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  1. Stranger 9699_3634 (Script abuse)

    I am not even bothering reading through the next bible here, I have stated and brought enough evidence of the abuser, ninety percent of what the man stated above are false, I wish further actions to be taken against him as he fully admitted to what he did and I require a money refund for our weapons lost, thank you.
  2. Stranger 9699_3634 (Script abuse)

    No, this is all the video I have, uncut, the reason I started to record late is because I had no clue he'd do this, I started recording late but I caught him in the act.
  3. Stranger 9699_3634 (Script abuse)

    I have not cut the video, you were hit by a car before I started the shadowplay, you shot us while you were downed and killed us both and you KNEW it was wrong, I require a refund for our pistol(s) which is up to $3,000 in-game cash.
  4. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 9699_3634 Date of rule breach: 12/06/2018. Time of rule breach: About 22 PM UTC + 01:00 time. Your characters name: Mario Jackson. Other players involved: Stewart Goldstein. Specific rule broken: Script abusing - I couldnt post the entire rule due the fact that the link doesnt work. How did the player break the rule?: After he was shot down, he still shot at me and my other friend with his AK, he abused the script. Evidence of rule breach: