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    FunFunFuneral is a family run business that has been operating since 2015 by the Martinez brothers. This business was started as death is an inevitable part in the equation of human existence, so the need to prepare for it cannot be overlooked and people are dying to get buried by us. The Martinez brothers moved to Los Santos in late 2014 from Columbia hoping to find larger and greater opportunities. Pacho was the first to move and his brothers did not take long to follow. FunFunFuneral provides interment and funeral services for the dead and their families; these services may include a prepared wake and funeral, and the provision of a chapel for the funeral. The services and amenities that will be made available to our clients; Providing funeral director services Providing embalming services Operating funeral homes combined with crematories Providing mortician services Providing visitation or viewing services Providing funeral services Providing graveside committal services Direct cremation services Selling funeral merchandise (e.g. caskets, flowers and obituary notices) Transporting the deceased Meeting the Brothers Examples of our Work Getting to know some Locals
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    Strawberry House coming up soon! DJ VIC
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    I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement these into ECRP, but I came across these during some downtime and wanted to suggest the possibility of adding them into the server. I feel any light customization features add a reasonable quality of life. https://rage.mp/forums/topic/2330-ragemp-new-hairstyles/
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    With the recent changes to the gun licensing the Triads managed to get a connection to buy them some loaded guns. However, the guns could be tracked. The serials on the guns needed to be removed first. Once the guns were cleaned they were loaded back up into the bag and hidden back in the compartment. The Triads already have enough heat on their backs and can't risk their supplier being caught.
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    One of the Triad members had been working extremely hard throughout the last few weeks. Nick was directly rewarded for his efforts. We took it out of tradition and promoted him. Hard work pays off. Nick's new responsibilities were explained to him and he happily accepted the position. The Triads are a family. We stick together and no one should turn their backs on each other.
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    I am not sure if I am the only one who feels this way but it kills the fun of the game to have police be so weighted by the rules. They do not have to value lives like cops, they don't have to protect like cops, honestly they are just a government funded gang. I agree there needs to be restrictions empowering the police because they need to get a second player catch-up, but also recently the cop tactics are to go to an armed robbery and run up with no lights or sirens on despite running red lights, and smash into the door of the store locking it in place which is already infuriating because it is unrealistic and feels helpless. Then we have the problem of hostages, right now the cashiers are not considered a life... criminals talk to them, they are allowed to be used to identify us, but the police can barge into 4 armed gunmen with no value for the life. I imagine some restrictions need to happen, them used to make demands can be overwhelming and a nuisance but maybe they should have to wait until the gunmen leave the store to charge with weapons and cars? It has just become too much rule play and trying to win, I see so often police telling us ((its allowed)) without ever even considering, is this fun? No car chases? No speaking or engagement with the police or hostages... the whole situation just needs a second look in my opinion. A couple of my suggestions are: Make the police value life, but make consequences for using a hostage higher... possibly by making them form a perimeter instead of just running in. Make blocking doors explicitly against the rule, we all know that windows and back doors don't work in this game so it is cheese to have it otherwise. Make police have to make two or three explicit warnings before firing, right now they see a person run when they don't have a gun on them and they pull out guns and start shooting like IA wouldn't murder them for that... Lastly and this is not a rule restructure it is on us the players, lets remember the game isn't about amassing wealth and winning, it is about having fun and funny and interesting role play experiences, lets stop trying to do the minimum and make the role play better together 🙂
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    It's time y'all stop thinking that there should be an equal balance between PD and criminals. I get it that it's a game and everyone thinks of it in balancing terms. But you guys need to understand that doing this will just get us one step farther away from Civilian Roleplay and get us a step closer into Cops vs. Robbers. This is roleplay, not some deathmatch. I fully understand criminals and their struggles, but a Police Department is supposed to be OP. San Andreas is roleplayed to be a state in the United States after all. If shit was happening like this in a state like we have right now with criminals, we would have National Guard and military intervention. Instead of this nerf please give us more civilian RP developers and get us closer to a normal life roleplay server. Cops vs Robbers is getting out of control.
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    This has been brought up in a lot of different threads, but I think it's time we bring it it's own thread to talk about. The current maximum prison sentence is too short, and it's having a negative impact on the state of the server. If there are no serious consequences for committing serious crimes, then they will be committed at exaggerated rates. This results in people robbing people in the middle of the street, or even people robbing cops for a bag, because they get a chase and even if they're caught? Release is a Netflix show away. The very exaggerated amount of crime also means that the LSPD is not free to deal with non-emergency stuff like the Impound Lot. @Kai There is also another problem with having the max prison sentence being so relatively low, in that, someone that commits any felony and then evades, would receive max. time anyway, so he has no further incentive to not commit more crimes in his evasion (such as shoot cops), which results in people shooting a lot more than they should, when realistically, no one would be shooting cops over 3 reckless operation charges. It was stated multiple times that max. prison time will be increased when DOC settles in as a faction. In my opinion, that has happened. DOC, especially now with the new leadership, is stable, recruiting, and maintaining presence in almost all timezones. What's the actual suggestion? Increase the maximum prison time to eight hours. (480 minutes) but no crime sentencing should be changed. That means that no one should be getting the max time, unless they really do commit that many crimes. For reference: Attempted Murder is 150 minutes, Felony Evasion is 75 minutes. Therefore, someone that shot someone else, then evaded in a car, would receive a sentence of 225 minutes. (105 minutes over our current max) Armed Robbery is 105 minutes, Felony Evasion is 75 minutes. Therefore, someone that robbed someone with the use of a gun, then evaded in a car, would receive a sentence of 180 minutes. (60 minutes over our current max) There will be an increase of about an hour for most reasonable criminals, however those that commit a lot more crimes before getting arrested will get a longer sentence, as it should be. Under the old system, someone that killed 10 cops would get the same sentence as someone that robbed a store and evaded, because of the relatively low max. sentence.
