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  1. Seeing as now the legislation of fishing anywhere in the city, Aira and Jack thought it would be nice to have a peacefull evening fishing in a hidden cave.
  2. Sometimes.. All a man needs is prayer and bikes.
  3. "And there we sat, watchin' the city streets from atop the multi roofed parkin' lot, lookin' over for any potential loot we could score." - Jack Waters.
  4. When there is nothing to do, why not help the city a tiny bit by delivering MOST of their packages safely too them? Be like Jack, Jack is helpfull.
  5. Your response was definatly right, but ID 125 didn't respond to the stabbing at all and when he did it in a poor poor manner of rp as well as when you "clapped" her, he just didn't bother rping at all being injured which is non rp
  6. Yes, here is my proof of him doing so + Him not continueing to rp being wounded. :
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