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  1. Dear Mr. Maybach, Please, DO NOT post applications or notes here. If you would like to apply, please visit the Recruitment Applications sub-forum. From there, you can put in an application using the link. Please do not post here again, or we will not review your application. With regards, Jay Paige Assistant Manager
  2. For Sale - Max Elegy Retro $250,000 currently listed at high end.
  3. I've got a custom elegy retro with a custom plate, hit me up on #4981904 I'll do it for 250k
  4. I'll give you 285k now, if you're interested. Contact me on #4981904 if you're interested.
  5. I mean I support the idea, if required I'm sure you could black out the persons screen for thirty seconds to a minute and have the script teleport them to a train station.
  6. I'll give you $240,000 for it, if you're interested contact me on #4981904.
  7. I have a minor warning for MG from 10 months ago and have gained over 80,000 experience since the warning and wish I could appeal it/be able to have it removed.
  8. Arya


    Would you be willing to go $160,000 right now? you can contact me on #4981904 if you want to make a deal.
  9. Downtown Cab Co custodial engineers have been working long and tiring hours within the Downtown Cab Co garage working on restoring our older vehicles from the 1960's to tip top shape in order to attract new clients and increasing the business.
  10. How do you feel about Oldman and his ways?
  11. I'd be willing to spend $200,000 you can contact me on #4981904 if you're interested.
  12. I'll take it if it hasn't sold, you can contact me on #4981904.
  13. I've lowered the price through my realtor too $275,000.
  14. I'm willing to let this go for $275,000 it's a two garage next to the bank and a good walking distance to LSC.
  15. I've lowered the price through my realtor too $300,000 otherwise I'll be keeping the apartment.
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