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    While fishing on a peninsula in Paleto, Li Kwang got careless and turned his phone on. Unfortunately, LSPD was on him before he could reel in his line. Kwang was arrested for over 140 speeding tickets, including a couple reckless. While in prison, he picked a fight with another inmate. It's safe to say he was underwhelmed with his matchup. After getting out of prison, Kwang decided to get out into the community and immerse himself. He made many connections and met a couple civilians who were looking to join the Triads.
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    Looking at SAMP, I think it's a good idea if you provide tier for trucker or courier or other legal jobs. The longer you have been in one job, the more experience you have, which leads to special mission or rewards for people who grinds hard. Each job when reached max level can provide certain perk/benefit related to that job.
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    My suggestion is to increase the amount of pistols/pistol ammo that appears on the import section for official gangs. With the firearm license change, the only thing people can get access to easily is heavies.
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    A new member was introduced to the Triads yesterday in Ky Gibson. Li Kwang decided to help show Ky the ropes of the Triads. The two snaked around the state hitting stores owned by the same Indian family. They started at home in Little Seoul, then traveled west. The two men then met up with recently promoted and notorious card-counter Barry Yeu to celebrate a big win by Barry at the poker table.
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    The Triads had been working hard recently and were getting ready to make a big impact on the city of Los Santos. It was time to take out the big guns and show that the Triads were not here to mess around. The members set off as a masked convoy, hunting down for anything that is pleasing to their eyes. After a successful night some good money was made and most importantly the armory was re-stocked.
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    Where are we getting? "Pay to play" And the ones that have no money have to wait forever? Nah. I don't like this idea. -1
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    Hey Eclipse Community! I have been thinking of suggesting new cars and modifications for the server and I gathered information about the best ones. No cars have been added to the server since I joined and I believe there must be more things to spend on. - Jester Classic Why not? I mean this car has everything and it is perfect in its every section! What is more, it is one of the unique cars which use the manual gearbox (In GTA you cannot change the gear. However, there are obvious differences between automated and manual gearboxes in the game such as its acceleration and drifting). Moreover, we have the exact car IRL (Toyota Supra Mk4) and I believe it should be added soon. - Toros It is another lovely SUV which will be popular if added in the game like its real one, Urus. -Schlagen GT The new elegant sports car which mashes together real-life Mercedes and BMW designs for peak German design and engineering is one hell of a looker. The vehicle as based on Mercedes-AMG GT. The new update of GTA: Online (Arena Wars) has brought cool headlight modifications which can turn a car into a beast. All in all, these are only considered as suggestions and I am aware how hard it is to add these in the game. And also I invite you guys to post your opinion here! thanks for devoting your time! (PS) -Italy GTO It is one of the best cars that I have ever seen in GTA V. Added in Arena Wars update and the IRL is Ferrari 812 Superfast It is a sport car but its speed is way more than a super -Ocelot Swinger Perfect for sport-classic lovers. Although it is fast, its handling is better than many other sport-classics. The Swinger heavily resembles the Jaguar XJ13 with the tail light from the Lucra LC470. -Deveste Eight Both in name and in design, the Deveste Eight is clearly based on the real-life Devel Sixteen, a Dubai based concept hypercar. The shape of the headlights seems to be inspired by the Mazda Furai. The vehicle has a mixed engine sound to that of both the X80 Proto and Tyrus. It is a bit unusual for this vehicle to be sold to anyone. I recommend selling 3 of them in total in an auction so the game would not be spoilt.
