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  1. The only demand that she didn't "comply" with was "don't speak". Were there any other demands?
  2. So your justification of taking someones life is "she started speaking after we said don't speak"?
  3. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  4. Can you explain why did you need to kill that person?
  5. NBDY

    Garage UI bug

    Does it still happen?
  6. Hello, Looking at this report, it is clearly visible that two people, Will_Kaktus and Kofi_Attah did not have a good IC reasoning of shooting another player. It is more of "being trigger happy and looking for something to shoot at", than actually shooting someone for misbehaving/not following meaningful demands and etc." Therefore, I will be concluding this report with DM #1 for Will_Kaktus and DM #2 for Kofi_Attah. Thank you!
  7. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  8. Fixed in the current patch
  9. NBDY

    Poker table

    If you don;t want to raise 40k, dont press the button.
  10. If you are given the quiz, it means that you have not completed it, or admins kicked you back to quiz.
  11. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  12. NBDY

    map bug glitch

    GTA V issue.
  13. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  14. Use proper format.
  15. Fixed in the upcoming patch 🙂
  16. Fixed in the upcoming patch 🙂
  17. Its not EclipseRP issue.
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