prison should never be a thing again. 3. They are not, and when they do, they get punished severely, both by staff and internally. A cop was not so long ago punished because he didn't hold N when speaking in Teamspeak. 4. That is good. It is their server and they are developers, listening to the community about everything would result in issues. 5. A judicial system is not practical with the current sentencing guidelines. Felony evading, by far the most common crime is 60 minutes of prison. How do you justify getting together a jury, judge, lawyers and everything else over an hour sentence? If implemented, you would need to increase all sentences by at least 100%, and if the person loses, they would further get a sentence increase. It's not worth the time investment otherwise, and everyone would appeal just for the fake of being difficult. PS. There is a minimum cap of 25k because it is a very high population server, and having the very few administrators that can spawn weapons spend time to go through requests for a single firearm is not feasible. In the grand scheme of things, even 25,000 is pretty low. Most people drive at least an elegy retro, which is ten times that in value. Most people also exaggerate how many times they actually lose things to a rule breaker. In short, it's not worth the time, and if it's under 25k, it's not a big impact on you. PS2. The server has been around for a long time, and will be around for a long time. It will not lose its player count FAST because people can not refund a gun, or because they don't get a lawyer when they're not supposed to.
  6. 4k an hour is very low income. Look for a different job.
  7. Before spending 60 minutes making a "damn" application, you could've read the thread called Re: Selection Requirements & Recruitment Information [Status: Open], if you did, you would've noticed this quote: (( Due to limited capacity, we are not looking to bring in many applicants from the North American and/or Oceanic Timezone. We want to assure that each and every member of this faction is trained and taken care of properly, and we cannot assure that to 100 percent for other timezones right now. You may still try and apply, but we cannot guarantee a spot. )) You tried, you didn't get in, you were warned before.
  8. It depends on your speed. If you only go 59 or less over, its a ticket. If you go 61 over the speed limit, it's an arrest for reckless operation. You should never be going that fast in a no crime zone.
  9. Don't speed in no crime zones.
  10. The point was that once war starts, the official factions have an unbreakable monopoly on importing weapons because of their permanent alliance. Yes, during times of peace, anyone can purchase weapons. However if let's say Seaweed wanted to get heavy weapons today. Who would sell to them? When the two official factions are allies, and at war against them?
  11. Keep in mind that this was during the turf and warehouse system, where smaller gangs working together could take over turfs and warehouses, which would make the bigger gangs not able to import. As it stands, a small gang that pisses off the Zetas will never be able to stop them from importing, and they will never be able to import, because all official gangs are allies of zetas and will back them in the war. Back in the day they could've even taken over a warehouse and started importing themselves. That is no longer possible.
  12. The roleplay standard for some of those factions was very mediocre, and it was relatively easy to abuse faction chat to metagame, with little recourse as you need evidence to report people.
  13. Faction management can, and imposes member caps on factions. It's up to them how high and how low, but it definitively should not cost them IC money. -1
  14. I don't want to turn this into a gang vs PD thread, but inevitably it gets brought up, in every gang thread. The armor is not realistic, the fact that no gangs have .50 cals is not realistic, it's not realistic on purpose, it's meant to deter you from shooting cops. The armor doesn't help that much, just look at the rooks thread, where they pose with dead cop corpses on cruisers. The .50 cal that you speak of, only ~6 people out of a faction of 100+ have access to it, and only when they're in full SWAT gear. It's there because after shooting cops, people even took on SWAT. SWAT should not be something you fight, but people did, and that's why .50 cals are there, for a very few select members. It's true that realistically a cop would not be wearing armor plates, however with how criminally active Los Santos is, it probably sees more gunfire than Somalia in 1993. So if it helps your immersion, you can say that cops were issued plates in response to high crime rates. It shouldn't affect much, just don't get in extended shootouts with police. On to the actual topic though. I personally would like to see the turf system back, working just like the old days. Maybe limit it even more. Since there are only two official factions, make it 5 turfs, and the faction that controls 3 has access to a warehouse. The rest of the turfs can give smaller bonuses, like tax reduction? more % on selling drugs to NPC, etc. If more factions are made official, more turfs are added, but not enough for everyone. That way you can have wars for a reasonable goal, or they can share if they agree IC.