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    The Early Years Belle Havana Cavallera came to be on the 28th of February, 1998 in Westdyke Memorial Hospital. She would grow up in Leftwood, a middle class suburb of Liberty City in Alderney. Belle's father, Angelo Francesco Cavallera, was a 2nd generation Italian American. He was 24 years old and a hard working lawyer, although young and in lots of debt, but he managed to provide a decent house for his wife and daughter. Her mother Camila was 21 and a first generation Cuban who came to the US as an asylum seeker. She was unemployed but volunteered some of her time at the American Red Cross cooking. Belle Havana was named in honor of her Cuban side. For the first few years of her life, Belle's parents took good care of her, growing closer as they worked to raise their daughter well. They wanted the best for her, and worked hard for it. Her father put in more effort, taking on more clients than he could realistically handle to keep paying the mortgage and to buy his daughter decent clothes. Her mother got a job as a social worker to contribute to the bills, social workers don't make much these days. She continued to volunteer. Belle's parents were so busy providing for her that she did not see too much of them, especially her father, although they both tried to fit in time. Eventually, the stress of their overtime caught up to them and their relationship grew tense. They had little time for each other, and little patience left when they got home at night. Despite her near perfect early years, Belle's first memory would be the ear-piercing sound of breaking glass over her parents screams in their first big fight. Belle was six years old. Her parents never recovered their relationship, only growing more distant as time passed. They learned to tolerate each other and act amicably for Belle's sake, mostly ignoring each other and focusing on raising her. The lack of fighting was good but relations were nonetheless tense and this most certainly had an effect on Belle. She never had many memories of her parents together, and got to know her parents separately even though they lived together. As she entered her 10s, her parents would begin to confide in her, venting their complaints about the other to her behind their back. She was told exaggerated, dark things about both her parents, the people who had raised her and who she loved most, and began to lose trust in them. Her mind grew darker, as she began feeling the pressure and need to choose between her parents. Her Mother Because her mother complained the most, and because she discovered lies and exaggerations in her stories about Angelo, Belle began to distance herself from her. She began mistrusting her, feeling deeply conflicted on the inside. She had loved her mother all her life, and she knew that would never change, but this was in deep conflict with the aggression and dishonesty she felt from her. Choosing sides between her parents was something that scarred her conscience forever, but she felt she had no choice for her morals and respect for her father. Her mother died on the night of the 27th February, 2010. She was held up by two men in black on a motorcycle down the street from their house. Unwilling to put up with the robbers, she screamed for help, and one of the men slit her throat with a knife. She bled out on the street, found too late by the owner of the house in front of which she was robbed. The identity of the masked men was never found. Belle did not learn of the nature of her mother's death until years later, but she felt deep regret for the tattered relationship they had when she died. She wished that they could have said goodbye on good terms, and felt the blame for choosing to trust her father, even though she knew it was not really her fault. Now 12 years old, Belle had far too grown a mind for her age. She had been forced to be a middleman between her father and mother, to endure their tense relationship, to get to know them separately, and to choose between them. Now her mother had been taken from her, and she couldn’t help blaming herself for the regretful relationship her mother had ruined. She receded into herself. Belle had never been shy, but never had many friends either, but as she entered middle school she closed herself off. She had only her father left to confide in, and a girl named Stephanie. Stephanie made her way past the barriers of Belle’s mind by making herself available to her, confiding in her, and showing her she cared. She never gave up on Belle, because she knew Belle needed it. Slowly, Belle came to trust her, and the two became the closest friends either of them ever had. Through the years, Stephanie helped Belle recover her straight As, move on from her mother, and even open Belle up a little more to other people. Her life had finally started looking up. Her Father On a cold October 1st, 2015, Angelo was driving home from a late shift when his Willard Faction was rammed into an alleyway by a stolen box truck. 4 armed men emerged from the back, surrounding the wrecked car. The men dragged a dazed Angelo from his car onto the cold hard concrete of the alleyway. He was shot 5 times in the stomach with 762 bullets and left incapacitated to bleed out in an alleyway in East Broker. The cold blooded murder was found to be in revenge for Angelo’s involvement in a criminal case, where he had successfully testified against a gang leader and contributed to his life sentence. The gang took revenge on him and several others involved in the case, which turned into a war with the LCPD. Belle was now a 17 year old orphan. Her father’s brother died of cancer while she was young, and her mother had been an only child. She had no aunts or uncles, her mother’s parents lived in Cuba, and her father’s mother was deceased. Her father’s father had disowned him and moved back to Italy after his wife’s death, and had no further connections with the family. With no family to take her in, Belle became a Ward of the State. Her Best Friend Around the same time, Stephanie had become involved with a gang. She was dependent on them for her cocaine addiction, which they had laced into her. Belle did not know until a month after her father’s death, when she went to speak with her best friend and found her passed out with a bloody nose. Stephanie finally admitted to it, but it hurt their relationship with Belle’s father having recently been murdered in a high profile gang case. A month later, Stephanie overdosed and was found dead by police in an alley near where Angelo had been murdered, leaning against a trash bag. Belle did not see Stephanie's dead body, her dilated pupils rolled back into her head, dried blood running down her bony chin, white powder dusting her dirty light blue sweater, ripped hood pulled over her thinned brown hair. Instead, Belle read online about a another gang affiliated teen addict who overdosed on cocaine in an alleyway, identified by police as Stephanie. Herself Belle wandered the streets feeling like a ghost. She felt invisible, a walking shell with no connection to the souls around her. The bank took the house, which was worth less than its mortgage, and she was left alone with the few dollars her father had in savings and the insurance payout from his wrecked car to fend for herself in the lengthy and taxing process that legal affairs tend to have. After a few weeks she was left with no energy to carry on. She dropped out of high school junior year. She vowed to stay away from drugs and gangs in honor of Stephanie and her parents, so she had nothing and no one to turn to. One night she failed to return to the