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    Hi guys, This suggestion is quite simple. When some one dies, just left a body in it's place, so we know that a crime has been committed. It also involves more RP to the Medics since they would need to pick up the body. And LSPD would need a coroner unit. The body can be remain there until some one pick it up. Criminals could take the body and chop it to disregard the evidence or just hide it. But the body would be always remain until is picked up by LSPD or MD, or chopped by the criminals or by discomposure, AKA 2 Days OOC.
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    After hearing of the apprehension of his close brother, Jay Gamble, Colby Lidstrom quickly realized what has happened. They've been caught, and this time, it was big. Colby quickly takes action, studying the movement of the officers for hours, waiting for a time to learn of his charges. Colby abuses the wealth of Los Zetas, bribing the innocent woman at the front desk to print him a list of his charges. With the assistance of the original Zetas, founded in Mexico, Colby quickly flees across the border, finding himself comfortable in his home country. Colby and the rest of the standing Zetas find themselves in Baja California, Mexico. All renting rooms in a small hotel, attempting to stay clear of authorities. Colby and the standing members, along with the original Los Zetas begin planning their revenge, to cross back into Los Santos and strike the LSPD for stepping too far into territory they do not belong in. To be continued..
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    The Los Santos Triads continue striving to expand and make new positive relations with other organisations throughout Los Santos. A meeting was arranged for both the Triads and the Marcello Family to meet with the leader from "The Wanted". Some key areas were covered during the meeting and key issues were smoothed out. The Triads, Marcello's and The Wanted all seemed to share the same hopes for the state of the city. Ending a successful meeting, good relations were formed and plans for the future had been set in place.
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    Black and Yellow custom plates and custom phone number.
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    The Los Santos Triads are a criminal based organisation looking to make their mark on Los Santos. After the founding members "The Wong Family" moved from Shandong, China to Los Santos for a fresh start, they couldn't escape their past life of ex Triad members. They have now chosen to form their own Organisation that will stand out across all of Los Santos, aiming for growth and success. The Wong family had been involved with the Triads since their Eldest brother Ding Wong joined their ranks. Ding and his family climbed high within the Shandong Triads earning them the group title of the Shandong Dragons. However, the family left Shandong following the Triads falling apart. Together the family moved to the city of Los Santos for a fresh start. After the migration to Los Santos the Wong’s needed to find their way and make a living. Some members went off into government positions staying away from the criminal life, however the eldest brother Ding had different plans for his family. All the family have been previously involved with Triads. This provides the knowledge & experience of how the Organisation works and what is required to succeed. This provided the Wong’s with an opportunity to make their mark on Los Santos and make a living through criminal activities throughout Los Santos. During their short time in Los Santos the Wong family had made friends with one of the known Mafia Families in the city. The Wong’s ended up working under their organisation, however, the Mafioso life style was not suited to the Wong family's style of operation. Due to this the Wong’s decided to part ways with the Mafia, then moving forward to form the Los Santos Triads. The ideology is of the Los Santos Triads is to take their rightful part in the criminal activity that already occurs throughout Los Santos. The Los Santos Triads set out to be a known and respected criminal organisation who are looking to build up relations with other gangs throughout the city. However, Los Santos Triads do not take disrespect lightly, anyone who disrespects the culture of their organisation will be dealt with appropriately. Currently the Los Santos Triads aim to spread out across all areas of active crime ranging from Narcos, Chopping Vehicles, Robbery, Extortion and Kidnapping. Currently the Los Santos Triads are operating out of the Wong Family house and are attempting to grow their organisation by the day in both numbers and influence. Los Santos Triads aims to form good relations with other gangs and organisations around Los Santos assisting in the robustness of their operation. Recruitment for new members is currently on going as LST aim to create a powerful organisation with the manpower to back up its claims. This will assist gain a solid place in the criminal market, allowing for better relations and agreements to be made with other organisations. As Los Santos Triads is a newly formed operation there are many key goals that they aim to meet in the short term. 1. Obtain a new Organisation Headquarters. 