  15. -snipped after further clarification-
  16. -snipped after further clarification-
  17. It's true, I happened to not have enabled recording software that day. However, do you honestly believe that while driving forward, going to pick up an officer, I wouldn't of looked before the camera (that was pointing straight, not the direction I was coming from) sees me? I had an entire 5 seconds on the bridge to see the events. By the way, in the report I linked, the shootout was already over when the officer opens fire, and people were just running about when they were shot.
  18. Can you expand on that? Why is it not comparable? It is almost the exact same scenario, where a cop witnesses someone aiming, and he fires on them. Why are they held to a different standard? @ChuckM They were not required to display fear RP, correct, but it does not mean that I was not allowed to shoot, following my witnessing of their actions on my faction member. If you continue to maintain this verdict, you're stating that if a cop witnesses another cop being held at gunpoint, then the assailants evade in a vehicle, there is no recourse for the cop other than chasing them. alternatively, if a gang member were to show up to a person aiming a gun at his fellow gang-member, he would not be justified in firing once the person runs? It seems very silly that someone lethally endangering the life of an ally means that you can not retaliate.
  19. How many people attack cops in the server compared to real life? In 2013 Los Angeles reported less than 300 murders, for the whole year. I bet we beat that number daily in our server. If you want realism, we should implement the national guard, which surely would've been called by now.
  20. Account name: alexalex303 Character name(s): Jason Steel Admin who issued punishment: ChuckM Date of punishment: 06/Aug/2019 Punishment received: 60 Minutes AJail Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching #1 Your explanation of what happened: I was going to pick up Bonqusha Quonde who was stranded after her game crashed. She was held at gunpoint by three armed men, and upon seeing this, I accelerated towards the scene, and called in for backup. They were leaving as I pulled in, but one of them was stranded on foot, and brandished a firearm while running away from the scene. He got picked up by a friend, and I turned my sirens on, and using the megaphone, ordered him to stop, I then pulled my car in front of his and got out, at which point he sped forward, and I shot at his vehicle. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because Chuck made factually incorrect statements during his explanation for the decision, and quoted rules that did not apply to that roleplay scenario. To elaborate: Chuck stated the following: "After review of the evidence I found that the Jason_Steel | ID 124 attacked the reporting party without any engagement of RP". This is false. I clearly engaged my lights and sirens, and operated the megaphone to interact (i.e. RP) with them. They are the ones that fled without engaging back. He then goes on to state "nor was he in compliance with the following DM rules", and then quotes the following rules: Those rules do not apply in this situation, as they did not obey all orders and demands during the RP scenario, in fact they disobeyed all orders and demands. These are the rules that are actually relevant (as they did not obey orders): These are just examples, as not all encompassing. I would bring up the whole scenario. Three people pointed guns at a cop, they knew they were a cop and did so anyway, and when a second cop appeared, a man that was brandishing a gun, gets into a vehicle, and gets ordered via the megaphone, while sirens are on, to stop. The driver then makes the choice to drive away. Their vehicle gets shot at. Is this really unreasonable? Is this really shooting without a valid reason? I do not think so. Furthermore there are many examples where this kind of action was deemed justified, and I do not believe that they can be ignored, and rules enforced selectively. In this report ( https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/18848-cop-id-163-dm/ ) you can see a cop shoot a person (not his car) because he aimed at someone else. If he was justified to do that, surely I would be too, when in this case the person aimed at a cop, and I only shot at his vehicle. In this report ( https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/14912-id-22-deathmatching-721-722/ ) you can see a cop shoot a car just because he fled, with no orders given. If he was justified to do that, surely I would be too, when in this case, clear orders were given via megaphone. The roleplay scenario makes sense, there is plently of precedent for it, and the attackers inserted themselves in an action situation, and ended up having their vehicle shot at, while still getting away. The act did not in any way impact the roleplay, nor was it unjust or unreasonable. Post any evidence or further details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m4ozYZ5F9s https://i.imgur.com/nr9dxiL.png https://i.imgur.com/hvTTeU0.png
  21. It does, because otherwise you're getting a free DM card every 10/100/1000 hours of playtime.
  22. Yeah but you can do /whatever/ you want with your heavy, with your car, with your everything. That's the point that escapes you, cops have very strict regulations that they have to follow, and there's an army of people waiting with invisible gopros ready to report whenever they think anything is abused. Cops get stuff for free, to enforce the law. If a cop wanted to use his carbine to rob people, that wouldn't be possible. If you want to use your AK to make 50k just chain robbing, that's possible.
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