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  1. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Jay Paige Character to Transfer To: Lupe Brooks Requested Transfer: Asset # $50,000 Asset # Elegy Retro Custom Asset # Reason for Transfer: Lupe just arrived in the city from Texas and hit up a old friend from school and asked for assistance with gathering his surroundings around San Andreas, seeing as Lupe and Jay were best friends many years ago; Jay offered Lupe his elegy retro to drive around the city as he hasn't used it in roughly a year due to the divorce he went through and can't stand the memories of driving it and offered some cash for motel stays. OOC: I haven't used the elegy retro in roughly four or so months and have no intention of driving it due to an IC reason; I think it would be a good fit for this new character. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I'd ask assistance from one of three people listed below with transferring the vehicle and cash: - Steve Martinez - Ava Paige - Jimmy Pegorino
  2. Arya

    Wall of Scammers

    I have purchased roughly six or more vehicles directly from Dre Dizzle using cash, definitely vouching for the man. ~ Jay Paige
  3. Jay arrives at the office and looks around but doesn't see a soul in sight, so he clocks on and goes to work.
  4. I am happy to hold it if you're willing to pay cash, contact me and we can arrange something.
  5. ello laddies and ladets, I am looking to sell this beautiful hakuchou drag looking for $300,000 contact me on #4981904 ~ Jay Paige.
  6. I'll start the offering with $500,000 but it must come with your used pillows & bed sheets ~ Jay Paige
  7. $69 and allowing you to reinstate me as E-69 ~ Jay Paige, xoxo.
  8. $455,069 as previous bidder is a knob.
  9. I'll offer you $450,000 contact me on #4981904 if you're interested.
  10. Arya

    ​​​​​ ​

    id like to bet my friendship ~ jay paige
  11. For Sale - Max Elegy Retro $250,000 currently listed at high end.
  12. I've got a custom elegy retro with a custom plate, hit me up on #4981904 I'll do it for 250k
  13. I'll give you 285k now, if you're interested. Contact me on #4981904 if you're interested.
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