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  1. I was player 42. Urbach Wiethe was chasing around Adriana Fox over a hamburger. I didn't know if she took it or not but I approached Urbach Wiethe and told him it wasn't worth a hamburger and to let it go. Urbach Wiethe proceeded to call the police. At this time Melody Rogers had approached as well as Melody and myself are good friends. As Urbach Wiethe proceeds to call the police, I warned him that average response time is several minutes and that's a long time to be alone. He then proceeds to corner Adriana and she pulls a bat to defend herself because she told him several time to go away.. I couldn't see who started the fight but I believe Adriana swung first to try and escape. Once the fight started I ran over to see Urbach Wiethe with a knife. I'm not sure at what point he pulled the knife but as she goes down I see him continue to stab her. So I proceed to down him in an attempt to stop him from killing her. I am assuming that when I started heading that way Melody saw what was happening and grabbed a shotgun from her car. As melody had already warned him about calling the police before and is now actively seeing someone trying to finish off another player she felt he deserved to be finished off.
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