orphanage and climbed a factory rooftop in Tudor. For a while she looked across the river at the bright lights of the big city, thinking about the people that lived off alcohol and bolivian marching powder walking like zombies out of the clubs and into the bright 6AM sunrise. She stood there for what felt like forever, long enough for a sole squad car to pull up beneath the factory. Someone had seen her and called the police for suspicious activity, but the dispatcher had been smart enough to see through her actions, and soon the fire department was setting up a net to catch her and the officers had climbed the roof. They spent nearly three hours trying to talk to her. She never learned their names, one of her biggest regrets, for she owed her life to them. To Leave It All Behind After dealing with the state for a while, Belle gathered everything she had, which was some clothes and a few thousand dollars, and left Alderney. She had to get away from Liberty City and leave her old life, for she knew that if she stayed she would eventually succeed at suicide. She could not stay in the place that had taken her parents and her only friend from her. Through a combination of hitchhiking and freight hopping, she made her way across the continent. Belle lived her 18th birthday alone on a Santa Fe rail-car with a sunburn and a rotten cowboy hat. After some two weeks, she found herself stranded in the Las Venturas desert without a car in sight. A few hours walking got her to a gas station with an old car for sale. With no other options, she spent her last grand on the car and a tank of gas and set off for Los Santos. The City of Saints Life isn’t easy as a homeless 18 year old orphan in Los Santos, and Belle found herself living paycheck to paycheck in the back seat of her car, finding a new place to park every once in a while. Money paid for taxes first, gas second to keep her warm in the winter, and food third. There was rarely any left over after that. She worked miscellaneous jobs for a few months, trying to stay afloat, fighting desperately against the gangs and prostitution. These months were some of the worst of her life yet. It leaves a permanent mark on one’s psyche to have to fight to survive another day. There was never any time for herself, to think about her life, and to think of tomorrow. She just put her head down and kept running. She eventually found a little stability in the form of a job with Gruppe 6 which she miraculously landed through her writing skills, but her life was still far from healthy. After getting on top of herself a little with the salaried job, she decided to finish high school. She had always cared about her education and given an effort, and now she finally felt like she could face it again. She had her shift hours changed, picking up the late routes to work after school. She was older than everyone else, but she looked young enough and stayed quiet enough that she made it through without too much trouble. It was hard, but she tried her best to forget about her past that nagged her every morning. She graduated with a 3.8 GPA a few months later, feeling a little more hopeful about her future. But she was overworked, stressed, and still had no idea where her life was going. She needed control, but couldn’t get on top. After a few months, she woke up completely drained. It was a sort of catatonia. She couldn’t move. She lay there in the back seat of her car, in a dark, quiet ally, thinking, for the first time in a year. She had stopped running, and her past caught up to her, and she cried. For hours, she lay there and cried, and the world continued around her. That night, she decided she couldn’t go on like that . She had no friends, no connections, and no direction; she had been letting the city take her wherever it wanted. She needed a goal; she needed stability. Suddenly she remembered the night on the factory rooftop in Tudor. The memory took over her body; she could feel the cool wind blowing, see the lights of the city, hear the traffic nearby, and she felt the closure; the relaxed emptiness that filled her that night, when she had decided to die. And she remembered the police officers. For the first time that day, Belle could control her muscles. She climbed over the center console and flopped into the driver’s seat. The engine cranked over and sputtered to life as she flipped the visor down, trying to look a little presentable. With more to come! Please remember, this is all OOC information Thanks for reading ❤️
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    haahh -1 , The poor cadet thats standing in the reception answering questions about tickets would be traumatized.
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    Never disrespect the Triads
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    Have it wear you can press a button and you but on a seatbelt, to know if you have the belt on or off there will be a icon "BELT" if its all red it is off and you could fly out, if its green, you are safe! This is very important for the safety of EVERYONE in Los Santos!
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    Had a lot of fun rping the funeral, really well done!
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    Usual routine ended up in jail Since The Clowns are well known organisation and people knows it exactly for gun selling, me and my brother Sliner decided to roll up in the streets offering guns for city criminals. Everything went perfect. People were even texting us to get them weapon, but... Slineris, my little brother got message from undercover cop. At first we had no clue about a bait. Police officer offered to meet up at Yellow jack, where we would have made an order. Everything went like we expected, we got money, they got guns. One minute later.... This happened. Just after a second we exited Yellow jack swats and other high ranking officers showed up... Took our money, took our guns and we had a fun trip to jail. Atleast we though we will go to jail. But governement lawyer was close and saw everything from a side. Lawyer thought he could help two brother's. We have been taken to FBI office. After talking with our government lawyer we agreed to keep up to our decission that we dont know about anything and it was not our guns. We just came there in a wrong place and in a wrong time. Lovely lawyer left us alone to talk about what happened and let us decide. After a short talk with my brother Slineris we have been proceed to main office where we met undercover officer and detectives. After a long talk and explanaitions, and jail reduce offer we decided to talk a bit more with detective, because evidence they had has no chances to get us away from jail. With everything being said we gave useless information to detective and went to jail for our charges. Quick talks happened there in jail besides me and my brother. We both decided to quit gun selling business or atleast calm down for a bit. We were scared about everything we had in stock. Such incidents with detectives and swats waiting outside after a deal is not good and makes you to think again about your moves.
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    Chapter II Police Commander
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    -1 on raiding pd (wtf lol?), maybe make that pd has to deliver their weaponry from like paleto and criminal organizations could try and disrupt the convoy and acquire the guns.
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    Working on the "Vory Mafia" Strip club Vip room almost done!
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    Keep up with the good work!!
