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  1. Dashound bus has the same locking range issue. I believe if this is lock range issue would be solved there is no need to change back to faction keys. Although I agree it's not realistic to see random PPL stealing a fire truck or brickade ofc!
  2. Hello. I would like to apologize for my actions seen on the video, but this could have been solved in-game with a single pm or deal with it IC. I know your character has a grudge to Stela but you can always approach me OOCly. I know jumping over you on your bike with a BMX is not very realistic, I will make sure to never do this again but it didn't affect anyone in the end. Sorry also for hitting your bike and jumping on someone's head. I was just having fun with my BMX, I didn't want to ruin anyone's experience. -Gataki
  3. +1 I love all the suggestions above but I have 2 more to add. 1. List a driver unavailable when he drives a customer same way he is unavailable when he is heading to a customer. When you call a taxi or looking at the DCC app it tells you how many drivers are available but that is not accurate. Because the script only make a driver unavailable while he is heading to the customer (accepting a call). But when we drive the customers to their destination the script lists the driver as available. Same goes with the command /taxidrivers. 2. Modife the command /taxidrivers. This is the command /taxidrivers. Let me explain you what needs changing. Here is the information of the command, breaking it down to three sections. - [which drivers are onduty] super useful it does not need any change. - [It shows us if the driver is on a call] Add "[Busy]" instead of "[off call]" if the driver has a customer. Like I mention in the frist suggestion. - [It shows us how much the employee is getting charged] Here is how it works. It only shows how much a DCC Employee onduty is getting charged by another driver. If you look at the photo above Steve Oconner is the driver and Joe Markov is the client. They are both onduty and the script is showing us how much Joe Markov is getting charged next to his own name by the taxi ride from Steve Oconner. That information is completely useless to us, the employees onduty should never be able to get charged in the first place. The suggestion is the following. Show how much the client is getting charged next to the drivers name.
  4. Casino can't be a 24/7 business. The idea of this casino is to open a few nights every week like a weekly event. And it would be more like a part time job for the people who want to work there.
  5. +1 it was something I was wanting for a long time. Greatly appreciated your efforts to make this suggestion, I hope it can be developed more and get implemented.
  6. Issue Being Reported: I need a name change at the Gov website from maxjos to Stela Cater. Your characters name: Stela_Cater
  7. @Jellay My cameras are furniture they are not RP cameras. I also have 2 furniture devices connected to the CCTV cameras. I don't ever turn off the cameras that don't make any sense so no, I dont RP turning on the CCTV. I saw a comet outside and I wanted to know the plates of that car with the /ldo, but I am not reporting for the combat log since ID 173 told me ID 224 didnt know either. I was not driving a jester, and i wouldn't call a Jester expensive car either. I just drove home and got inside, they made the new rules so you can go home without the fear of someone radomly rob you. You had no good reason to house rob. 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies are to be conducted in a realistic manner and require the robber to have a reasonable in character motive. High risk, but little reward robberies are deemed unrealistic and should not be performed. Robberies should be performed in secluded areas where there is a low chance to be seen by witnesses. I didnt have a baseball batt, I only had a gun at my back. And as soon as I walked outside I had a gun at my head. These types of random raids are exactly the type of robberies the rules are supposed to prevent. There was no IC reason, no prior interaction, and this was a completely random raid on a completely random person. Furthermore, VW houses would be considered high risk, as this is a heavily populated area, most houses have cameras, police would patrol here often, and as such should require even more planning and IC reason. The fact that it is an expensive area is not enough reason to rob, as that would mean every VW house could be randomly raided. VW homes should require MORE IC reason and planning, as there is a much greater risk. To this point, I did indeed have cameras, and a detective was more than happy to work the case. Proving VW homes do indeed come with high risk. Lastly, this quote directly from Osborne himself perfectly described why this was an NRP Robbery: We want all players to be able to interact with strangers, go to their homes without having to circle the block to make sure there are no other players around, fill up their car at the gas station properly without forcing themselves to leave as another player arrives.
  8. No, I dont have footage of that but maybe there is a way to check at the logs. As soon as i walked out they had a gun in my head and gave me commands to put my hands up etc.
  9. Player(s) being reported: 34,173,224 Date of interaction reported: 7/6/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1591493213 Your characters name: Stela Cater Other player(s) involved: Aaliyah Jones Specific rule(s) broken: 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies are to be conducted in a realistic manner and require the robber to have a reasonable in character motive. High risk, but little reward robberies are deemed unrealistic and should not be performed. Robberies should be performed in secluded areas where there is a low chance to be seen by witnesses. 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Players who ignore answering roleplay commands directed at them, e.g. /do. How did the player break the rule(s)? My main accusation is the raid itself should not have happened, as they had zero IC reason to do it, and we had zero RP interaction before this completely random raid. As soon as i walked outside of my house I had a gun in my head. I was going to report player ID:224 for Combat log because I was RPing CCTV Trying to find out the license plates of the cars with (/ldo 244), and he answers to one of them and logged off saying bye, but ID:163 told me ID:244 didn't know about the plates of the second car either. Also I did /ldo 34 to player ID:34 with the CCTV RP but he never responded. I would like to find out why ID:34 never responded to /pm's or /ldo and if they can find out the plates of the other car (It was a black comet). Evidence of rule breach: I believe they were robbing my house for around +40 minutes. I dont have everything recorded. I will just provide a small video for evidence from the house raid. Thats a screenshot from outside my house https://imgur.com/3H7p7xc Evidance for the CCTV RP. (there are 4 photos on the link) https://imgur.com/a/lwbDAlb
  10. There is an active Casino that opens a few hours every 2-3 days a week, I put a lot of effort into it but we only have /dice to work with. We do have a version of black jack (with the /dice) and a raffle. We definitely need more scripted games to gamble, also if anyone here has anything to suggest about the casino feel free to share it im open to new ideas +1
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