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  1. Muffy_Duffy

    Zipties for criminals

    Plenty of people can RP. You're just judging the many on the actions of a few.
  2. Muffy_Duffy

    Zipties for criminals

    i think you're letting your hatred for being robbed cloud your judgement.
  3. Muffy_Duffy

    Zipties for criminals

    Ah lord. And exactly how many criminals are on the server at any given point? 50-60? Probably more. So 1-2 examples, of 60 players. That's kind of like the whole police issue right now in the states. One police officer does something bad, and the whole police force of the country gets labeled as bad. That's what you're doing right now
  4. Muffy_Duffy

    Cops and Robbers the end?

    It's a delicate balance between fun/boring. The Eclipse dev team and admins have it balanced perfectly IMO. No change needed.