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    Well, as a matter of fact. SWAT raids houses of criminals in-game, yet we only do so when the need arises. This can include situations in which the criminal fled to the house, or when multiple reports and evidence provided to us through one way or another confirm that the house has illegal contraband within its possessions. I do not believe raiding every criminal's house after they have been arrested for a felony such as "Murder of a government employee" makes alot of sense. As even now, in real life. House raids have to be authorized by a judge. They rarely happen and when they do, it is mostly if proof for illegal contraband inside the said house exists or if there is a serious danger of life (e.g 3 men being taken hostage) inside. As someone who is a SWAT member on ECRP, I can tell you that throughout the 1 month and a half I have been in SWAT, I've raided only around 4 houses. While there have been countless times in which I could've gone into a house for one reason or another, I tend to do so only when there is absolute need. Or if I know for a fact that the house has multiple illegal weapons or contraband within it. This is done primarily for 2 main reasons, both OOCly and ICly ones. The first, which is the OOC one. Focuses on the idea that at the end of the day, this is a game, we cannot go around and raid every house a criminal owns. Not only will this ruin most of the experience for them as a criminal, but this can also lead to hundreds of hours of game time lost. Something that one might become frustrated of both OOCly and ICly. The second, which is the IC one. Is the one I have already mentioned, SWAT cannot go around raiding whatever house they wish due to the owner being a criminal. For us to go inside, we have a valid reason, one that urgently requires us to raid the house. This can vary from hostage situations to multiple wanted criminals in one house dealing with heavy weapons and etcetera. Quite surprisingly, even if you believe every criminal with a murder charge needs his house to be raided. I do not believe the LSPD can do such a task, as we will have over 20 houses to raid every day. Meaning we will have only around 5 officers patrolling around and SWAT almost always occupied with house raids, which we RPly take very seriously and devote alot of time to. (RPing breaching the door, clearing the house, running fingerprint checks on the contraband we find, etc.) As of now, there is no script that allows LSPD, Lower ranks, and Higher ranks to know where you live. Which is why house raids are so rare in comparison to other RP communities, by no means do we go to a house simply due to how a criminal was arrested on the other side of the road. With that being said, I believe that house raids should be kept as they are now. And that they remain that way, due to how time-consuming and experience-ruining it may be for criminals that would lose all of their 50 hours worth of gameplay stashes. We still raid houses, but only when there is a 100% need for the raid to happen. I have nothing more to add, hope you understood my point.
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    He had attempted to trap the Marcello Family on their way to a meeting with their alliances. So he got what he had coming.
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    Every time I go to high-end to sell my car, it's always full. I think with the new player boom the market space should increase so more people can place cars up for sale and there will be more options for buyers.
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    The history of The Wanted begins within a certain mob, where four people, Bobby Richmond, Johnny Falcon, Brandy O'Brien, and Natalie Nightwood, felt overworked and underappreciated. Even though the mob consisted of at least forty other members, the four often found themselves working alone or in very small groups during hours where the rest of the mob were sent on missions out of town. They constantly felt out of place, and often had issues and disagreements with the mob’s leadership, so often that they began yearning for a life free of the mob and criminal activity altogether. One night the four got together in secret and spoke about their concerns regarding the mob and their current situation. They talked out the pros and cons, and knew they wanted to be more than just lackeys in a mob. They wanted to pursue their own dream and make Los Santos enjoyable again. They were tired of the criminal life, the police chases, and wanted to be more than just a gang, they wanted to be a family. Welcoming to those who felt lost, out of place, or outcast in all other environments. Richmond came up with the concept that would give them a new identity, and through different methods, skills, and specialties of each of the founding members, they all brought something unique to the table. This was something that would make them different than the rest… That is when those four became The Wanted. The Wanted started off strong as a street racing crew that organized car meets and races, which often consisted of gambling and pinks to those who were confident in their skills and abilities. Slowly their small family grew, meeting people with all sorts of different backgrounds and morals. While all those who joined had an appreciation for cars, some weren't necessarily great or interested in racing. To those who wanted to learn, Richmond, The Wanted’s best driver, would teach them and put them to the test. While the others preferred to make money from criminal activity, such as drug production, robbing stores, and stealing cars. The founders of The Wanted hosted their car meets legally with help from organizers who had licenses to host public events, using these car meets as a front to protect and hide the “behind the scene” work that some of their members did. But as expected, those who try and leave a mob can't do so without backlash, and the founders of The Wanted soon faced a nightmare from the past that they wished would have stayed buried. Their small family was often hunted, robbed, shot at, and wounded. It got to the point where the founders discussed giving up their signature orange color in order go into hiding and to spare their family of anymore hostile encounters. Falcon reached out to Vice, who offered to protect The Wanted and their family if they merged with their organization. At their wits end, the founders agreed that this would likely be the best option. Unfortunately, not long after The Wanted stripped away their orange clothes in favor for black, a war was declared against Vice by “The Council.” During the war, one of the founders, Richmond, was gunned down, and was laid to rest with those closest to him left behind to mourn. The war raged on for a while, until Vice eventually came to an agreement with “The Council” to end it, and not long after the agreement, Vice disbanded. The Wanted, fueled with sorrow and rage over the death of Richmond, decided they were done hiding. To keep Richmond's memory alive, they geared back up in their color, orange, ready to fight back despite their numbers. The Wanted... was back. With Richmond gone, Falcon, O'Brien, and Nightwood did their best to keep his memory