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  1. Mike Was born in los Santos in 1994. His mother and father broke up early, in Mike's childhood. The judge decided that Mike had to stay with his father. After the divorce Mike's father became a drunkard so he was no longer paying attention to Mike. His father always spent money on alcohol, drugs and women. As nobody was looking after Mike, he was in the hood for the most time. He grew up with criminals and bloody killers, so what else fortune was Mike able to have? He grew up as criminals too. He got sentenced to jail for 3 years because he killed a snitch of the hood. Mike was sentenced in jail of Mexico. In there he met all kind of criminals: Robbers, Murderers, Dealers, Smugglers and many many more. The most known clan in the jail was the Vagos. At first Mike was spending time in jail on his own but then every clan got interested in him, because they heard about his past life from outside. Each clan that attempted to talk to Mike or something like that, they always ended with fight or else shit. Once Mike was taking shower in the bathroom. Suddenly every prisoner left the room, Mike turned around and saw the leader of Vagos standing in front of him with a handmade knife. Mike didn't even have time to react on that guy's moves but with surprise he managed to. The leader was called Big boss by his members. The knife was too near to Mikes face that it almost hit him. Mike kicked his right leg into the Big Boss's belly. The boss fell on the ground. Mike Took the knife and hit it to the boss five times. Big Boss died on the place, the medics couldn't save him. Later what Mike find out was that he became the new Big Boss. Soon he took over the clan and was the head of it. The time was running fast as he was head of almost everything. Soon it was time for Mike to leave jail and meet the fellow members of him that were waiting outside. The Call When Mike came out of the jail he met all the members and stowed everything. Days passed. One day he got a call from an unknown person telling him that he had a brother... Mike spent months searching for his brother, but nothing was new. He only knew that he was rich and was his brother from his mother's side. Nikola was born in Italy, Milan. His father was a very rich person, he owned many clothing stores around the city. He was the owner of a very well known clothing brand Gucci. So his father was rich, he was studying in a very good school. He graduated as a business man and had a certificate of the university. Nikola never wanted to be a businessman, but his father forced him to. Nikola had too much money, that much that he didn't know what to spend it in. Soon he got in charge of the family business and was doing a very good job as a businessman, but he wanted something more, he was fed up with the life of a rich person. As a known person he always had a pistol with him for a self defense. One day he went to Los Santos on a business meeting. On his way home, his car got stopped. Some Mexican people threw him out of a car. They were pointing guns at him. In a few seconds Nikola lost his mind in fact that someone hit him with a pistol in head from back. When Nikola woke up, he was tied in an old deserted garage. Two Mexicans were guarding him. Hours passed, days. These two people were feeding Nikola once a day. One day the door opened and some Mexicans came in the room. They were looking at Nikola, especially one of them. After a minute or two one of them said: Ey Big Boss this rich boy looks like you. Big boss looked at the guy, He watched him like he wanted to kill him. Seconds later Nikola heard a very loud noise. It was a gun. When Nikola looked down on the ground, there was a dead body. Nikola was afraid, not because the Mexicans were pointing the guns at him, only because he thought that no one was going to find and burry his dead body, but all of a sudden the Big Boss shouted : EVERYBODY LEAVE!! Soon the garage was empty. The Boss started the conversation with Nikola. The gangsters were waiting outside for more than 2 hours. Then all of a sudden The Big Boss came out with Nikola. Big Boss turned out To be Mike. Brother of Nikola, they had a same mother but different fathers. Mike said: From today, the one who hurts my brother will end his life with a bullet in the brain. Gang That's what Nikola wanted, a different life. That's what Mike wanted "Brother". Nikola and mike made a perfect couple of Ganglords. The Los Santos Vagos was a well known gang in jails but outside they didn't have enough money and members. Their members were mostly in jail, their weapons and drugs n shit were lost after some attacks from other gangs. At this time, they were just holding their hood with pistols and couple of AK-47 s. Nikolas money helped the gang in many ways. They recruited members, bought a very big stream of weapons and soon they were ready to draw in the real gang fights. At first they started with some drive-by's. Sooner the gang became bigger and better. Mike and Nikola were still in charge. The gang looked like a indestructible machine. Nobody even dared to get in fight them. The Los Santos Vagos acquired its name once again and this time they were ready for everything...... BUT 1 day Nikola got shot by gang called WARRIORS their leader was Josh collins, Mike almost lost his brother, after that day Mike decided to hunt whole warriors gang, he left his members and joined grove street fam, Mike founds out who shot his brother it was a girl called Emilee Mike was following her till the end than he saw her car stopped, Mike takes his M4 from his car trunk loads it and was ready for the action. He walked at Emilee... Mike shot 30 bullet in Emilee's head and than burns her in her car. after that, Mike decided to live on his own
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