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  1. Hello, everyone! We are planning to remove bleet perks from VIPs/Donators due to lack of server-scripted activity and income sources in Weazel faction. This removal would also get us closer to the self-sufficient factions economy. We are looking for suggestions about what could be added to VIP/Donator perks. We want perks to not provide great advantage over regular players. That is why we are asking for your input! Please keep your suggestions one per comment. If you agree with suggestion, give that comment an upvote! Thank you!
  2. NobodyLTU

    Scrubmuffin209 - Eli Reece (Real World Trading)

  3. NobodyLTU

    Demetrious Sanchez - Permabanned.

    As you already started chargebacking your donations, your appeal won't be considered. Denied.
  4. NobodyLTU

    Chris Crawford - David Garcia (Cheating)

  5. NobodyLTU

    kris783c - Forum Appeal

    Sorry, you won't be given a chance to come back! Thank you, for appeal!
  6. NobodyLTU

    Pablo_Escoban - Luke Mcgregor (Ban Appeal)

    Hello, Sorry, we can't accept your appeal. Thank for your friends for that!
  7. NobodyLTU

    Magnus Phenix Ban appeal

    Looking at your anti-cheat logs your case is very suspicious and very out of the order. Your ban will remain in-place.
  8. NobodyLTU

    VOIP issues

    RageMP released some hotfixes for voip. Check if it fixed any issues.
  9. NobodyLTU

    Record Command Bug

    it is fixed.
  10. NobodyLTU

    Forced Eviction Of A Priest

    Your house have been sold because the character that owned that house was inactive for a month. Not a bug.
  11. NobodyLTU

    some side of Client-side crash

    Does it still happen, also are you connected via WiFi or Ethernet?
  12. NobodyLTU

    Refueling the Fuel Station is bugged

    Its fixed
  13. NobodyLTU

    Kristukas1348 Permanent ban

    You seem to be unable to understand what you did wrong. You went past the same police car 3 or more times in around 4 minutes going high speed, basically extreme cop baiting. That combined with your poor RP at the high end shows that you are unable to provide quality RP. Denied.
  14. NobodyLTU

    Romka123 - Romka_Sasinx (Ban Appeal)

    Accepted. @Romka123
  15. NobodyLTU

    Help me!

  16. NobodyLTU

    Ban appeal

  17. NobodyLTU

    Sharkie - Lexa Dagaslov (Ban Appeal)

    Accepted. Try to be a more positive member for this community.
  18. NobodyLTU

    Inesiux - Inesa Taylor - permament banned

  19. NobodyLTU

    Drake Hudson appeal ( Permament ban )

    You are not taking any responsibility for your actions. First day after your unban you start harassing players doing their DMV exams, and furthermore you conveniently know where to find the clip because that specific person was streaming. Your appeal won't be accepted.
  20. NobodyLTU

    Warlock - Michael Hernandez (Ban Appeal)

    Well, you are already unbanned now, because the account you are linked to got unbanned. Your accounts won't be unlinked so try to keep each other out of rule breaking!
  21. NobodyLTU

    jasherisxd - Max Bryant - Ban Appeal

    Accepted. Any further rule breaches will result to permanent-ban.
  22. NobodyLTU

    Vehicles on the map issue with Credit vehicle

    Fixed in the upcoming patch
  23. NobodyLTU

    Unable to edit Character

  24. NobodyLTU

    Can't Access Cars after House Sold

  25. NobodyLTU

    Fish Bug

    Fixed in the upcoming patch.