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  1. ChinqoChente

    Free Insurance

    I agree I just got my gp1 destroyed due to the server crash I go back to get it and noticed I have to pay I wont have enough money to keep paying to get my super out I dont even have money to take it out right now...
  2. ChinqoChente

    Joey Vinziatti, Jessica (Deathmatching, Powegaming)

    No but I believe Jessica has
  3. ChinqoChente

    Joey Vinziatti, Jessica (Deathmatching, Powegaming)

    @JackD248 I mean I honestly could have killed you from the start I had a gun pointed at you and you kept running even though I told you to stop and get on your knees...luckily for you I do not have footage .
  4. ChinqoChente

    Joey Vinziatti, Jessica (Deathmatching, Powegaming)

    @TheFluciFial as I remember I believe sexual rp has to have consent and not torture rp.
  5. ChinqoChente

    Joey Vinziatti, Jessica (Deathmatching, Powegaming)

    Lmfaoo im sorry but I deserve to explain my side I never gave this so called pill at which I was wondering there even was one which is why when my and noah were talking he said is it something you came up with in your mind and I said yea there was no pill ever handed out we left Noah to live but attempted to block his view so everyone can leave before me and Jennifer.And Noah was was shot in the back but script wise it never hit .
  6. ChinqoChente

    Mike White, 5229_8768 (FearRP, FailRP)

    @kris783c next time you make a report can you please check you mentioned everything correctly or spelled everything correctly I found a couple of errors that made it a bit hard to understand " he made a fake lie to police and tried to sting me and got \i jailed. " lots of capitalization errors as well.Maybe its because you were in a rush to make this report.