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  1. Thanks for ignoring my private messages.
    As a Support Staff you should set an example for others, and not be disrespectful to other people because you are in a higher position than them.

    You're such a disrespectful person.

  2. Looking to purchase some property, I am after either a 3G or 4G house for sale. Please shoot me a text with the address and I'd be happy to check it out #4981904
  3. No thanks, my offer is now $640,000 instead.
  4. I'm around town now, has the house be sold? I've love to discuss it with you. You can contact me on #4981904.
  5. My offer of $650,000 still stands for now, you can contact me at 4981904 if you wish to do business.
  6. I am currently around in the city and willing to spend $650,000 today, if you're interested. You can contact me on #4981904.
  7. I'll start you off with an offer of $400,000 if your interested in it gone today.
  8. As a interested buyer, I'd be willing to go $600,000 today.
  9. I'd be willing to offer you $550,000 today, if you're interested. You can contact me on #4981904.
  10. I'll offer you $700,00 today, as you've had no offers. If you're interested contact me on #4981904.
  11. What is the best price you'd be willing to sell for today?
  12. Congratulations daddy on getting official
  13. Good luck on the sale, I don't see many ellies being sold but I'd be willing to offer $250,000 if you're interested.
  14. I have spoken with my realtor and have set a buy it now price at the door $700,000.
  15. Thank you for your offer, but I am going to wait a few days and see what happens.
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