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  1. Motorcycle eats 1litre in 15secs

    Buy VIP and you'll be sweet mate.
  2. Motorbike Helmets

    Oh right, I see. I suppose that's not too bad then.
  3. Motorbike Helmets

    Maan I'm wearing a beanie right now in game and the damn helmet is going on :(
  4. Motorbike Helmets

    This might seem like a really small thing but would mean a lot for some people like me. Personally I wanna look badass as hell on my bike and I can't do that if I get a blue or pink helmet that's chosen at random. So what I would suggest is that we can choose one that we want at all times, maybe add them to shops to buy them or make a command to take helmets off completely. I'll understand if this is too much of a small thing and it wouldn't be worth implementing if it would be difficult.
  5. Elijah Jackson DM

    I can't remember if I did in fact hit your vehicle before, but I will asume that I did as I see no reason for you to lie about it. However, I still don't agree with the way you dealt with the situation. I would consider hitting someone's car as something minor, something that could be dealt with in a different way (not killing someone). Back then I couldn't understand what you said (and I'm sorry for that), inspite of that I hoped that you would repeat what you said instead of just killing me, which was just annoying above all.
  6. Elijah Jackson DM

    [b]Your player name[/b]: Jonathan Bongiovi [b]Player you are reporting[/b]: Elijah Jackson [b]Rule broken[/b]: DM [b]Explanation of events/why you are reporting[/b]: I was fishing minding my own business and out of no where comes out a hostile guy who I had no recollection of meeting before. He said something that I didn't understand, and I still can't upon revisiting the video. After I tried to get him to repeat himself so we could carry on he decides to kill me. I would be fine with that if I recalled meeting him and giving him a motive to do it, but I can't. If he could enlighten me I would appreciate it but as for now I feel like it was unjustified. [b]Time and date[/b]: It happend at about 20:00 GMT, reporting this at 21:00 GMT 08.07.17 [b]Evidence[/b]: (Only showing 1 minute, i have 3 minutes of what happened before it but it's just me catching fish and trying to strum the guitar so it would be pretty pointless. Thank ya!
  7. In game name: Jonathan Bongiovi XP: 19000 Age: 18 Maturity: 7-10 Activity: Good few hours each day.