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  1. Jail sentence

    +1, without RP activities, jail feels more like an admin punishment rather than an IC RP punishment.
  2. Account name: MrSilky#0371 Character name(s): Nadroj_Klis Admin who issued punishment: @Triple Seven Date of punishment: Unsure, Was roughly a week ago. Reason given for punishment: I was harassing and arguing with staff. Your explanation of what happened: Basically, In-game i had had many instances throughout the day where other players had broken many rules resulting in me dying lots. Later that day I got banned for DMing and got very angry as the people who had done the same to me (even when I provided staff video evidence) had not been punished. I took it upon myself to harass @Triple Seven in Discord regarding it and after being kicked from Discord, I joined back instantly to continue the argument resulting in a ban. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I just want to apologise for my actions. I know I could have handled the situation in a better manner but I was just extremely frustrated that day. This will not happen again. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
  3. How long will it take since the ban is almost over now anyway?
  4. When you say "pending higher up" do you mean people like @BallinByNature cause you're an admin xd
  5. The reason I kicked the Faggio is because it was glitching out and wheel-spinning with no one on it. When I kicked it over, It stopped. It was also my friend's bike so I didn't think much of doing it.
  6. Sorry about the Multi-Post @Triple Seven, for some reason my content kept on being deleted.
  7. Account name:Silky Character name(s):Nadroj_Klis Admin who issued punishment: Triple Seven Date of punishment: 12/06/18 Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching Your explanation of what happened: Last night outside of the hospital, a large-scale fight broke out randomly and many people were messing around. Lots of the people I was with were a part of the situation and were rightfully banned for the appropriate ban length but I was being revived at the hospital at the time of the indecent. Once I had been revived, I joined in with some IC banter and was rightfully kicked by Triple Seven for trolling. Shortly after logging back on, I was banned for DM#2 even though I was not a part of it and was injured at the time of the indecent. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel that my appeal should be accepted because I was not a part of the actual deathmatching, I just came over afterwards when Triple Seven was dealing with the situation and trolled so I would like to apologise for that. I'd also like to apologise to Triple Seven and the rest of the Admins for getting heated last night in the Discord. Throughout the day, there had been many situations in which other members of the community broke RP rules thus resulting in my dying and eventually after many unsuccessful reports, I got angry so I would like to apologise for directing that anger to Triple Seven and the rest of the staff team. I appreciate that you need solid evidence in order to pursue a dispute. Thanks for reading and I hope to be able to play on Eclipse again soon. Post any evidence or further details: N/A