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  1. It'd make it excessively easy for people to call their 'boys' and alert them of any situation they're in. Like getting robbed or such. A phone is like a one-time buy, a radio isn't. You can hear (or see) what someone's saying into their radio to alert a big number of people that you're in distress, but you can't see what someone's writing in their texts. If you can see what they're saying in the group chat, sure. Then it's fine I guess. But it'd still kill the radio on the text-side of things because you have a permanent source of contacting multiple people at the same time.
  2. selling my 1 car garage apartment near the beach for around 50k. hit me up #3959245 ((Discord messiah#4706)) https://i.imgur.com/eSEPEJg.jpg https://i.imgur.com/njrwEE3.jpg
  3. *I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to reply to this while it's pending for review I apologize for not focusing on the chat as I was focusing on the guy who stole the car, I didn't feel the need to look at the chat because I could see what I needed to see at that moment above that person's head to see what he'd do or say. I did not see you either, even when I came into the location, you were either around the farmer job trailer or in a different body. After that, my aiming field of view did not allow me to see you. I apologize again if I'm not allowed to post again, I just felt like adding this onto your thought about the situation @Flucifial
  4. Account name: doc Character name(s): Doc Friday Admin who issued punishment: thebossftw Date of punishment: 4/8/18 Reason given for punishment: 'Continuing RP in paused rp' Your explanation of what happened: Following the LSPD/LSEMS event, the airfield was declared as a temporary NCZ. Everything was VERY hectic to be completely aware of your surroundings. A blue Dukes owned by a friend gets stolen off there, all of us start finding the car regardless and it showed up on the GPS at 'Paul' Farm' when I get there with another friend, I see the man in the car and a few other people surrounding it, told him to get out and started asking who's car it was. Aimed at him and got him to get out, I was absolutely focused onto this guy and for him to not do anything like pull out a gun or have his friends attack me and such. I glance over to the side and I see an admin standing, almost instantly I get kicked without even explaining myself that I did not see the admin who wasn't in my sight even when I got there. The RP was unpaused right instantly after I get kicked. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I was not aware the RP was paused, I was very focused onto getting the car back which was stolen. I did not see the admin, he wasn't in my sight whatsoever. Even when I arrived at the location. I didn't have any chances to explain myself and was kicked, the RP was unpaused 2 seconds later, which would mean my presence and me doing what I did wouldn't have affected anything to worsen it as the RP was supposedly paused before I even got there(?). If I knew RP was paused, I would've never continued forward. Everything looked absolutely normal for me to know RP was paused. Post any evidence or further details: I'm a fairly new player, I don't know if kicks matter or affect anything that happens IC-ly, I don't know if these admin logs are even ever removed off your panel ever, but I'd at least want something done about this because I really dislike this admin log on my panel. This is my first ever admin punishment, tainting my clean record.
  5. Since I couldn't find a generalized suggestions board (that I think should exist instead) I'm posting this here Looking at the profile settings, I couldn't find a name-change option as it seems to be disabled. I think forum-name changes should be allowed. At least a single name-change per lifetime or 1 every 1-year should exist. I know limited name changes are possible on Invision Community forums so it should be possible. There are literally no downsides to this, there's even forum-plugins available, that let staff track name-change history: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7467-display-name-history/ I apologize again if this is in the wrong forum!
  6. I definitely agree. Worst comes to worst the 2-hour rob rule still might make sense if it's really needed to be kept since you don't literally wanna be robbed every 1-2 minutes. But the 1000XP rule doesn't make that much of a sense. What kills the RP experience more when you have to stand near a potential victim to rob but you have to spend 10 seconds looking at his XP? More than that, what if you're forced to be in a situation that you're facing off someone and have to engage whatsoever? With potentially no time to check XP? The RP literally has to stop and the person flexes and rubs it into your face saying he's less than 1K XP and might potentially report you. For all we know, I've seen less than 1K XP players roaming around with 1K XP+ friends and participating in crimes and robberies. It's a dog-eat-dog world.
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