alive. Coming to a bittersweet understanding with the mob, they no longer had much to fear as they continued to grow in numbers. As the government cracked down on the abundance of advertisements in Los Santos, it became more difficult for The Wanted to host car meets and races. While they still try to host these events from time to time, they began to focus more on doing these activities within their family rather than the rest of Los Santos. Things finally began looking peaceful for The Wanted. That is until they began hearing odd things over their radio frequency. A voice of a female, threatening that “they” were watching them, speaking of events and situations that the crew did when they believed they were alone. No matter how many times they changed their radio frequency, sooner or later the voice would return with more threats. Eventually, members of The Wanted began disappearing, the voice taunting them over their frequency, speaking in riddles and clues to lead The Wanted to the missing party, but only after “they” were done with them. They would find their members wounded, tortured, or mentally scarred. The stress of losing Richmond and the kidnappings proved too much for Nightwood, who left town very suddenly, and has not been seen since. The kidnappings continued, with Falcon being the last one who was taken. After what seemed like hours of searching for him, he was eventually found. Although he suffered some painful injuries, he gathered all the members of The Wanted to tell them he would be stepping down as a founder to pursue what he learned during his capture... Bobby Richmond was alive. If what he learned was true, Falcon knew he needed to find Richmond, because whoever “they” were, wanted to find him first, and he knew he couldn't let that happen. Not only to protect him, but to get answers. With Nightwood gone, Richmond M.I.A, and Falcon stepping down from his role as founder, the positions were passed down to the second generation of The Wanted. Carter Blackwood, Stexi Blackwood, and Jamaar Bovarium stepped forward to help lead The Wanted, with the guidance of Brandy O'Brien. We want our name to be known for the best drivers, and the sexiest cars on the streets of Los Santos. Our dream is when people see orange, that they know immediately who we are. We plan on owning at least one gas station in the city to give our members a place to refuel their rides, as well as a place we can gather. We'll be keeping the appearance of a “car club,” while behind the scenes the outlaws of The Wanted continued to do what they do best. This will include drug and weapons trade operations among Los Santos. We aim to maintain our strong relations with other renown gangs in the city. A new member of the wanted who is in a recruitment stage. All busters are in the recruitment stage for at least one real life week. Once we feel that you are eligible to move up in rankingand have proved yourself to be trustworthy and helpful in our crew you will endure a test of keep up. The keep up test consists of following a Captain, Street King, or Street Queen for at least three minutes in your vehicle. If you can keep up before crashing or stalling your car you will receive your official status. A full member of The Wanted. By receiving this status, it represents that you show prominent dedication and loyalty to the crew. This rank is given to those who show further promise in The Wanted and have made significant contributions to the crew. These are the people that show they favor more “questionable” acts. These people thrive in criminal activity. If no one higher than them is around they take charge when pursuing criminal acts. These members have been around for some time with The Wanted and have shown what it takes to flourish in the crew. With this status they are granted the ability to recruit new members. This is the second in command. Only appointed to those who have been around for great lengths of time while showing ambition to lead and strive to accomplish more. Former leaders who have passed on their leadership to others while on extended breaks. Those with this rank remain first in command but aren’t met with mandatory leadership duties. Founders/Leaders of The Wanted. First in command. XP Requirement: 7000 -Possess at least one vehicle that isn’t classified as low-end -Strong understanding of Eclipse Server Rules -Ability to participate and contribute to our high standard of RP -Continuous rule breaks and carelessness will lead to removal from the faction Place where The Wanted usually spend most of the time “It’s not the car that wins, it’s the driver.” - Richmond Credits: @stexi (Stexi_Blackwood) - Graphics design, forming the whole thread @Kables(Brandy_O'Brien) - Story Writing @Floatey (Natalie Nightwood) - Initial Post Structure & Writing @Copes (Jamaar_Bovarium) - Rank Structure, Requirements @PennyWise13x (Carter_Blackwood) - Goals @Nubbsauce (Bobby_Richmond) - Took all the photos for the thread
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    Whilst Ding was out and about doing his usual business, he received a call from his good friend Bam. Bam is sorry that he couldn't make it to the Wong's Noodle shop this weekend so he sent a short clip apologising.
  33. 3 points
    So recently, I've formed an idea. It involves making a website outside of the game - which concludes of in-character social media. Below I'd like to state some of the features this site could include. -Tweets (with trending hashtags) -Simple imagery uploading from within the game, allowing for people to better admire GTA's scenery and share it with others -Market for players to list items they are selling (vehicles, housing, etc.) -Ability to add friends and (maybe) allow DM's -Post events, whether it be last minute ones, or well-planned ones. -Create groups (kind of like the forum has already, except lift the limit and have the default page sort by members) -Business Page, one for government (or official businesses) and another for player-run businesses. -Application system for businesses, players can state achievements, past work, education, etc. on their page and submit applications through the social media. -Profile to display place of work, friends, posts, gallery, and albums. This is just some of the ideas I've come up with, and if you guys have anymore, PLEASE post them down below, also if you think any of the ideas I posted above might not be that great to implement, feel free to share criticism.
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    Po decided to change up his look a bit. He wanted something that would strike fear into his enemies, so he went with the coolest style he knew. There's a new sheriff in town, Yeehaw!
  35. 3 points
    Just wanted to say thank you for one of the best RP's I have experienced on this server. Not only was he organized but Gilberto was very professional and courteous not to mention patient when we were having some troubles gathering everyone for the funeral. I would recommend these guys and their service to anyone looking to have some good RP and fun. Or if you have a fallen comrade you wish to pay tribute to and lay to rest then these guys are who you are looking for. Awesome work guys keep it up and hope to see you around more in the community.