2. Setup business agreements and relations with other gangs and organisations. 3. Generate a steady income to back the development of the Organisation. 4. Expand our organisations reach and its influence. 5. Make our mark on the city of Los Santos. As for long term goals of Los Santos Triads: 1. Invest in legal operations to be used as a veil to cover for our criminal activities. 2. Have an area of control in the City of Los Santos. 3. Gain an Organisation Warehouse. With the completion of these goals the Los Santos Triads will continue striving to improve and set new goals, creating new opportunities for each members of the organisation. All members of the Los Santos Triads will be tattooed, wear Chinese uniforms and Masks. Each different rank will be distinguishable by what they are wearing. Below are the founding members of the Los Santos Triads, the Wong's. The vehicles members of the Los Santos Triads will drive are coloured Black with a Dark Red pearlescent paint through it. Members of the Los Santos Triads are not restricted to the use of specific vehicle models and types so long as they follow the Tradition of the paint on their vehicles. Dragons Head The highest rank. This member assumes all control answering second to none. Dragon The second in command. This member runs the organisation when the Dragons Head is not present. Incense Master One of the two higher echelon ranks. This member handles the recruitment and initiation of new members whilst also handles the promotion ceremonies. Vanguard The second of the higher echelon ranks. This member handles all the criminal operations and manages the operations of the Red Poles. Red Pole The Red Poles handle the on-ground operations, reporting to the Vanguard. Each Red Pole will manage groups of soldiers and initiates. Foot Soldier These are the members who have earned their place in the organisation, forming the infantry of the Los Santos Triads. They carry out the orders of the Red Poles, reporting to them and assisting Initiates. Initiates These are the newest members to join. These members must prove their worth to the organisation to earn their place. IC Rules 1. Follow all the rules set out by Los Santos Triads and its members. 2. Respect the chain of command within the organisation. 3. Any internals problems will be resolved peacefully and reported to your higher up. 4. All members must always wear their uniform and have respective vehicle colours. 5. No information from within the organisation is to be leaked to outside members. 6. All members must pay their cut to the organisation. OOC Rules 1. Follow all ECRP Server rules. Failure to comply will lead to removal from the organisation. 2. Activity is required. Inactive members will be removed unless they notify a higher up. 3. Always maintain a high standard of Roleplay. 4. All members must be at least 18 Years of age. 5. Act like an adult and treat all members with respect. 6. Have a minimum of 5K Experience on at least one character. 7. All staff punishments must be explained to the organisation. Los Santos Triads are always looking for new members to join their ranks to assist in achieving their goals. All though Los Santos Triads is a Chinese based organisation anyone worthy of joining will be accepted no matter their race or past. Anyone looking to join the Los Santos Triads should lookout for Chinese masks or Dark Red/Black Vehicles. You can approach any of these members and they will arrange a sit down to test your worth to the organisation. ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 5K XP ON AT LEAST ONE CHARACTER. Each applicant must pass the initiation test before becoming a member of Los Santos Triads. This post is entirely OOC Information and cannot be referenced IC. #FACTION POST IS A WIP#
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    Eclipse Staff Roster Development Team Name Rank Position NobodyLTU Founder Director of Development Osvaldon Founder Director of Operations harmdone Developer Director of Staff Administration Team Name Rank Position BallinByNature Head Administrator Head of Administration Head of Factions Head of Illegal Factions (Interim) FatherOsborn // Osborn Senior Administrator Assistant Head of Administration Lewis Senior Administrator Assistant Head of Support Head of Legal Factions Chuck Senior Administrator Head of Player Reports Faction Management PBAJ Administrator TheFluciFial // Flucifial Administrator Serth // Serthon Administrator Head of Event Team Bakmeel Administrator Faction Management MusketDeezNuts Administrator Assistant Head of Illegal Factions Faction Management MarcoD Senior Moderator Andy Senior Moderator Faction Management Dingus0 Moderator Faction Management Aldari_Tagril Moderator Faction Management Event Team Varakai Moderator XposeD Moderator Event Team Rodiz Moderator Event Team Archaeah Moderator Faction Management Event Team nateX // nateX2 Moderator Boxxy Moderator Head of Faction Management Event Team Support Team Name Rank Position isHazel Senior Support Event Team TobyVintage Senior Support Faction Management Event Team UBUB Senior Support Faction Management Event Team Dqniel Senior Support Faction Management Chrisy Senior Support Faction Management ABroHaam Support Faction Management Spookie // Spookie2 Support Faction Management Event Team inorigj Support BadZanta Support Kables Support LukasMontana Support alexalex303 