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  1. The fact that you have done it before. (I have multiple clips of it) shows that this probably wasnt an accident.
  2. I mean role playing the fact he just hit me. As in a not at fault accident report, or something like that. Or atleast paying to fix it not just leaving the scene of an accident which is a misdemeanor charge btw. yes he did have valid IC reason for id but he straight up rammed me aggreed that he rammed me then begins to say i rammed him. I believe he 100% meant to hit me.
  3. Your player name: Shawn Jones Player you are reporting: Richard Vane Rule broken: Fail Rp Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Tboned me ( you can see him agree he did in the beginning) then refuses to fix my car (says chock it up as lag) Then leaves (you can see me say he did it before as well. I was brand new to the server and i didnt think to report him but this was just insane i had to screenshot it) Time and date: 5/5/17 9:15 CST Evidence: For some reason i cant post images on the forums here is an imgur with all the chat logs.
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