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    Now that the only way for criminals to really get guns and ammo is through the import system the amount of ammo needs to be substantially increased. It is almost impossible to get pistol ammo for different guns now that we have 4 gangs grabbing at it and no other way to get ammunition anymore. We are also the suppliers for the countless other gangs who now have no way to get guns / ammunition besides using us. What we have now is pretty ridiculous.
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    as of right now the police is very op, they dont care to die because they get all their guns supplied back to them right away at the pd, they come have a shootout with a gang member, the gang member dies loses all of his stuff and goes to jail while if the police would have died the gang member wouldnt get any type of reward. the police is the biggest threat, and if killed the killer should somehow get rewarded. (after a cop dies usually 10 more come so it will be hard to run off with loot from 1 police officer, of course the killings must be within the no police baiting rule). another suggestion is have more guns, currently sniper rifles are not available for the simple gangs/civillians i think somewhat of a sniper rifle should be added for civil/gang use. i would also recommend adding some more guns to the illegal imports, sawed off shotguns, some more assault rifles and etc... Thanks for reading.
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    I won't mention the old SAMP server name but as a lot of us here, including staff are from there - you'll already know what I'm talking about. The benefits to VIP right now are dog poop. This wouldn't bother me much if the price matched, but 10 EUR a month for VIP? Thats more than many AAA subscription based games. I would like for the rewards to be looked at again, and possibly even a tier system. I would love an expensive option, one that is permanent with good benefits. Whilst I pay for VIP, not a single one of my friends think its worth it - and I agree.. I buy it to support the server but if things aren't changed I certainly won't renew when my 12 months are up. Tiers could be in Bronze, Silver and Gold - with a Platinum (or whatever name) as a permanent but expensive option. Rewards could be: Increased salary, Discounted mors cost, vehicle upgrades/repairs, cheaper access to weapons/armour. Increased rewards from drugs or fishing - and so on. I acknowledge that some things are made awkward by the fact that in some cases you're effectively purchasing from player owned businesses but something needs to be done.
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    https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3259 The IA reports are IC and OOC. Make a forum account, nearly 10,000 have been made and counting, it only takes a moment. A name and badge number are not required but if you can provide one then do so. We do ask to provide a description of the officer. If you have recording software like most people do, you shouldn't have any issue uploading a copy of the video and submitting that with the report, as that is usually enough to identify the officer in question, with a description provided. You can always ask OOCly for the information such as name and badge number, just be sure to fill the form accordingly with (( OOC )) brackets where applicable. Many people have managed the IA report system with no issues, we have a great team of people who manage Internal Affairs. We cannot fix things unless notified properly. It is not uncommon that a newer officer may make a mistake or two in their early career, versus that of a seasoned officer who has been in the faction six months to over a year. If we don't see ourselves, or have incidents reported, then we cannot be sure that the officer in question will not make the same mistake again. These incidents should have been reported through our gov-forums long before it is a post on the eclipse forums, especially if a lot of people are unaware how seriously we take things and how in-depth our protocols are. If you feel something might be wrong such as protocol being broken, feel free to make that report, it'll be investigated fully and handled accordingly.
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    Hello there and thank you for reporting. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this, but, given the bug is fixed, stashspots were reset with the bugfix, so this should not be an issue anymore. Report denied
  42. 3 points
    Alright, since you do not want to answer yourself. I will explain. First we met, when I was dealing with this case https://plays.tv/video/5cb91dce32c3c6c378/bike-stolen-no-rp?from=user of you stealing a bike from parking lot where you simply wait for people to spawn a vehicle and abuse the F button to throw people off without any RP whatsoever. When I got you, you never answered my simple question how you obtained the bike, always dodged my questions making the case to take longer than it should have been for all parties involved, not to mention your attitude towards staff, game mechanics and people around you. After I gave the bike back to the owner and let to continue your ways and went to invisible mode, you instantly attacked the bike by kicking it and hitting the owner himself also jumping on the bike the moment he unlocked it again. That reminded me of this report too: After that I froze you again, let the other party go away and I let you go. I decided to spectate you for a while since you have been just unbanned recently: You instantly went back to the parking lot and tried to do your "dirty work" again but you failed 3-5 times cuz either people were more cautious or your tactic didn't work your way. Also you went to bank, hit a few people by fists, claiming a misclick, also aimed at medic who was treating a guy on a sidewalk of the bank in NCZ area. Furthermore, you and your friend met in the parking lot and went on a journey with a bike towards north. First you went to east highway general store, came in aimed gun several times towards cashier to bug him out, left the store and your friend was grabbing cash alone while you were sitting on a bike waiting (video contains staff chat). Same thing you did in the Osvaldons general store (video contains staff chat). Then a money transport worker with NEW PLAYER tag comes there to serve the ATM, you rob him, also asked if he could take money out of ATM, which he didn't (video contains staff chat). At that point I have already been in contact about you with @Archaeah and providing info and was waiting how far will you go further. From there you went back to the city and appeared in the impound lot area where your friend got run over by a bike in alley, which you didn't see from your character, but when it happened you