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  1. DDevastatedTV

    [SOLD] 3 Garage VW house with HUGE backyard and a pool

    I could buy it sunday
  2. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Baller LE !

    You still got the baller and is it fully Modded
  3. DDevastatedTV

    [SELLING] Stallion; Contender; Romero Hearse

    Hmm have you still got the stallion
  4. DDevastatedTV

    [CLOSED] 4 Car Garage House in Richman

  5. DDevastatedTV

    [SOLD] 3 Garage VW house with HUGE backyard and a pool

    2 much for an elegy retro
  6. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Surano

    Has this been sold yet
  7. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Baller LE !

    Dunno the mods you buy dont really increase the value
  8. DDevastatedTV

    Trading Super for another Super

    Theirs 2 in the city, Coz when i use to have it myself my m8 bought his out of the garage
  9. DDevastatedTV

    Trading Super for another Super

    @gohena How much is the turismo worth i know that i could of bought it for 2.1m.
  10. DDevastatedTV

    Phone sound bug

    Pending @NobodyLTU or @Osvaldon to take a look at the bug. This actually does the above for me, How to replicate the bug just make a phone call to some one and let them answer it should still have a dialing tone when they do.
  11. DDevastatedTV

    Quiz Cool Down Bugged

    Pending @BallinByNature to check out the cool down to see if we can get this resolved
  12. DDevastatedTV

    Password reset email does not get sent

    Pending @NobodyLTU @Osvaldon @harmdone for review since it might be the server side
  13. DDevastatedTV

    [Selling] Baller LE !

    how much u looking for
  14. Character to be refunded: Jimmy Pegorino Date and time of incident: 2018-12-23 - 6-01-2019 ( Given Plenty of time to pay the loan) Requested refund (what and how much): 200,000  Description of incident resulting in loss: Evidence of loss: For the evidence of the loss I've got screenshots and folder worth that i would like to send to the admin who deals with it privately. Comments: Hello, Mr Williams took loan 200k for 4 week with interest 35%, so in total he had to pay for me back 270k. I given him the loan at 2018-12-23 and he had to pay it back by 2019-01-06, but he did not paid anything, I've even given him extra time to do the right thing to contact me and settle this, But i couldn't find him on discord and he's hasn't got in touch.
  15. DDevastatedTV

    [BUYING] Looking for 3/4 G house

    what is your budget for a 4G house
  16. DDevastatedTV

    [BUYING] Looking for 3/4 G house

    Most of the 3 garages will have the interior ou said, 4 garages are atleast 1.4m or above...
  17. DDevastatedTV

    4 vehicle house Lower vinewood.

    Im good cheers
  18. DDevastatedTV

    Pervasive issue with Non-RP

    If any rule breaks record and report them on the forums
  19. DDevastatedTV

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    I sopose we can try it out and see if they get active then normal @NobodyLTU Trial and error is the key
  20. DDevastatedTV

    [SOLD] LosZantosGas Gas Station

    Already been sold
  21. DDevastatedTV

    [SOLD] LosZantosGas Gas Station

    get in contact with me #3984070 or ((jimmypergorino#1058))@eclispe.com
  22. DDevastatedTV

    🚁Making house shots with drone! Any property.🚁

    @KeistuoliZ He did to projects for me, Very nice chilled guy who will do anything for his client. Appreciate the services bro if i need any more i know where to find you.
  23. DDevastatedTV


    @Logan_Black I would offer 3.5m