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  1. they have got footage from 3 sides now, also my side and yours so lets wait for the judgment from them 🙂
  2. first of all i will start of with this whole situation started with a chase of a car from your gang, you and the person we arrested drove like you didnt fear your life in the middle of the pursuit of your bikes, we lost visual of your mate in your car but managed to get the other on the bike as he fell off. When arresting him i went on to your radio and listened in where i heard all of you planned to go to my store and rob it as i would probably come then and check (sounds like copbaiting to me). ive also been told that the reason all of you followed to the prison wasnt to save your friend but to specificly get a reason to come after me. When we arrived Roberto Sanchez blocked the entrence of the prison with his sports car which also isnt allowed by server rules. When he saw the cruiser that had the suspect in their car go to the exit he tries to go in before him to block him off which results me thats right behind to "ram" his car as he was blocking the exit that we were entering. When he came out of the car with a shotgun i pulled off but took a u-turn and hit a rock that flipped my car. I go out of the car and as you can see on both of your friends recordings too is that we both take out the gun at the same time. I instantly took out my gun as i knew it would be a shootout and when i had my gun out and looked at you you also had a gun so i started to shoot. I had no reason to fear for my life as i did not see you point a gun at me at any point. when you went off the bike you did not have a gun and when i jumped out i was facing away from you. When i saw you i already had my gun. Also seeing some of you try to ram me with your bike is also pretty low RP if you ask me. My recording contains staff chat and will be sent personally to Archaeah
  3. probably as alex said 5 minutes + from each bid. 8m
  4. you are indeed abit annoying with your 50k 🙂 7.5m
  5. justin always like to talk shit in here 🙂 7.25m
  6. well if it was set to 6pm i would win with 6.3 🤷‍♀️
  7. 💜4 Garage house close to the beach💜 🧡Big pool and hot tub along with bbq!🧡 💙Two driveways and a nice view of the beach💙 ❤️Make an offer!❤️ Won't accept offers under 2 million. #3424205
  8. 😈gimme since i hooked you up with mamie back in the day 😏
  9. fishing rods is in now! we still miss : Phone, Knife and parachutes
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