instantly ran to your friend and asked the guy why he ran your friend over, you shot the guy down, when he was trying to understand what you want from him (video contains staff chat). Then a medic came to save your friend, you came there and started shooting at the dead body, which alerted the officers who were in the impound lot. They ran there, was told by medic that it was you shooting, you were on a faggio at that moment and were faster than officer who was chasing you on foot. Then the game mechanics you were using to succeed went against you and the faggio despawned since it wasn't you who rented it and your advantage vs the officer became disadvantage and he started catching up. After officer pointed the tazer, you drew weapon and started shooting at the officer (video contains staff chat). While officer was calling for backup you ran away a bit, but you were hurt and couldn't run fast, officer was catching up again so you decided to combat log( video contains staff chat, also officer @Victor Einhart can confirm these events). As you state https://gyazo.com/88795456269c89e64c0dcc1cccdaee37 you don't even admit that you tried to log back instantly nor the fact that you logged out while in active chase. Interesting fact - you and your friend never communicated through voip or text with each other the whole time while I was spectating you. After all this I have come to the conclusion that the game glitch / bug abusing in parking lot, general stores, general behaviour in the server during 1 hour of spectating you, addressing that you have just been unbanned recently I have given the punishment I gave. As for recommendation, the punishment should stay. Your attitude towards staff when they ask you simple questions are not helping you in this case. You didn't want to answer my questions in game, nor in this appeal. Also a few statements that you made in your short appeal and a single post have been lies to staff (about the time I ignored you in discord and that you simply logged off and tried to log back couple hours later like nothing happened). Pending Senior Administrator+. If videos will be needed I will send them to the reviewing party. Kind regards, Zemaitc
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    Gang in purple camo? Not on my watch...
  44. 3 points
    Behind all of it, we're just here to bring money
  45. 3 points
    The PD is a no crime zone for a reason, because it doesn't make sense to commit felonies there IC'ly. Sorry, but this makes no RP sense and in the past, before PD was a NCZ, it was a constant war ground with bodies everywhere. PD is a hub for policing, criminal and civilian RP, allowing this would just result in 24/7 groups of people coming in and killing everybody. Which is not only nonsense RP, but also looks bad to any new player that wants to, say, report a crime, get a gun license or do some civilian RP there, but can't, because the 10th gang that day wants to raid a factions headquarters. This would also just detract from the rest of the server, as all of the cops would be back at PD all the time, because someone wants to have a go at stealing weapons.
  46. 3 points
    Cops are already gods and they only keep getting stronger. Biggest gang in the city with no accountability because they have unlimited funding for weapons and armor and don't give a damn if they die because when they respawn their faction treasury looks exactly the same. LSPD should have a treasury like the rest of us and have to actually buy pistols shotguns armor etc.
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    Imma just leave this here :3
  48. 3 points
    ID 41 here again, This video clearly shows us telling you both in Chat and with Voip that you need to pull over. Once you finally managed to pull over, clearly your first instinct was to not comply with our RP of having you pull over as you whipped out your shotgun and started shooting before any of us. If you were to have pulled over and complied with our RP, none of this would have happened. Thank you for providing video evidence of you breaching the rules. You did not reply to our RP, you pulled your gun, and you shot first. As posted in your last thread about me, here's the video proof, showing that we brake-checked you, demanded that you comply, and you not complying at all, which is breaking the RP and you trying to kill us quickly to get away. You were outmatched, outgunned, and did not comply with our RP requests, instead pulling out your guns and shooting first. Thank you for providing evidence of your rule breaches here. https://streamable.com/uhoob
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    first issue with this logic, is that people don't commit petty crimes, there are a TON of them that hold very low jail time, see the penal code https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qMm9u2Tl59RBpNyNSA88G7WYPFwiOgzXqL-1cWgAHEc/edit#gid=123845845 Problem is that most people play like this is GTA online. I can assure you if you shot at anyone in real life the judge / jury and lawyers are going to hammer you with attempted murder (assuming you didn't kill em) they are going to get you with aggrevated assault, brandishing a firearm, unlicensed possession of a firearm... if you leave the scene, felony evasion, if you cause a pursuit... felony evading, reckless operation, felony public endangerment, at the minimum, god forbid you shoot at a cop and then run.. Attempted murder of a LEO Felony Evaision Felony Public Endangerment Unlawful discharge of a firearm Brandishing a firearm Reckless Operation of a road vehicle Assault with a deadly weapon (your car is a deadly weapon) Resisting Arrest Those are the ones on the top off my head.... these in real life in the usa would = death penalty where possible if not its 25-life with no chance of parole. So you complain about people getting max time, well dont be "gangbangers" be citizens, i can assure you my criminal was as hard as anyone elses, (was one of the leaders of the original irish back about 8months ago) thing was i was smart about it, i didn't run around with aks on me if i didn't need it... didn't ever shoot at cops, because that doesn't make sense to... if they caught me, well then they caught me but never did i get max time, because i didn't stack up a huge list of charges by being foolish and trying to kill my way out of it. Treated them with respect rather then disrespecting them full time, or running around trying to copbait. Cops and DOC workers are not here to entertain you, they are here to play a character, just like you, difference is they are not criminals, they have different mentality, I would reccommend if anyone thinks either of these jobs are easy, apply and come find out. Assuming you have a clean admin record of course... because thats a requirment.
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