Support MickeyToolin Support BULLDOZER Support Brock Olly // Albert Support Denni Support DDevastatedTV Support shiroq Support John_MacAleese Support paulo Support MrSplashy Support AaronStyles Support Punched Support Sean Hamilton // James Gill Support Zemaitc Support Micr0ni Support ImChazaa Support doc Support table { font-family: arial, sans-serif; border-collapse: collapse; width: 800px; } td, th { border: 1px solid #dddddd; padding: 8px; color: white; text-align: center; font-size: 16px; } td a:link { color: white; text-decoration: none; } td a:hover { color: #4286f4; } .founder { color: #e4bb11; } .dev{ color: #33ccff; } .headadmin { color: #067aea; } .senioradmin { color: #f00a0a; } .admin { color: #ff5d5d; } .seniormod{ color: #08b600; } .mod { color: #94ff77; } .seniorsup{ color: #ac2eff; } .support{ color: #ce9af5; }
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    Hello, I was doing some thinking, and would love to see a new faction DMV instead of the regular in-game bot DMV. The faction would be authorized to suspend licenses, issues licenses, tests, etc and charge a fee to do so. I believe that it would increase more role-play and better fun for doing DMV. Having a real player conduct the test and grade you based on your driving. It would be fun to RP and be a employee of. We could have new commands added just for the faction that allowed the issue of truck licenses, drivers licenses, suspending, etc and even maybe paybe vehicle registration in the future? Just an idea I had that would make it more fun to get a license or even enforce it. I have a lot of ideas for it please ask for more details 🙂 Atticus Smith Faction Idea's: 1) In-Game Exam Test Issued By Players 2) In-Game DMV Driving Test By Players 3) New Forum Section For DMV for grading the tests and etc 4) New Commands For DMV 5) Vehicle Registration 6) Registration Suspended if to many tickets 7) ETC
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    As some of our men were ex-members of another organisation, it was time to clear the air. A meeting was arranged with a member from L'ultima Famiglia in hopes to solve any potential issues.
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    They're nailing the outfits right now, alright. In terms of RP though, if these guys doesn't do Kung Fu like Wu Ming did, I'm outtie.
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    haha yeah i use to be in that gang on samp ngrp r4
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    A couple days pass and a new meeting has been arranged. Now it's time to introduce the key members of the Triads to the Marcello Family. The Triads arrive ahead of time at the location, being greeted by one of the Marcello's whilst they wait for others to arrive. Another successful meeting between the Triads and the Marcello Family. The future is looking bright between the two organisations.
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    Looks nice! Keep it up!
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    Real good looks here Benny! Great group of people, Well run organisation. Keep it up clowns!
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    Now this looks promising! +1
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    😄 yeap there was a lot of them . Aight boys I hope you will make this
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    Be able to take out salary at all hours of the day
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    +1. I think this can be expanded too. Two things come to mind: Ability to purchase ammo for pistols Ability to sell everything else (radios, bags etc) at a discounted price to stores. The sell price could be set by store owners and when an item is sold to a store, it's added to their stock. It's probably best if the owner can set a threshold to avoid unexpected balance changes. So for example, the owner sets a threshold of 100 for radios. Once 100 radios have been sold to the store, they're no longer accepted unless the owner updates the threshold. Alternatively, there could be a drop-off location just like how drugs is done but I like the first idea since it enhances the economy.
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    Finally! CHINESE CRIMINALS! I'm hyped! Black Hand Triads nostalgia from SA:MP days. HAH!
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    As the Los Santos Triads are fresh in town they're out on the look to make some strong connections. A meeting with a member of the Marcello Family was arranged to discuss some business opportunities. After a successful meeting between the Los Santos Triads and the Marcello Family they both arrive back at Los Santos Customs.
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    The Dragons Head The Dragons Head, also known as Ding Wong. He is the eldest brother of the Wong family and one of the founding members of the Los Santos Triads. The Dragon The Dragon, known as Bruce Wong. The second of the three Wong Brothers and also a founding member of the Los Santos Triads. The Vanguard The Vanguard, known as Bobby Wong. The Final brother and a founding member of the Los Santos Triads. The Incense Master The Incense Master, otherwise known as Po Wong. The son of Bruce Wong and a founding member of the Los Santos Triads.
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